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by Nancy R.


Valeria Stefanelli by Emanuele Ferrari


Valeria Stefanelli by Emanuele Ferrari

alt porn




“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”


“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”

Dr. Seuss, author and illustrator (2 Mar 1904-1991)

sex (not sex)

snadgy:Tracey Emin Lilac Legs, 2014



Tracey Emin Lilac Legs, 2014

sex (not sex)

bunnygirl: By the time you’ve excused yourself to investigate…



By the time you’ve excused yourself to investigate the source of those moans, they’ve moved into his bedroom so she can straddle him and stretch again. You’ll work your way around the balcony, just in time to see her break on him. This is when you’ll realize that it’s not that she won’t stop fucking him. It’s that she can’t stop fucking him.

You’ll have your cock in your hand, matching his tempo without realizing it. Are you pretending you’re him, or just enjoying what he can do to her? You’ll bond for a moment when you’re both watching her face, to see how beautiful she looks as she breaks yet again.

The bond will snap when he sends long strands across her shoulder to her back and down her chest. You’ll lose count of how many times he releases on her because you’re cock is painting the concrete of the balcony.

She’ll return to the party, still bearing his marks under her little black dress. No attempt to remove them. She wants everyone present to know, even if it’s just subliminally, that she’s been marked by him.


alt porn

Come on /r/sex, we are better than this.


I just popped in to the current the top post (My boyfriend's friend turns me on to no end, I think about him every time I masturbate, is this an issue?) and found that OP has been heavily downvoted at every turn.

What part of reddiquette does this post break? I don't 100% agree with the content, but she's answering the question and having a mature conversation – exactly what we want here.

This does not create the environment we want to create in this sub-reddit. Someone has come to us asking a personal and potentially sensitive question and the best we have to offer them is condescension, judgement and downvotes. If we can't maturely talk about something as benign as fantasizing about a non-SO, how are we going to talk about something remotely serious?

Edit: forgot a word.

Edit 2: The most common response I'm seeing is that OP isn't acting in the spirit of the subreddit either: she's not listening to advice and she's promoting inaccurate stereotypes of men (among other things). I disagree downvoting is a productive response to either behavior.

We tell people not to listen to advice all the time. The top reply to this question is someone telling that OP to ignore other people in the thread. People don't have to take the advice they get, and it makes no sense to punish them for not taking it. It's worth pointing out that the the the the post linked above indicates that the OP accepted the gist of the subreddit's advice.

Second, one of the main things our community does is dispel inaccurate stereotypes. It makes no sense to have a the dialog with someone who promotes stereotypes we want to dispel at the very bottom of a huge thread. There are good replies to OP's comment above, but they are buried where no one who comes later will see them. We should strive to highlight conversations that directly address stereotypical views.

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Dillion Harper


Dillion Harper

alt porn



Penis size charts, compilation of 20 studies worth of data. (x-post from /r/bigdickproblems)


Taken from this systematic review:

Full PDF:

Studies were included if there was agreement of two of the authors:

  1. Quantitative measurement of penis size was measured by a health professional.

  2. The sample included a ≥50 participants.

  3. Participants were aged ≥17 years.

  4. A mean and SD of the sample size measurements were provided.

  5. Flaccid or erect length was measured from the root (pubo-penile junction) of the penis to the tip of the glans (meatus) on the dorsal surface, where the pre-pubic fat pad was pushed to the bone.

  6. Flaccid stretched length was measured as above while maximally extending the penis.

  7. Flaccid or erect circumference (or ‘girth’) was measured at the base or mid-shaft of the penis, (and not from the corona).

  8. They were published in the English language.

Nomograms for flaccid pendulous [n = 10 704, mean (SD) 9.16 (1.57) cm] and stretched length [n = 14 160, mean (SD) 13.24 (1.89) cm], erect length [n = 692, mean (SD) 13.12 (1.66) cm], flaccid circumference [n = 9407, mean (SD) 9.31 (0.90) cm], and erect circumference [n = 381, mean (SD) 11.66 (1.10) cm] were constructed.

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Melissa Bell By David Standish For S Magazine | Summer…


Is it a bird, is it a plane.. Giant Phallus Sculpture By Gregor…


Is it a bird, is it a plane..

Giant Phallus Sculpture By Gregor Kregar Causes Public Outrage

They say everyone sees something different in clouds, but people walking through New Lynn, New Zealand, are seeing only one thing: A huge phallus floating 8 meters above their heads.

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sex (not sex)