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finenudes: Yesenia | Love lost by Paul Barbera Yesenia from…



Yesenia | Love lost by Paul Barbera

Yesenia from the ongoing series Love Lost by Paul Barbera.

A sublime, poetic photo story without any narration, shot in East Village, NY.
Paul is a skilled interior and live style photographer using mostly natural light only to create authenticity with minimal approach. It is only natural that he captures moments of love, memory and beauty in a similiar, nearby invisible way. | snadgy

sex (not sex)

sexthing69: …..EXPOSING MY SMOOTH SHAVEN PUSSY. “I’m going to…




“I’m going to give you pleasure so good you’ll forget your own name….and you’re going to think my name is Yes, God Yes, or Fuck Yes…..”

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fluffylychees: The wonderful tweets of Jane Minou



The wonderful tweets of Jane Minou

alt porn

[Discussion] What is something you’ve spontaneously done in bed that your partner ended up really enjoying?


Last night my boyfriend and I had sex and while I was riding him I decided to choke him. Holy shit he went nuts, he grabbed my hips and thrusted like crazy. It was great.

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: Victoria Daniels | Lost In OrgasmVictoria Daniels in Lost 2…



Victoria Daniels | Lost In Orgasm

Victoria Daniels in Lost 2 by Paul Black

Victoria Daniels finds herself trapped in a trancelike state as she
feverishly masturbates in a derelict room. The copious gushing between
her thighs betrays her loss of all conscious control. Tearing off her
flimsy chemise, she squeezes her breasts roughly, grabbing her bare
flesh as she fingers herself completely nude to an unforgettable orgasm.
Paul and Ilona Black
created a masterpiece of erotica with ‘Lost,’ a provocative blend of
sex and psychological horror that demonstrates why they are regarded as
groundbreaking directors of their art. A dark film of disturbing beauty
and unforgettable imagery. snadgy

alt porn


fluffylychees: Vaginas are like snowflakes, no two are…




[Spicing things up] Should I be a ‘man’ and buy these? I don’t know how he’ll react


throwaway as my boyfriend reads this and knows my reddit user.

For a very long time I've been trying to get my man to give me more foreplay. We've talked and talked and things usually get better for a while after we talk but then they get to usual. That is, kisses and caresses for 5 minutes than straight to PIV. All we vary are the positions but at some point I feel I want more. I want to be conquered and courted and I want candles and flowers and I want to dance with him. Don't get me wrong, we love each other very much, we've been together for over 5 years now but our sex life is just…bland. I want to spice it up.

I've been reading a lot here on reddit about how to spice things up and I think I have come up with a few things. Here is what I would like to get for our upcoming anniversary:

  • a sex card game with activities and lots of variation: Ardor

  • a sex toy: we vibe 4 plus

  • sexy accessories: blindfold, handcuffs, massage oil, sexy lingerie for me and maybe a sexy dress.

I would love to buy all of them but I'm not sure how he's going to react. He like games and we've talked a few times about spicing things up and I want to use our anniversary as an excuse to introduce some new things in our relationship.

What do you guys think? Should I go and do it?
Would you be turned off or excited if your GF would make this step? I would've preferred that he bought all these but hey, I'm willing to take things in my own hands if this is what it takes for me to be satisfied.

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fluffylychees: kisses at Jane Minou’s twitter






[question][sex drive] wife has much higher sex drive and her aggressiveness is pushing me away, help!


My wife has a much higher sex drive than I do. I used to think that I had an above average appetite for a man until I met my wife. She wants sex mornings, evenings, afternoons and at night. She even sometimes wakes me up in the middle of the night for sex even though I have to wake up at 5am for work (Army) and I'm chronically sleep deprived as it is.

I do not need or want as much sex as she needs/wants. I could do fine with twice or three times a week. I probably wouldn't even complain about once a week. On the other hand, every single time that I deny her the sex she wants, she gets particularly annoyed/offended/hurt/angry. She jumps to conclusions when she doesn't get the sex she wants. Thoughts like "he must think I'm fat/unattractive etc".

This puts a lot of pressure on me because most of the time the thought of my wife being in a sour mood is enough for me to force myself to put out.

Once it gets started, it feels good. I get into the mood and I want to keep going. But getting started is the hard part. I NEVER have to initiate because I can never go long enough without sex for me to get hungry for it. So my wife does the initiating, and it's usually one of these:

"I want sex" as she stares blankly "I want your dick in my mouth" -blank stare -aggressively grabs at flaccid penis- -aggressively tries to get her fingers near my butthole despite knowing I hate that

There is often no sweetness to it. I often feel like slave Leia. I feel trapped.

There's nothing I can do about her sex drive but I figure the least she can do is try to actually get me in the mood somehow instead of just informing me that she wants sex and getting butthurt when I don't immediately become hard and penetrate her with no foreplay.

The problem is, I cannot come to my wife with these things without her getting REALLY offended. I feel like no matter how nicely I try to put it, if I let her know that her bluntness and aggressiveness kills any chance of me getting in the mood, it will ruin our whole day. How can I get her to understand this without pissing her off?

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