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snadgy: How A Girl Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the…



How A Girl Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Porn

Paulita Pappel: How I Learned to Love Porn.

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kink-x: Suspension (Girls hanging around)



Suspension (Girls hanging around)

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fluffylychees: Little Red | A Lesbian Fairy Tale  a Tale of…



Little Red | A Lesbian Fairy Tale

 a Tale of Transformation; Of Predators and their Prey.
A story of little girls who obeyed their mothers, but got lost along the way.

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Sunday Sex Reads: Best of the Week



“It seems these days that one cannot swing a stick on the internet without hitting an article on why bots are So Hot Right Now. As your friendly neighborhood dominatrix and expert on being served by people and things as a lifestyle, I feel obligated to chime in.”
* A Dominatrix’s Review of Chatbots (Chatbot Magazine)

Warning for survivors of sexual abuse, assault, and trauma. “For decades, the ancient forests here have provided cover for the nation’s largest marijuana-growing industry, shielding pot farmers from convention, outsiders and law enforcement. But the forests also hide secrets, among them young women with stories of sexual abuse and exploitation. Some have spoken out; a handful have pressed charges. Most have confided only in private.”
* In secretive marijuana industry, whispers of abuse and trafficking (Reveal News)

“Many intelligent, well-informed self-described feminists believe sex work should never be decriminalized. In fact, the decriminalization of sex work is perhaps the single most divisive subject within feminism today. This divide is the result of a moral blind spot on the part of anti-sex work feminists or “antis.” They conflate all sex work unconditionally with rape, trafficking, and patriarchal exploitation. Ultimately, this is based on a (very un-feminist) distrust of the loud and powerful testimony of sex workers themselves, who, as individuals and organizations, have called over and over again for decriminalization to keep us safe from violence, stigma, and exploitation. ”
* 10 Reasons Sex Work Should Be Decriminalized (Refinery 29)

“Claire* said that she faced retaliation from her male colleagues for reporting them. According to Claire, when someone finally came in to investigate the issue of the harassment she reported up, Apple admitted to her that she was in a hostile work environment. But instead of working to ameliorate her situation, she said, the company gave her a choice: stay in the position or take a lower ranking, lower paying job on another team. Claire took the demotion.”
* Leaked Apple emails reveal employees’ complaints about sexist, toxic work environment (Mic)

“As a sex worker, sometimes I want to believe the Pretty Woman fairy tale exists — the one where the dirty slut gets a makeover, a Hermes bag and polka dot sundress; the one where a rich guy and a broke girl live happily ever after. So I sat down eagerly to watch Starz network’s episodic half-hour dramedy, The Girlfriend Experience, which delivers a trope mainstream audiences crave: an understated high-end, well-mannered, well-groomed call girl, Christine Reade (Riley Keough) who decides to make a splash sucking cock for profit while studying law and straddling an internship at a prestigious law firm.”
* Girlfriend Experience Interrupted (Medium)

“I guess you could say that Mary Astor and I “met cute,” the way romantic leads always do. It happened in 1965. I was 36, a freelance illustrator who, thanks to Vietnam, had begun doing political satire in a left-wing magazine called Ramparts. Mary, as I would come to call her, had retired from the screen a year earlier, after a career often playing soigné, exquisitely coiffed upper-class women. She was 59.”
* Inside the Trial of Actress Mary Astor, Old Hollywood’s Juiciest Sex Scandal (Vanity Fair)

“Because I take it so frequently, Adderall doesn’t impact me the way it does those who rarely take it. I simply feel normal on it, but that’s not to say it doesn’t have some negative side effects, such as making me more restless, quicker to agitation and more prone to bouts of anxiety. Regardless, Adderall is part of my daily routine, and out of all the areas I see it impacting my life, my sex life is certainly one of the top.”
8 Ways Sex On Adderall Was Totally Different For Me (Elite Daily)

“Yet these biographical facts do not interest French filmmakers Thierry Demaiziere and Alban Teurlai. Their extraordinary documentary Rocco, which recently premiered at the Venice Film Festival, is a portrait of the porn star that tries to make sense of his mind. It’s an introspective look at Siffredi, who opens up about the death of his brother, his sexual reaction to his mother’s death, his relationship with his wife and two children, and, of course, why he likes performing carnal acts on film so much.”
* Rocco Siffredi Couldn’t Be a Priest, So He Became a Porn Star (Vice)

Main post photo: Emma Maris by Ethan Gulley, “Golden / SOTW” (Sticks & Stones Agency)

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bunnygirl: Arena Fox Savours Champagne In Style.


bdsm-redux: Cell 181 | Caning Cheri Rose Cheri Rose, caned,…



Cell 181 | Caning Cheri Rose

Cheri Rose, caned, flogged and dominated in chain bondage. Cell 181 is a dark Domination video of frightening beauty.

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Sex News: Pamela Anderson is an antiporn nutjob, Ask First is back, porn blocking against EU regs, Ruffalo and transface


The internet’s only sex news roundup; includes science, health, opinion, politics, erotic entertainment and adult culture.

tormented virgin 1963

  • “The momentum is building and our community wants consent to be visible. This year we plan to DOUBLE our presence at the Folsom Street Fair by passing out 20,000 stickers to the 400,000 attendees. In order to do this we need a bigger booth and a dedicated crew of 40 volunteers. So we need your help! Your contribution will go directly to printing the Ask First stickers, which are the heart and soul of this project. We are committed to celebrating and promoting consent in public spaces, and look forward to your support.”
    * The Ask First Campaign (The Ask First Campaign,

  • PlayStation VR is going to launch with support for the girl-ogling simulator Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 in Japan, and a video showing off some of the groping mechanics in that game has gone viral. … But while many of us recoil at what is happening in that video, a significant part of the VR community is chipping away at improving a broad spectrum of virtual sex experiences. And no matter how uncomfortable it makes us to see a man grabbing a Dead or Alive character’s private parts, it is going to keep happening as more people begin adopting VR and AR technology.”
    * Dead or Alive’s VR groping is uncomfortable, but virtual sex is only going to get messier (VentureBeat)
  • “Internet service providers that restrict online access to pornography or block ads could be breaking EU guidelines on net neutrality even if customers opt in. EU regulations only allow providers to block content for three reasons: to comply with a member state’s laws, to manage levels of traffic across a network, or for security. Guidance on the interpretation of guidelines issued by EU body Berec says that even if a person indicates they want certain content to be blocked, it should be done on their device, rather than at a network level.”
    * ISPs that restrict porn or block ads could be breaking EU guidelines (Guardian)

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  • “Ah, Utah — home of abstinence-based education, banning teachers for using the word “condom,” and skyrocketing gonorrhea rates. That last piece is according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (and, you might say, basic common sense).”
    * Gonorrhea Rates Skyrocketing In Sex-Ed Unfriendly Utah (Voactiv)
  • “On Monday, Mark Ruffalo said he was excited to be the executive producer of a “daring project”: the upcoming movie “Anything,” about a transgender woman sex worker living in Los Angeles, played by actor Matt Bomer. … But many in the trans community didn’t agree, and took to social media to argue that the film, based on the play by Tim McNeil, was just another example of “transface” — casting a cisgender actor in a trans role.”
    * Mark Ruffalo responds to criticism over his newest movie, which stars Matt Bomer as a trans woman (Washington Post)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and trauma. “Former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner will be released on Friday after serving three months for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman near a fraternity party, a sentence that has ignited fierce debate over the way California defines and punishes rape. Turner’s sentence to months in county jail instead of years in state prison stoked international outrage, leading California lawmakers to call for mandatory prison time for sex assaults involving unconscious victims, and expanding the state’s definition of rape.”
    * Stanford sex assault case spurs get-tough rape proposals (Yahoo)

Much gratitude to our thoughtful sponsor, Nubile Films.

  • Teen pregnancy is way down. And a study suggests that the reason is increased, and increasingly effective, use of contraceptives. From 2007 to 2013, births to teens age 15 to 19 dropped by 36 percent; pregnancies fell by 25 percent from 2007 to 2011, according to federal data. But that wasn’t because teens were shunning sex. The amount of sex being had by teenagers during that time period was largely unchanged, says the study, which was published online in the Journal of Adolescent Health. And it wasn’t because they were having more abortions. Abortion has been declining among all age groups, and particularly among teenagers.”
    * Drop In Teen Pregnancies Is Due To More Contraceptives, Not Less Sex (NPR)
  • Melania Trump is suing a British newspaper and a US blogger for $ 150m (£114m) over allegations she was a sex worker in the 1990s, her lawyer says. The Daily Mail suggested Mrs Trump may have worked as a part-time escort in New York, and met husband Donald Trump, who is now running for the White House, earlier than previously reported.”
    * Melania Trump sues Daily Mail and US blogger for $ 150m over sex worker claims (BBC)
  • “Fear not lazy 21st century human, for Amazon has found a solution to a problem that – for most of us – doesn’t exist. The almighty US retailer has imported the Dash button to the UK, Germany and Austria: a Wi-Fi connected plastic device that allows consumers to order a specific household product at the touch of a… you’ve got it. There are around 40 buttons at launch including one for Ariel, Nerf, Olay, Playdoh, Kleenex and Durex.”
    * Got to dash out for some rubber johnnies? Amazon has a button for that (The Register)

Main post image: Illustration by Eric Stanton, via Dangerous Minds.

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recklessdesireblog: Michaela Isizzu from MetArt



Michaela Isizzu from MetArt

Labia Lounge

Eye Candy: Best of Babes


Sex News: Bill O’Reilly and Facebook sued, Ashely Madison trusted security award, Ryan Lochte, Backpage vs Senate


cocks not glocks

Photo by Miguel Gutierrez Jr., via Mashable.

  • “Fox News has yet another [sexual harassment] lawsuit to deal with now that former host Andrea Tantaros is alleging that two company employees have sexually harassed her. The anchor has named former network chief Roger Ailes and host Bill O’Reilly as her harassers in the suit.”
    * Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Filed (International Business Times)
  • Ryan Lochte has lost all his major endorsements and sponsors after having fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint during this summer’s Olympic games. Fortunately, he’s got one opportunity left. Because Brian Sloan, inventor of the Autoblow 2, the world’s first “blowjob robot,” believes things don’t have to be so bad, even when they’re hard.”
    * Ryan Lochte Loses Speedo But Gains a Sex Toy Company Offer (Alternet)

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  • “It’s never a good sign when a website markets itself with a phony security award. But that’s what Ashley Madison did prior to last year’s massive data breach. On Monday, privacy officials in Canada and Australia found that the Canadian adultery website used deceptive and confusing practices to make customers think the service was secure. … One problem was the use of a medal icon on the website labeled trusted security award.”
    * Ashley Madison misled users with a fake security award (CSO Online)
  • “According to Chapter 9.28 of the Oakland municipal code, it’s a misdemeanor for women to expose their breasts “while participating in any live act, demonstration, or exhibition in any public place.” Even simulating that nipple with a pasty is questionable.”
    * Why Aren’t There Any Strip Clubs in the East Bay? (KQED)
  • “The first time I used them, I got a slight tingling, which freaked me out at first — is it time to contact my physician? But then I realized it was just the Nadkins working. That was their way of saying, “Hey, sport! These balls are clean and dry. Enjoy your day!” And I did. I enjoyed it very much.”
    * A Painfully Detailed Review of Nadkins, the Napkin for Your Sweaty Balls (Esquire)
  • “Sarah White is the pseudonym of a woman who operates an online service called “The Naked Therapist.” Via web cam, Sarah provides one-on-one interaction with men around the world, talking with them about their problems and issues. But, distinct from any other therapist or coach I know of, Sarah disrobes during the session and allows her clients to also disrobe … and even masturbate.”
    * Meet The ‘Naked Therapist’ Who Lets Men Masturbate To Their Feelings (YourTango)

Much gratitude to our thoughtful sponsor, Nubile Films.

  • “The intricate mujra dancing that was such a foundation of the red light district required years of teaching and live musicians. Now girls learn easy but provocative dance moves via YouTube. “They take a USB or sometimes they don’t even need that, they have songs in their cellphones, they plug a cable and play the music,” laments Soan Ali, one of the music shop owners.”
    * How Technology Killed Pakistan’s Historic Red Light District (NDTV)
  • “The battle between the US Senate and heated up again this week. Backpage demanded Wednesday that a federal appeals court continue blocking the online classified ad portal from having to comply with a Senate investigation and subpoena into how Backpage conducts its business, including providing the government with documents about the ins and outs of its editorial business model. The Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations contends that the site is littered with ads that amount to offering sex services by women and children forced into prostitution …”
    * Backpage demands that appeals court block Senate sex-trafficking subpoena (Ars Technica)

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Sex News: Rentboy plea deal, revenge porn legislation, Uber rapist, internet killed the pimp


bond sex news

  • California is changing the way sexual assault is prosecuted. In the wake of the allegations that Bill Cosby drugged and raped dozens of women, the state assembly passed a bill on Thursday to end the time limit for prosecuting rape and felony sex crimes. The bill passed the assembly unanimously.”
    * California Votes to Remove Time Limit on Prosecuting Rape Cases (New York Magazine)
  • Warning for survivors of assault and trauma. “Police in Florida have arrested a man who worked as an Uber driver and accused him of sexually assaulting three women this year.” Police believe there are other victims. “An email to Uber was not immediately returned, but a spokesman told the Palm Beach Post that Mtsitsha began driving for the company in February, a month after the first assault is alleged to have occurred. The spokesman also confirmed that he has been banned from the app.”
    * Uber driver ‘terrorized’ women, tried to exchange rides for sex, police say (Washington Post)
  • Sex workers are at greater risk of violence and ill health due to substantial cuts to specialist NHS health and support services across the UK, according to experts, service providers and rights groups. An editorial in the British Medical Journal, published this week, warned of “avoidable harms and disastrous long-term costs” of ongoing funding cuts to services available to sex workers.”
    * Cuts to NHS services for sex workers ‘disastrous’ say experts (Guardian UK)
  • “The federal government is sitting on a ton of data about sexual violence in the United States, but most of the statistics cannot be compared to each other because of wide variations in how they’re measured, a new review from the Government Accountability Office concludes.”
    * Federal Research On Sexual Violence Is A Mess (Huffington Post)

Thanks to our sponsor in Holland, Abby Winters.

  • This is a really well balanced and interesting article, which has left me with many questions. “A new study purports to show that married people who start watching, as the authors put it, “X-rated movies,” have an increased chance of divorce. But some outside researchers and couples therapists who reviewed the study raised questions about its methodology and suggested the findings contradict what they see with clients.”
    * Study Links Watching Porn To Divorce (Voactiv)
  • “Ten of the programs had at least one lesson on gender and power, and 80 percent of them saw significant decreases in pregnancy or STIs compared with a control group. Of the 12 programs that did not address these issues, 17 percent led to those positive outcomes. Teaching about power and gender roles was a consistent predictor of better health outcomes, even when Haberland accounted for other variables like sample size and whether the studies were longitudinal.”
    * When Sex Ed Discusses Gender Inequality, Sex Gets Safer (Atlantic)
  • “Jeffrey Hurant, the former owner of, is finalizing a plea agreement with federal prosecutors after his indictment for promoting prostitution, his attorney told the court this week. … The site, which opened for business in 1997, carried disclaimers saying its advertisements for escorts were for companionship and not sexual services.”
    * Former CEO Finalizing Plea Deal (XBIZ)
  • “Stings and busts are not deterring so-called “pimps” from using the internet to facilitate the sale of sex, according to a new study. … Sex work advocates, however, are skeptical of the paper’s findings and its focus on “pimps,” whom they say are increasingly less common, thanks in large part to how the internet has democratized the sex trade.”
    * Study: “Pimps” Are Doing Business Online, Despite Stings (Voactiv)
  • “With this continued boom in Hong Kong’s digital age, compensated daters are enjoying certain benefits of being their own bosses—namely, they’re no longer subjected to the sexual and physical abuse from gangster agents. Also, they don’t have to give away money for an agent fee, which means they’re making more. Forums and chat apps, for the most part, are putting the power back in the hands of the sex workers.”
    * Hong Kong’s Sex Workers Are Ditching Their Pimps for iPhones (Motherboard)

Much gratitude to our thoughtful sponsor, Nubile Films.

  • “In July 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics recommended to its nationwide membership, that they must educate children and teens about sex. They joined countless other groups of experts, physicians, and educators, all of whom oppose abstinence-based education.”
    * Repairing the Damage of Abstinence-Based Sex Education (Psychology Today)
  • “Jay Franzone is on a mission to bring attention to the U.S. ban on blood donated from men who have sex with men. As part of that mission, he is remaining celibate for a year in order to meet the requirement set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which prohibits men from donating blood if they have had sex with another man in the past year.”
    * This man is abstaining from sex for a year so he can donate blood (PBS)
  • “Officers put him in the back of a police car and spoke with the woman who called police. She told them she saw the man standing near a parked van at 805 St. Nicholas Street. She went on to explain she saw Henson pull his shorts down and place his genitals in the front grill of the van that was parked on the street.”
    * Ohio man arrested after trying to have sex with a van (NBC4i)
  • “Rep. Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) has introduced legislation that would patch the holes in the federal system governing nonconsensual pornography, also known as revenge porn. … Speech advocates say the bill is too broad and could sweep pornography that should be permissible into the category of the illegal. They also worry about a chilling effect on those who wish to post or re-post content that is clearly allowed, from snapshots of family and friends on topless beaches to photos in adult magazines.”
    * We need national legislation to combat revenge porn (Washington Post)

Main post image via Dangerous Minds.

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sexyasia: Aya Kisaki | Facial and Fellatio Aya Kisaki is giving…



Aya Kisaki | Facial and Fellatio

Aya Kisaki is giving head in style.

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