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[advice] Looking for nasty things to do with my GF



Next week is my birthday, and I'm going to spend the whole day with my GF. We are probably going to spend the whole time in my bed, and I'm looking for inspiration…

We are pretty open about sex. Anal, oral, swallow, toys, etc. are pretty common when we see each other. Do you have any specific ideas to spice things up?

To sum it up: I want to do new nasty things with my GF, any ideas?

Thanks! :)

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girls-nude: Cowgirl in the woods | Lindsay Jones by Chris…



Cowgirl in the woods | Lindsay Jones by Chris Lutrell

Lindsay Jones is an artist, designer, model, actress, visionary and muse who appeared in Larry Clark´s  “MarfaGirl” as well as in a series of portraits by Richard Prince. She was shot in the woods by Chris Luttrell , a multi media artist whose work covers a wide range from collage to mixed media and photography. | snadgy

sex (not sex)

bound and gangbanged by 5 (via Bound Gang Bangs) sexadelic


bound and gangbanged by 5

(via Bound Gang Bangs)


alt porn

snadgy:The Wonderful World Of Kyoza30A world full of funny,…



The Wonderful World Of Kyoza30

A world full of funny, naked girls.

Judging by his portfolio it is save to say that Kyoza30 is a lucky,
lucky guy. He seems to be surrounded by bedazzling beauties that frolic
naked wherever he is.

sex (not sex)

You Think About Sex Every 6 SecondsCoco de Mer and Rankin Are…


You Think About Sex Every 6 Seconds

Coco de Mer and Rankin Are Going To Change That.


sex (not sex)







[Questions] And answers. A teacher posted 17 pages of sex questions from students and I did my best to answer.


Original Post was in /r/mildlyinteresting

I'm no expert, but I spent 8 hours doing my best to give a respectful answer to every question. Feel free to hate my answers. I think there are a lot of Redditors who have these questions but are too ashamed to come here for answers.

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[META] Submission rules discussion


Hello r/sex community.

We've let the tagging experiment run it's course (and then some, sorry for the delay). We didn't expect it to be perfect in one attempt, but really isn't even close to how we had hoped it would turn out. So, lesson learned: tagging needs to be fairly rigid if it going to work.

We had several goals with the tagging change:

  • make the content of a post more clear ([erection issues] I need help is quite a bit more informative than I need help)

  • make it easier to search for topics

  • make OP aware of the FAQ – failing to tag is an indicator that OP perhaps doesn't know the FAQ exists or doesn't care to read it (mobile users can't see the sidebar). As the community has grown, we've had so many more repeat posts about pretty generic topics.

At this point, we feel like the best approach is to specify acceptable tags in the FAQ, and actually to set it up as flairs rather than tags, similar to /r/askscience.

But, we wanted to turn to the community for your input as well, of course. Please share your constructive input here. Should this be an advice community, or strictly discussion of human sexuality in general? What kind of posts would you like to see more of? What kind of posts would you like to see less of? What kind of comments would you like to see more or less of?


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X-Art | Alexa Tomas Forever You Alina a.k.a. Alexa Tomas is…


X-Art | Alexa Tomas Forever You

Alina a.k.a. Alexa Tomas is blowing in style.

Forever You, shot at x art in their signature high key photography, presents Alexa Tomas, the raven haired beauty from Spain, as a siren of sensuality. Pleasing herself in front of her lover leads to an amazing oral performance before they both melt into each other for an intense ending. A first class folio from Brigham Field and Colette, the couple behind x-art.


sex (not sex)


X Art | Tiffany first time back door If you enjoy first times…


X Art | Tiffany first time back door

If you enjoy first times and/or back door love, you’ve come to the right place. Tiffany became curious and decided she was ready to explore her oh-so-tight ass. The video alone is worth the cost of joining. Watch her lucky boyfriend of 10 years get his first try on camera.


sex (not sex)