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Frozen Frames | Formento & Formento | The Japan…


Frozen Frames | Formento & Formento | The Japan Diaries

Formento & Formento (the husband and wife team BJ Formento and Richeille Formento) are best known for their ability to condense the spirit of a time and place in perfectly staged scenarios of melancholic beauty. In the fall of 2013, Formento & Formento went to Japan for their newest ongoing project, Japan Diaries. Like in former projects the images are vaguely set in the 1950s, but at the same time charged with associations from Edo woodblock prints the photographs of  and the films of Wong Kar-Wai.

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Lady Mai, the Asian DJ Girl in The Best Little Horny Asians 2 69


Nicola De Luigi ©  nichotina


Nicola De Luigi



sex (not sex)

Opiette by Chuck Lang / opiette sexpornart


I [30M] need more from my partner [30F] sexually, mismatched sex drives and more.


Sorry for the crap title.

I wasn't totally sure that this belongs in /r/sex so please let me know if there is a more suitable subreddit.

I've posted this using a throwaway. I'm more of a lurker and don't post much on reddit but I'd still rather this wasn't tied to my main account.

Ok, here we go.

I've been with my wife for fourteen years and married for eight years. We've got four kids aged between four and twelve. We had some tough times in the past but that's well behind us now and overall I'd describe our relationship as very good.

I've always had a higher sex drive than my wife. I'm not sure she has a low sex drive but it is much lower than mine. Whereas I want it every day, she could go for days or maybe even weeks without.

We spent years muddling through but earlier this year we had a long conversation and things have gotten more frequent and we're having sex three or four times a week now which I'd guess is kind of average for a married couple.

The thing is, it's still not enough for me. It sounds corny to say it but I find my wife ridiculously sexy and I'm incredibly attracted to her. I literally can't get enough of her. I can't keep my hands off her and I'm like a horny teenager around her. I very, very rarely masturbate, but if I do, it's thinking about her. I literally get hard from the sight of her in a pair of shorts and a vest top. I fancy her now as much as I did when I first met her and I appreciate how lucky I am to have found someone who is not only a 10/10 but also a brilliant mother and wife.

I constantly tell her how sexy she is but I'm pretty sure she doesn't believe me. I continue to do it anyway because I think she should feel desired and know how she makes me feel but also as a way of making her feel more attractive in her own eyes. She has a few body issues (minor ones as far as body issues go) and I don't want her to feel like she's unattractive because she isn't.

Sometimes when I tell her these things or try and cop a feel, or instigate sex at a time other than bedtime she (half jokingly) says I'd find anyone attractive or that I'd have sex with anyone and jokes about me being a sex addict or says that my sex drive isn't normal.

This got me thinking. Is this a case of mismatched sex drives or could it be the sign of the start of addiction? Am I abnormal? I'm not trying (or have any desire) to find sex elsewhere and it's not affecting my life in any way other than the fact that I'm constantly horny and want to have sex with my wife.

I'm starting to feel like a bit of a pervert and a sex pest. I feel shitty that I'm constantly trying to instigate sex and then I feel shitty when I'm turned down. I feel shitty that she doesn't lust after me like I do after her and I feel shitty that what we've got now is enough for her but it's nowhere near enough for me. And I feel shitty that I'm complaining about all this when I know she's made an effort with getting our sex life back on track.

While the sex has become more frequent, all other aspects have stayed the same. It's always in the bedroom, it's always in the dark, it's always just before bed, it's always pretty standard. No anal, very rarely with toys, hardly any oral, maybe a quick hand job before we get down to it. The actual sex is good but I just want more. Why can't we have sex downstairs when the kids are in bed? Why can't we lock ourselves in the bathroom for five minutes if the kids are downstairs and occupied? Why can't we touch each other whilst we're watching TV? Why won't she give me a blow job just for the sake of giving me a blow job? Why won't she sit on my face? Why doesn't she seem as into me as I am into her?

The whole thing is making me paranoid and insecure. I don't feel that she's particularly attracted to me any more and I'm starting to think that I don't do it for her sexually either.

Maybe I'm expecting too much and just need to be thankful for what I've got. Maybe I am too needy and demanding. I don't know.

I don't even know what I'm asking for here. It helps to get it off my chest, especially as this is the sort of thing I wouldn't be able to talk to anyone about. If anyone has any advice I'd be glad to hear it.

Thanks for giving me somewhere to rant.

tl;dr: We got our sex life back on track but I still want more. I need to feel desired and wanted sexually and it's starting to get me down. Starting to wonder whether I am developing some kind of sex addiction or whether I'm just unrealistic and needy. Feeling confused and could do with someone else's perspective.

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Juicy Fruits | Sexy Chinese Peaches Mr. Yao, a Chinese Fruit…


Juicy Fruits | Sexy Chinese Peaches

Mr. Yao, a Chinese Fruit vendor from Nanjing, put the resemblance of peaches with a cute bum a step further by dressing the peaches, fittingly named “When the peach is ripe” (same with an erotic Hong Kong movie shot in 1997), in sexy lace and lingerie.  The juicy fruits are sold in anticipation of the romantic Qixi festival. A box of nine sexy chinese peaches costs 498 yuan, or $ 80 USD.

My employees dress up each peach by hand,” Mr.Yao added.

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Cute Biatcheeez | Made by Flou Cute as f*ck.  The Biatcheeez…


Cute Biatcheeez | Made by Flou

Cute as f*ck.  The Biatcheeez made by flou are outstanding gems in the flood of sexy animated gifs. Find more cute punk including fonts and drawings at made by flou.


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Questions about my son’s pornography habits


My son is 13, and over the past year I've been watching his growing interest in pornographic materials. I look at my router logs every week, and lately I've been seeing that his interests lie exclusively in anime porn. Now, I've raised him to be sex positive. We've had discussions about sex growing up, and I would like to think that I've done a better job educating him about sex than my Dad did for me. Still, I have to admit I'm somewhat uncomfortable about this.

First, I want to make it clear that I'm not critical of people who enjoy hentai. What I'm concerned about is the impact it has on development of a young person's sexuality. It's pretty common for us to have our desires imprinted by what we're exposed to (Hell, for me it was Linda Carter in her Wonder Woman outfit. Locked my tastes into brunettes, as an example). Hentai is problematic for me because it's so unrealistic and exaggerated. It also doesn't seem healthy to view the object of your desire as not being a living human being.

Alright, perhaps I'm just being a grouchy old bastard. I have a question for those who viewed hentai porn exclusively growing up. Was it just a phase? Do you think it had an impact on the kind of partner you wound up searching for? Do you think it stunted your social development?

Also, has any parent out there had to have a talk with their children about the kind of porn their child is viewing? How did the talk go? Any tips?

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electricsexdoll: So I sadly missed the chance to submit to the…



So I sadly missed the chance to submit to the amazing Sextathlon who was definitely an inspiration for me to start taking photos, but at the suggestion of few people I took off my pants and jumped on my ottoman in hopes to snap pics in time. So this was what I was going to submit, me right after work, right before the shower. Those socks are knee highs but it got some warm out I had to push them down. (woo hoo!)

lovely panties

my stepbrother..omg


I made this account because I dont know what else to do or who else to turn to. Please don't make fun of me. As a girl this is hard for me to share. I NEED ADVICE! I haven't told this to anyone yet and I am not even sure about sharing it or even it’s the right subreddit.. But here i ago.

The background: My mom got married to my stepdad about 7 years ago. My mom and I were living with him and his son (my stepbrother). He is a kool dude and a nice guy. We get along well. He moved to college a few years after. I recently began my college and live with my parents. He recently finished his college and came home to live with us again to find jobs.

The situation: Ok! Few months back after shower I was changing my panties in my room. I noticed it was really wet, which was weird because I took it from the dryer and folded it myself. You guys can possibly guess what it was. I felt it with my fingers and smelled it. Yes, it was cum and not mine! I am fairly sure it was him. Our rooms are next to each other upstairs. I was numb and speechless! I threw it away in the trash. The next day he talked to me like nothing has happened.

This is followed by few more incidents. One time I was wearing my slippers and found it sticky. Yea more cum. Then it was on my freaking pillow! I also hear moaning sounds from his room. He is watching porn with sound up. But not too loud for my parents in downstairs.

What the hell is he doing? Trying to seduce me? A crush? Is it just a phase of his? I am too afraid to confront him because it’s too awkward and it will destroy our relationship. And it will be more painful and embarrassing to tell parents.

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Igor Vasiliadis | Silver and Cyanides