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fluffylychees: Jean-François Lepage | Recycle By blending…



Jean-François Lepage | Recycle

By blending elements of cinema, surrealism, painting and
photography, French-born photographer Jean-François Lepage creates
images of haunting beauty.

sex (not sex)



Sex News: Apple Watch sex toy, AIDS Healthcare Foundation violating sex worker privacy, Tussad’s Minaj wax troubles


The reviews are all 5-stars (!) for my new collection, Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica ($ 3.89)

  • Unlike the watch itself, the “Apple Watch” sex toy is designed for women. Sex toy manufacturer Lovense has a new remote control vibrator called Blush, which connects to your phone and your partner’s phone to create some high-tech sexual experiences. Blush launched an Indiegogo campaign this week to raise $ 10,000 for its phone and Apple Watch-connected vibrator.
    Here’s The First Apple Watch Sex Toy (Huffington Post)
  • In light of the Ashley Madison mess, Rachel Kramer Bussel’s timing is excellent: She wanted to find out what makes open marriages work, “especially since we live in a society that is highly skeptical of the prospect.”
    Can an Open Marriage Be a Good Marriage? (DAME Magazine)
  • Speaking of the Ashley Madison mess, did you know that the dump is packed with false accounts (at least 12 Barack Obama accounts are on Ashley Madison), and that gay men who used the site for discreet hookups are at risk from the exposure? My sex-positive, snarky, and privacy-focused response is up.
    Ashley Madison: A honeypot for people who had something to hide (ZDNet)
  • A former employee of the U.S. Embassy in London has been charged with using stolen passwords to acquire sexually explicit photographs of women in order to blackmail them. Michael Ford, 36, was charged with nine counts of cyber stalking, seven counts of computer hacking to extort, and one count of wire fraud, the Department of Justice said Wednesday. He was arrested while visiting family in Georgia in May. Ford allegedly “tormented women across the country,” U.S. Attorney John Horn said. “This sadistic conduct is all the more disturbing as Ford is alleged to have used the U.S. Embassy in London as a base for his cyberstalking campaign.”
    Ex-US Embassy employee charged with ‘sextortion’ (The Hill)

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  • Someone please stop the AHF. The Free Speech Coalition said that the AIDS Healthcare Foundation has issued subpoenas to talent testing facilities to obtain porn performers’ private medical information. “This is of grave concern for us as we always hold performer privacy as an important right and protection,” the FSC said in a release. “It is critical that you let the testing facilities know that you do not want your medical information given over to AHF.
    AHF Has Subpoenaed Performer Medical Data, FSC Says (XBIZ)
  • “In an article in Marie Claire, Anne Hathaway recalled footage of a police raid on a brothel employing Asian women filmed by a camera crew, saying she “saw things that are unimaginable. They were all so tiny and scrunched up there together, but when they came out they weren’t shocked that there was a camera. They weren’t worried about getting arrested. They were gone. They were numb. They were unrecognizable as human beings.” I’ll just say that in the real-life exchanges I’ve had with Asian sex workers, very little bugs them more than teary-eyed white girls describing them as tiny and helpless and inhuman.”
    What’s Lena Dunham got against sex work? (Now Toronto)

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  • Madame Tussauds has said it is redesigning its Nicki Minaj display after images of visitors taking provocative photos with the waxwork appeared online. The figure, which was unveiled earlier this month in Las Vegas, features the chart-topping rap artist with her hands and knees on the ground and her butt in the air – an homage to the music video for her track Anaconda.
    Madame Tussauds rethinks Nicki Minaj waxwork display over saucy fan photos (Guardian UK)
  • Not helping negative stereotypes about porn performers at all, has a new video featuring popular pornstars discussing their grossest moments on set. It’s not for the faint of heart. To hear the pornstars tell it, it seems like you can’t shoot an anal scene without pausing to clean up a poop incident.
    Watching Porn Stars Talk About Their Grossest Scenes Is Not For The Faint Of Heart (AskMen)
  • Eighty-eight percent of all copyright-trolling cases in the U.S. in 2014 involved an adult entertainment film, according to a new study on intellectual property litigation. The study, titled “Intellectual Property in U.S. District Courts: 1994-2014″ and authored by Matthew Sag, a professor at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, also noted that one porn company — Malibu Media, aka — accounted for 80 percent of all John Doe suits in 2014.
    88% of All U.S. Copyright Trolling Cases Involve Porn, Study Says (XBIZ)

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  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday approved the first prescription drug designed to boost sexual desire in women, though in an exhibition of dated perceptions about women and sex, it will be prescribed for “emotional distress.” Under a plan imposed by the FDA, doctors will only be able to prescribe Addyi after completing an online certification test demonstrating that they understand its side effects. Pharmacies will also have to be certified.
    FDA approves female sex pill, but with safety restrictions (Inquirer)
  • Yep, they’re still around: Suicide Girls got a profile in Racked. It’s a website, a label, a community, and an aesthetic borne out of the altporn moment of the early aughts. Even though that moment has passed, Racked tells us that “the Suicide Girls movement has never been stronger.”
    Going Pink: The Suicide Girls Story (Racked)

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  • The days of topless painted ladies hitting up tourists in Times Square appear to be numbered. Mayor de Blasio on Wednesday convened a special task force charged with finding a legal way of evicting the jiggly panhandlers. The increased scrutiny was evident Wednesday evening when one of the men overseeing the women was arrested.
    NYC searches for ways to ban Times Square topless ladies (NY Daily News)
  • I’m endorsing Hillary Clinton,” Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt told TheWrap during an interview. “If she wins, she’ll be able to appoint two or three judges to the Supreme Court, which could shift the balance.” But even though Flynt and Hirsch, as well as other wealthy pornographers, are willing to donate large sums of money to candidates, most presidential hopefuls are too skittish to accept them.
    Porn & Politics: Adult Film Industry Moguls Get Into Bed With 2016 Presidential Candidates (TheWrap)

The post Sex News: Apple Watch sex toy, AIDS Healthcare Foundation violating sex worker privacy, Tussad’s Minaj wax troubles appeared first on Violet Blue ® :: Open Source Sex – Journalist and author Violet Blue's site for sex and tech culture, accurate sex information, erotica and more..

Violet Blue ® :: Open Source Sex – Journalist and author Violet Blue’s site for sex and tech culture, accurate sex information, erotica and more.

Eye Candy: Gorgeous, hot porn


(via Close Up Pussy – view under skirt)


lychees: Jane Minou: I serve you   two girls



The photography of Scott Worldwide


Scott Worldwide

Photographer Scott Worldwide posts few details about themself, but the photos they post of beautiful femmes in all sizes and styles tell us enough to know that we’re okay with that as long as the hotness keeps coming. You can also follow Scott Worldwide’s work on Twitter and on Deviant Art.


The post The photography of Scott Worldwide appeared first on Violet Blue ® :: Open Source Sex – Journalist and author Violet Blue's site for sex and tech culture, accurate sex information, erotica and more..

Violet Blue ® :: Open Source Sex – Journalist and author Violet Blue’s site for sex and tech culture, accurate sex information, erotica and more.



The Training of O kink-x


Sex News: Boxers for boners, DirtySnapchat mods, trans porn controversies, celebs screwing (over) sex workers


Meet indie erotica’s perfect couple: Filthy Housewives and Bisexual Husbands.

  • Everyone remembers “I Try,” Macy Gray‘s 1999 valentine to difficult love. With her crackling delivery, Auto-Tune-free vulnerability, and yearbook-ready soundbites —”My world crumbles when you are not here” had a place of prominence on our own senior pages—the song scratched at the sutures on all of our lovestruck hearts. Her latest single “B.O.B,” is about another, less complicated kind of love: the one a woman has for her Battery Operated Boyfriend.
    Macy Gray Wrote a Love Song to Her Vibrator (ELLE)
  • When WhoPutThatThere decided to become a moderator of r/DirtySnapchat, the 22-year-old didn’t use the subreddit herself. Already a mod on r/Snapchat, she was just looking to make friends. Now she, along with nine other male moderators, are in charge of running and managing the two-year-old forum that’s grown to over 25,000 subscribers, all redditors who want to find age-appropriate partners to sext with on Snapchat.
    What it’s like to run an anonymous Snapchat sexting ring (Daily Dot)
  • A notorious San Francisco gay porn studio is set to release a gangbang porn flick with a woman and a trans woman in starring roles, but the gang’s not all on board. Treasure Island Media, a studio so raunchy they’ve been banned from the Folsom Street Fair, crosses the gay porn gender taboo in their upcoming release Fuck Holes 3, which comes out August 5th. Depending on who you ask, this is either a breakthrough for a silent, underrepresented porn-consuming demographic or a slap in the face to everyone who’s marched since Stonewall.
    Gay Porn Studio Adds Trans And Bio-Female Porn Stars, Controversy Erupts (SFist)

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Gratitude to our sponsor in Spain, women-run Lust Cinema.

  • Celebrities like Lena Dunham, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, and Anne Hathway have protested Amnesty International’s proposal to decriminalize prostitution. Sex workers (as well as academics, social workers, and human-rights organizations) back Amnesty’s proposal, and want the celebs to stop speaking for them — and to stay out of it.
    Sex Workers From Around the World Tell Hollywood to Mind Its Own Business (Reason)
  • This article is so important. “There are plenty of paradoxes inherent in activism vis-à-vis prostitution — how to protect someone in a vulnerable occupational situation while not appearing to endorse that occupation? … The problem arises when the proposed answers have more to do with the askers’ distaste for prostitution than with research-supported solutions to help sex workers. It becomes more about the morality and feelings of the savior than those being saved.”
    What’s the Right Way to Protect Sex Workers? (NY Mag/The Cut)
  • “Jay Sin’s TS Playground #20″ is the No. 1 selling porn title on GameLink’s site this week, No. 12 is “TS Beauties” and six other transgender porn titles are scattered throughout the top 100 list. But how does this affect the lives of trans people? Is trans porn merely the sexual fetishization and objectification of trans bodies, or has trans porn helped to drive the social acceptance of transgender people?
    Transgender Porn Is A Best-Seller, But Is It Good For Trans People? (IB Times)

  • Bloxers boxer shorts are sewn with a special interior panel that deflects “the dreaded public boner” down and to the side, thus hiding it from view. The folks behind Bloxers call this panel the “Deflector Shield,” and buyers can pick a model with the shield positioned on the left or the right, depending on to which side the gentleman dresses. The shorts are cotton, and the shield is a nylon/elastane mix.
    Attention Teenage Boys: Bloxers Boxers Hide Embarrassing Erections (FastCoExist)
  • “I think most people in our age bracket probably see it in pornography before we have any idea what is what, and porn makes seem kind of easy, because it always goes well. So you’re just like, Yeah, it’ll be fine! … I remember being really excited about it, then being like, Oh my god, I have no idea what’s going on here, and she doesn’t seem impressed.”
    Five Men Talk About Going Down On Girls (The Hairpin)

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  • CoCo Brown is about to make history as the first former adult actress to leave earth on a suborbital flight to space. In preparation for her 2016 flight, CoCo is undergoing grueling training as part of an elite group—one of the first 100 people to earn astronaut wings through XCOR.
    Exclusive: Meet the World’s First Porn Star Turned Astronaut (Daily Beast)
  • If you thought you’d turn to Medium as a means to shame or harass others, think again. The site has changed its rules, and now prohibits acts of public shaming, revenge porn, and posting private information on others (doxxing).
    Medium takes a stance against revenge porn and doxxing users (The Next Web)
  • But in 1970, as the sexual revolution challenged traditional perspectives on love and sex, the industry was stuck between increasing demand and growing concerns over morality. The “torrent of sexuality,” as LIFE called it, was a subject of debate from the Capitol Building to small-town living rooms, as elected officials and private citizens debated not only what to do about porn, but also how to define it in the first place.
    A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Porn Industry in 1970 (TIME)

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  • After accepting a plea deal that could put her in prison for up to seven years, more details of upstate prison worker Joyce Mitchell’s statements to authorities were released. In May, she said, Matt asked her to perform oral sex and she did, out of fear, she said. On other occasions, Matt would come to her desk wearing a big coat in which he had cut a hole so that Mitchell could touch his genitals. She also said, “I did take some naked photos of my breasts and vagina and gave them to Inmate Matt to give to Inmate Sweat.”
    Prison Worker Helped Inmates Escape Because Of The Fantasy And The Sex (Gothamist)
  • A golf course is a site of competition, friendship, tradition and memories. For some, though, it’s more than that. They look at a golf course–usually in the wee hours, framed by moonlight, perhaps–and think, You know what? That would be a great place to have sex.
    Happy Ending: Hooking Up (Golf Digest, thanks D!)
  • “I want to see age restrictions put into place or these [porn] websites will face being shut down,” David Cameron said in a statement this week. Legislation could be introduced that will make it “an offence in the UK to publish pornography online without age verification controls, possibly with a regulator to oversee and enforce controls”, according to a UK Government statement.
    Free porn websites could be shut down within months, says David Cameron (Independent UK)

The post Sex News: Boxers for boners, DirtySnapchat mods, trans porn controversies, celebs screwing (over) sex workers appeared first on Violet Blue ® :: Open Source Sex – Journalist and author Violet Blue's site for sex and tech culture, accurate sex information, erotica and more..

Violet Blue ® :: Open Source Sex – Journalist and author Violet Blue’s site for sex and tech culture, accurate sex information, erotica and more.

[Advice] I (18f) need help to fulfill boyfriend’s (19m) roleplay fantasies!


My boyfriend recently opened up to me that he would be really interested in roleplay. However, its not my thing really, so I intuitively don't know where to begin. However, since its hot to him, its hot to me! I'd be so down to make it fantastic for him!

I'm looking for tips and suggestions of what I might say or do or wear. I don't really have a great imagination for costume or scenario deas. That being said, I don't want to go over the top because I don't think that a super unrealistic situation could be sexy for me. I don't think that we could pretend to be like a guard and prisoner, because that's just total fiction. Maybe a glorification of something more realistic? I don't know. He seems to be really into us not being ourselves, however, so I'd be willing to try.

He specifically mentioned a service roleplay, like where he was a pizza man.

He also mentioned him raping me, and me raping him. I can easily imagine him raping me, and I love that idea, but I don't really know how I would rape him. Maybe he means domination? I would dominate him but am not sure where to begin. I have no ideas.

He also mentioned strangers. How do I behave as someone who is not me without feeling weird?

Lastly he mentioned he would be interested in photos. Nudies of him, nudies of me, nudies and film of us. Any tips in regards to taking high quality photos of us having sex or myself?

TL;DR: how do I roleplay: strangers, rape him, rape me, and service?

I know its a lot to read and ask. Thanks so much!

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