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Juicy Fruits | Sexy Chinese Peaches Mr. Yao, a Chinese Fruit…


Juicy Fruits | Sexy Chinese Peaches

Mr. Yao, a Chinese Fruit vendor from Nanjing, put the resemblance of peaches with a cute bum a step further by dressing the peaches, fittingly named “When the peach is ripe” (same with an erotic Hong Kong movie shot in 1997), in sexy lace and lingerie.  The juicy fruits are sold in anticipation of the romantic Qixi festival. A box of nine sexy chinese peaches costs 498 yuan, or $ 80 USD.

My employees dress up each peach by hand,” Mr.Yao added.

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Cute Biatcheeez | Made by Flou Cute as f*ck.  The Biatcheeez…


Cute Biatcheeez | Made by Flou

Cute as f*ck.  The Biatcheeez made by flou are outstanding gems in the flood of sexy animated gifs. Find more cute punk including fonts and drawings at made by flou.


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Questions about my son’s pornography habits


My son is 13, and over the past year I've been watching his growing interest in pornographic materials. I look at my router logs every week, and lately I've been seeing that his interests lie exclusively in anime porn. Now, I've raised him to be sex positive. We've had discussions about sex growing up, and I would like to think that I've done a better job educating him about sex than my Dad did for me. Still, I have to admit I'm somewhat uncomfortable about this.

First, I want to make it clear that I'm not critical of people who enjoy hentai. What I'm concerned about is the impact it has on development of a young person's sexuality. It's pretty common for us to have our desires imprinted by what we're exposed to (Hell, for me it was Linda Carter in her Wonder Woman outfit. Locked my tastes into brunettes, as an example). Hentai is problematic for me because it's so unrealistic and exaggerated. It also doesn't seem healthy to view the object of your desire as not being a living human being.

Alright, perhaps I'm just being a grouchy old bastard. I have a question for those who viewed hentai porn exclusively growing up. Was it just a phase? Do you think it had an impact on the kind of partner you wound up searching for? Do you think it stunted your social development?

Also, has any parent out there had to have a talk with their children about the kind of porn their child is viewing? How did the talk go? Any tips?

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electricsexdoll: So I sadly missed the chance to submit to the…



So I sadly missed the chance to submit to the amazing Sextathlon who was definitely an inspiration for me to start taking photos, but at the suggestion of few people I took off my pants and jumped on my ottoman in hopes to snap pics in time. So this was what I was going to submit, me right after work, right before the shower. Those socks are knee highs but it got some warm out I had to push them down. (woo hoo!)

lovely panties

my stepbrother..omg


I made this account because I dont know what else to do or who else to turn to. Please don't make fun of me. As a girl this is hard for me to share. I NEED ADVICE! I haven't told this to anyone yet and I am not even sure about sharing it or even it’s the right subreddit.. But here i ago.

The background: My mom got married to my stepdad about 7 years ago. My mom and I were living with him and his son (my stepbrother). He is a kool dude and a nice guy. We get along well. He moved to college a few years after. I recently began my college and live with my parents. He recently finished his college and came home to live with us again to find jobs.

The situation: Ok! Few months back after shower I was changing my panties in my room. I noticed it was really wet, which was weird because I took it from the dryer and folded it myself. You guys can possibly guess what it was. I felt it with my fingers and smelled it. Yes, it was cum and not mine! I am fairly sure it was him. Our rooms are next to each other upstairs. I was numb and speechless! I threw it away in the trash. The next day he talked to me like nothing has happened.

This is followed by few more incidents. One time I was wearing my slippers and found it sticky. Yea more cum. Then it was on my freaking pillow! I also hear moaning sounds from his room. He is watching porn with sound up. But not too loud for my parents in downstairs.

What the hell is he doing? Trying to seduce me? A crush? Is it just a phase of his? I am too afraid to confront him because it’s too awkward and it will destroy our relationship. And it will be more painful and embarrassing to tell parents.

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Igor Vasiliadis | Silver and Cyanides




Hayden Hellfire: Cause I love the ladies too … | snadgy


Girlfriend [24F]suggested cuckolding… I [25M] am at a loss


Hey guys. Throwaway because this issue is honestly humiliating.

I've been dating a girl for about a year. We're a fairly vanilla couple in terms of sex, and our libidos seem to be equal. We have sex about five times a week on average.

About a month ago, my girlfriend started forcing really awkward conversation about how her friend was doing some weird things with her boyfriend. We talked about it a bit, and long story short, her friend's boyfriend has a fetish for "loaning" his girlfriend out to other guys. My girlfriend went into pretty specific detail about it, how they'll play out fantasies where the girl would "steal" his credit card, take a different guy out to a restaurant, fuck him in their bed, and then send pictures of everything to her boyfriend later. It apparently drives him crazy and according to my girlfriend they're a very happy couple. When I heard this I just thought that people have their kinks and whatnot.

My girlfriend started talking more about this, bringing it up in irrelevant conversations, and kept asking what I thought about it. At this point I started to kind of catch on to my girlfriend being way more interested in this than she should be, and last night she dropped the bomb on me: she wanted to have sex with a guy we both know, and she wanted my good blessing for it.

I was furious. I called her some derogatory terms for a promiscuous female, told her that she can fuck whoever she wants once she gets out of the apartment that I pay for, and suggested that she stay at her parents' house that night. She left in tears.

This morning she came back, exhausted from bawling her eyes out, and still crying. She apologized profusely and said she would never do anything to hurt me. I explained that I don't know if I could trust her anymore. I was being honest. I don't think I can. At this point I honestly think she's cheating on me and feel disgusted to my very core.

Is my thinking so wrong? I'm so hurt and angry that I can barely look at her right now. I thought she was a really loyal and loving girlfriend but I don't know if I can get over this.

Edit: alright, I'm going to update this in regards to some of the responses.

When she brought up the cuckolding thing before, I never showed interest. In a post below I actually mention how I showed the opposite of interest. We are a monogamous couple and are, at least I thought we were until yesterday, very happy together.

Sex is a big part of a relationship to me. It's a big part of the relationship for most couples. Some of you may think there's only a physical aspect to it, or that two people can have sex with others and still have a very successful relationship. I don't believe it's possible for me. If you do, great, live your life the way you want. I never considered the idea of sleeping with another woman as long as I was with my girlfriend because she's all I want(ed) and need(ed). She clearly didn't share that sentiment with me, and that hurt.

A lot of people are claiming that her communicating this honestly with me excuses what she did, or that she's a saint for not just outright cheating on me. I am not OK with her being willing to act on her desire to have sex with another man. If I had said "yes," she would be having sex with another man right now, because apparently to her that is something she has wanted to do for quite some time and the implications about her attitude towards our relationship are very hurtful to me.

So, really, call me a jackass for having different values than you, or diagnose me with anger issues for all I care. It just amazes me that people who support polyamorous relationships, as I do for others, could be so obtuse and closed-minded towards people from those who desire monogamous relationships. Relationships to me are about being only with each other, and in that regard there are clear lines drawn. Trying to act on a desire to overstep these lines is almost as bad as flat-out cheating to me. A lot of people in the comments have agreed that they would have felt betrayed too.

edit2: /u/Turd_In_The_Hole explains how this hurt me very well

Except this wasn't sharing a kink or fantasy- that would just be saying "this thought turns me on". This was presenting the hope/intent to do a specific action- turning a fantasy into reality- that's potentially very hurtful/ damaging to a relationship, before ascertaining if it would be acceptable.

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by Insuh Yoon



by Daniel Gonzalez