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fluffylychees: Carian and Marleen | by 69 for snadgy sizzling…



Carian and Marleen | by 69 for snadgy

sizzling selection of lovingly cropped photographs courtesy of abbywinters (click any piece for the original high res picture)

sex (not sex)

fluffylychees: Erotic Glitch Art on FacebookEr{}tYc* Gl^TkH |…



Erotic Glitch Art on Facebook

Er{}tYc* Gl^TkH | the very first Erotic & Porn Glitch Art Exhibition.

alt porn

libidineuse: Amarna Miller | Arrested For Public Indecency





libidineuse: Harley Weir | Perverse Perfection


[Question] am I having an orgasm or am I broken?


So here's what I think gets me off. And it's bizarre.

I lie on my right side (always the right side for some reason). Then I sort of clench my thighs together and grind or gyrate until I experience a good feeling. It is not very intense but it's a warm sensation and only after this feeling, I get wet. Is this an orgasm? The reason why I doubt myself is because I have always been told the female orgasm is an incredibly intense experience. And weirder than that, I've been doing this since I was 6 or so, but not knowing of the sexual connotation until I was 12 or 13.

I have regular sex, however I don't come at all. Also, touching or fingering myself does nothing.

Help redditers, am I broken?!

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So it goes


I heard about Coketalk/@coketweet yesterday. A huge loss for Tumblr, but not surprising given the corporate takeover. She’s brilliant and I know she’ll find another, better megaphone.

I’m also quite numb to the news because Synthetic Pubes has been one DMCA strike from termination for months now. More than seven years and 13,000 posts ready to blink out of existence.


In January I found after a couple DMCA fuckery emails from Tumblr support. Signup was easy, and although it took about eight hours to fully copy the archives, there have been snappy daily backups ever since. It’s free until you want to bulk download everything at once. (This endoresement is unsanctioned and uncompensated, of course.)

So, given that I am a stubborn nerd, and that I own the domain, expect a sudden disappearance to be temporary. If I had to act right now, I would probably pay a developer to port my backup to a self-hosted Ghost blog. I would also document and open source the shit out of everything so others could follow along.

The Tumblr community is (or at least was) great because of its people. Those people will move on to other great things after Y! is done sucking the life out of the platform. Now go for a walk outside and enjoy the bright summer day.


libidineuse: Nataly D´Angelo | Glamour Doll | 69


fluffylychees: Blonde Girl Steals The Magic Brain of Miley…


[Question] Hi guys and gals! My other half wants to turn me into a human vibrator, any advice on cock rings and such?




Complete sexual domination of Riley Reid! (via Sex and…


[advice] Looking for nasty things to do with my GF



Next week is my birthday, and I'm going to spend the whole day with my GF. We are probably going to spend the whole time in my bed, and I'm looking for inspiration…

We are pretty open about sex. Anal, oral, swallow, toys, etc. are pretty common when we see each other. Do you have any specific ideas to spice things up?

To sum it up: I want to do new nasty things with my GF, any ideas?

Thanks! :)

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girls-nude: Cowgirl in the woods | Lindsay Jones by Chris…



Cowgirl in the woods | Lindsay Jones by Chris Lutrell

Lindsay Jones is an artist, designer, model, actress, visionary and muse who appeared in Larry Clark´s  “MarfaGirl” as well as in a series of portraits by Richard Prince. She was shot in the woods by Chris Luttrell , a multi media artist whose work covers a wide range from collage to mixed media and photography. | snadgy

sex (not sex)