Director Paul Chaplin invites you to look through the looking glass to find Alice (Stacy Saran) a tormented and housebound girl that dreams of escaping her surroundings. Lucky for her, she is transported to a strange land where she meets a set of none-too-bright twins (Kit and Kate Lee), talking cards, a white rabbit and an angry queen. Each encounter provides her with a new sexual understanding, and many new experiences.
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How do I preserve semen?

I want to collect all of my loads for about a week for my girlfriend to swallow. So now the question is: How do I best preserve cum, for oral consumption? Is it enough to put it in the refrigerator or it is necessary to freeze it? I guess the answer it that it depends on how long I am planning to store it, so does anyone have a guideline here? I would like to preserve taste, color and texture as best as possible.

I know about this video, where the girl swallows a massive 40 loads. Here the loads were frozen, but here the guy collected the loads over a period of six weeks. I also found an interview with the girl. Video and interview.

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I just have to share about my weekend of debauchery…

I don’t have anyone IRL to tell my tale to but feel like I need to tell someone. My apologies for the post length, this covers about 8 hours of sex though.

TL;DR: A bit lamer than the whole story.

My wife and I had our first threesome experience with a male friend. I got trashed, they got drunk – enough to loose the shyness/inhibitions that make people uncomfortable. Our male friend is waiting on test results, and so she didn’t do anything more than touch/kiss him. It was totally awesome – lots of oral for me from my wife while he gave her oral and played with her clit. We got to use lots of fun toys on her (dildos, butt plugs, hitachi wand), as well as spanking with hands and riding crop and a bit of domination/power play – hot stuff. We fucked around for 5 hours the first night and 3 hours the next day. I also was able to fuck her twice and he got to shower with her. Epic awesomeness – hopefully to be continued.

Whole Story:

My wife and I have been married just over a year now, recently she met a guy she was interested in fucking, who we’ll call Millhouse (to disturb Simpson fans and annoy our friend). We’d talked about threesomes and other things but nothing had ever gone past what seemed to be distant fantasies. I wanted a MFF threesome and she is interested in this as well, but she found a willing boy first. I have a lot of hang ups about other guys and my wife, I’m the jealous type to say the least. Over the last few weeks we had been talking to see if I could get over her being with another guy but it was making me an emotional wreck and nothing was progressing. The guy was cool, we all hung out a bunch and became good friends. Finally we asked him to get tested and are waiting on the results…

Saturday we had planned on all hanging out and drinking a bunch (not unusual). We started drinking around noon, by 4 we had too much to drink to continue playing video games so put on a movie. Because we were pretty sure something was going to happen at some point we asked Millhouse to get tested, sadly for him those results don’t come back till Monday. My wife laid down between myself and Millhouse on some bean bags, I was pretty wasted and immediately started feeling up her skirt. As the movie wore on, I can’t even recall what it was now (edit: she tells me it was an episode of Psych), I was getting friskier and friskier with her, she was dripping wet and loving the attention. She was playing with his cock through his pants. Our friend knew what was going on but couldn’t see anything under the blanket. The liquor broke down my last inhibitions and I said ‘Why don’t you flip over so Millhouse can finger you while you suck me off.’ Before I had even finished the sentence she was flipped around and pulling my pants down and we quickly pulled what was left of her clothing off. If someone had asked me the day before if I thought my wife would be laying naked in our living room getting fingered and blowing two guys I would have laughed at them, but I just loved watching her writhe in pleasure under us.

It was pretty awkward on the floor of the living room and so we moved to the bedroom. We laid my wife down and Millhouse immediately spread her legs and started vigorously licking her clit. I managed to stumble out of the remainder of my clothes and she continued sucking me off. Luckily for me the other two have some pretty heavy oral fetishes. Millhouse and I made it all about her, I pulled out her g-spot vibrator, a hitachi magic wand and a riding crop, from there we took turns in going down on her, using the wand, spanking her with and without the crop. My wife was very insatiable and this continued for a very long time. Having two guys work on her made her more difficult to control/keep still, which allowed a bit of dominance/holding her down – which just makes her go crazier. That went on for the next three hours until the volume of alcohol called us to pass out. She was fucked once during that time, but the booze stopped me from cumming so I went back to eating her out.

The next morning I was still buzzed drunk while the others were a bit hung over. We were back on the been bags and I was teasing her pussy lips under the blanket and she rubbed Millhouse’s cock through his clothes. Finally he got up to take a shower, I pulled her closer to me and we vigorously fucked on the floor, when I finally came in her it was so powerful it was painful to me. She kissed me and went and got in the shower with Millhouse to clean up and gave him a hand job (poor untested bastard, I felt pretty bad for him the whole time). Once they got out I showered and we started watching Planet Earth until they both fell asleep. A few hours later we were up again and debating about what to do, sitting on the couch, my wife had on a bathrobe and nothing else, Millhouse and I were dressed. He started teasing her pussy and fingering her again, so I grabbed her hair and pulled her towards my lap where she pulled my cock back out.

The couch was way too small for three people to be getting it on in this manner though so we quickly were back in the bedroom and teasing, licking. We turned on a movie to make us guys less awkward. (Keanu Reeves kept us distracted – lol.) We flipped her over after about an hour and started working one of her dildos into her ass as she squirmed we took turns spanking her and working it slowly into her. Then used a second dildo to continue fucking her with. I have made her scream before, but this was on a whole new level. I could tell it was slightly too much though and we switched the dildo with a finger, continuing to fuck her with a dildo as we spanked her.

We moved her down and Millhouse pulled her over and sat her on his face and I went back in front of her where she pulled me back into her mouth. After some time of Millhouse licking her clit, fucking her with a dildo and using a finger in her ass she started to get worn out and collapsed so we pulled back and laid down on either side of her. As she was facing me I played with her breasts and Millhouse teased her by dry humping her (his underwear never came off). It was driving her crazy, she ground back on him harder and harder arching her back to get better angles trying to get his cock into her. She was dying to be truly fucked so we flipped her over and she immediately arched her back into me to allow my cock to slip into her. As I fucked her from behind Millhouse was continuing to tease her, showing her his cock, passionately kissing, twisting her nipples. We started verbally teasing her about wanting to suck him off and she started fighting us to get his cock in her mouth. He teased her more and more, holding her hair so she could just almost reach his cock, then I’d spank her and she’d jump back up. We started fucking hard and she stopped fighting so much and just enjoyed it. I finally came in her and she relaxed and just laid there between us, we moved in and cuddled with her from both sides. She and Millhouse got up to take another shower and again she gave him an hand job. When I got out of the shower it was all over and we took Millhouse home.

I enjoyed it A LOT more than I could have imagined. She enjoyed it more then I thought possible as well, just mentioning it right now makes her shiver and bite a lip. If you have a girl that wants to do this with you I’d say do it. My worries about her leaving me and everything else disappeared when I realized that she had already made the choice of being with me and that’s all that mattered. My only vague worry now is trying to top it, haha, I just don’t have four hands and two dicks. If his results are in tomorrow she’s going to get the rest of what she’s wanted for a long time.

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While masturbating, what do you think about? Have you ever had an unwanted thought pop into your head you cant shake off?

I usually think about my boyfriend and the threesome we’ve had before and create new situations. However, sometimes a, uh, friend of mine has unwanted visuals pop into her head like, let’s say, (totally random here… never happened or anything…) a family member. It REALLY creeps her out and turns her off but is difficult to shake. Does this happen to anybody else?

Edit: Thanks so much everyone for the supportive responses. I thought I was going to get a bunch of people saying I was a weird pervert. I really appreciate all the insight I have gotten so far. Thanks!

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In a few days, I will be deflowering my boyfriend. I want to blow his mind (and other things). How should I go about it?

Heres the thing, my boyfriend and I haven’t had any physical contact since we got together. We’ve known each other for a while and we obviously liked each other but because he’s kinda awkward and even more awkward. It took him a plane ticket and distance of 8000 miles to finally muster up enough courage to ask me out. I’m his first ever girlfriend.

He’ll be arriving in two days and I really want to make his first experience mindblowingly awesome and of course, special. How do I do it? Where do I start? I’m not a virgin but I can’t say I’m really that experienced either… but I’m extremely enthusiastic, hard working and goal oriented!

Also, would any male of the species like to share how they would like their first time to have been or even share horror stories of how it went?

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How to get someone to leave the morning after a one night stand?

Maybe it’s the girls I’m meeting, but whats with this “Let’s hang out after a night of sweaty debauchery”? I am not down with this. I just made the sex with you three times last night, and maybe once this morning. I want to shower. I want to be alone. You knew before you came over that I don’t have a car so I can’t give you a ride home. I suppose I could make you breakfast but then you might not leave. when I stay at a girl’s place I’m gone before they get out of bed, though I leave politely, tell them to call me later, kiss em goodbye (probably).

Anyone have any tips for how to get someone to leave, without being an asshole about it?

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