The Guy Eating Apricots….

There was a guy that used to come to the burlesque shows in Canton, Ohio that was from Wooster, Ohio. He was a little “slow”. I teased him and called him the mayor of Wooster. When I was on the stge, and would see him sitting in the audience, I would holler out, “There’s the mayor of Wooster!”

One day I was in the theater eating dried apricots. I asked him if he wanted one. He seemed to like them; so I offered him more. He ate almost the whole bag.

The next time he came to the show he told me that the apricots had had a laxative effect on him. All of us laughed so much. He said, “on my way home, they made me shit!”

He said it took a week to get the smell out of the car. His mother wanted to go for a ride before the smell had gone away. I said, “What did you tell her?” He said, “I told her Oh! Not today, Mom!”