Girlfriend might want a threesome…

The other night my girlfriend mentioned that she had been considering the idea of a threesome with another woman. She said she doesn’t think she is bisexual, in that she wouldn’t want to date a woman, but she is curious about having sex with another girl. I didn’t know whether to be offended or excited. On one hand, I feel I must be doing something wrong if she wants a to have sex with someone else, but the idea of a threesome is enticing. The way I see it, I can either have an awesome life changing experience, or a relationship crushing disaster. Should I go for it? Any tips or suggestions? Am I walking into a trap?

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Fun ways to spice up sex.

My girlfriend isn’t very spontaneous when it comes to sex, but if I plant an idea in her head she’s VERY receptive. What fun things can I plant in her head over the next few days before I get to see her again? My list currently includes shower sex, sex in front of a window, wake up at midnight just to have sex sex. What else can I add?

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Go fuck yourself (literally).

I’ve been interested in anal play for a while now and I’m considering taking the plunge, so for my first toy I’m torn between getting an Aneros or making a dildo mold of my dick. I’m sort of leaning towards the mold because I have size insecurities and that may help alleviate them.

So can anyone weigh in on which one I should go with, and the dildo making process if you have experience.

This will be the first of a couple question posts I need to make so I’d like to beg your patience.

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I can achieve an erection in less than 30 seconds, and lose one in less than 60. Is this typical? How about you?

My girlfriend loves it. She thinks its validating that I enjoy what she’s doing or how she looks. I can also get one just by looking at her, which seems like it might be uncommon for post-puberty males (I’m 20), but I guess I don’t know, which is why I’ve come to Reddit. She thinks I’m pretty unique. I have no idea, really. Care to enlighten?

EDIT: Also, it’s very convenient for when I get one in a more public setting. It goes away before anyone’s the wiser.

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Bi-Curious…Explore Safely?

It started on Pink Roulette (gay chat roulette)…I realized there would be a lot of folks on there that were eager to see me naked and it turned me on to turn someone else on. My last relationship left me feeling very under-appreciated despite the fact that she was eager and satisfied quite often. Enthusiasm just wasn’t her thing. The gay guys love me, I’m skinny and cute. Turns out I like the skinny cute gay guys too.

I’d rather mess around with a girl but at this point it seems like it is so much easier for gay or bi guys and I am open to the idea. So I think I want to give it a shot.

Looking for something simple, like getting head. Not into intimacy at this point and not sure my thresholds would allow me to do something like that to someone else yet. Seems like a lot of the ads on CL are for gay or bi guys wanting to give head, that’s where I got the idea that it could start and end there with everyone happy.

Obviously Craigslist is the easiest place to go but Casual Encounters seems so sketchy, like the dudes on there are…whores! On one hand, that’s a plus but on the other I want to be safe.

Help, what should I do? How do I get my feet wet…figuratively. Not into watersports. 🙂 And I want to be very discreet!!!

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Manager in Pittsburgh Trying to Get Me to Go to Bed With Him

I had worked in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at the Liberty Burlesk Theater dancing as a stripper quite a few times. I had decided to stay in Canton, Ohio for awhile; so I tried to book myself in some of the surrounding burlesk theaters – one of them was Pittsburgh.

I told the manager that I would like to work there from time to time. He said there was no problem – I could. He then said that there was only one stipulation. All the girls that worked for him regularly “kept him happy” when he needed it. I immediately told him that I would not – that “keeping him happy” when he needed it was not part of my show. He said, “Fine! Go back to Canton and wash dishes!” I said, “O.K.!”

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