Tight Women in Hard Places

I’m so pleased to announce the publication of my erotic short story collection, “Tight Women in Hard Places.” These are stories near and dear to me, written over the last few years. Several of the stories were previously published on sites like Cleansheets, The Erotic Woman, and The Erotica Readers and Writers’ Association. Thanks to Jim and Zetta at Logical Lust for undertaking this project and working with me to make it the best it can be. Thanks to Helen Madden for her excellent work on the cover art. And, finally, a special thanks to Cole Riley for his amazing foreword. He’s going to give me a big head.

Here’s part of what he has to say about “Tight:”

“So Alicia Night Orchid’s fictional world is fresh and new. It’s new because its men and women talk and behave like real human beings do. They are not afraid to live or to love.

The Guy Eating Apricots….

There was a guy that used to come to the burlesque shows in Canton, Ohio that was from Wooster, Ohio. He was a little “slow”. I teased him and called him the mayor of Wooster. When I was on the stge, and would see him sitting in the audience, I would holler out, “There’s the mayor of Wooster!”

One day I was in the theater eating dried apricots. I asked him if he wanted one. He seemed to like them; so I offered him more. He ate almost the whole bag.

The next time he came to the show he told me that the apricots had had a laxative effect on him. All of us laughed so much. He said, “on my way home, they made me shit!”

He said it took a week to get the smell out of the car. His mother wanted to go for a ride before the smell had gone away. I said, “What did you tell her?” He said, “I told her Oh! Not today, Mom!”