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Sex News: Porn stars hate Ted Cruz, something about The Deuce, Seattle mayor resigns, creepily naughty nurses

  • “Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Wednesday dismissed the reaction to his official Twitter account “liking” a pornographic tweet, saying … “I am saying that consenting adults should be able to do whatever they want in their bedrooms. The media and the left seem obsessed with sex, let people do what they want.”” This runs contrary to Cruz’s 76-page legal brief defending the Texas ban on the sale of sex toys, in which he said the government should be granted “police powers” for the purposes of “discouraging prurient interests in sexual gratification, combating the commercial sale of sex, and protecting minors.” Furthermore, using “obscene devices,” the state argued, was akin to “hiring a willing prostitute or engaging in consensual bigamy.”
    * Cruz on porn tweet: ‘The media and the left seem obsessed with sex’ (The Hill)
    See also: Ted Cruz Doesn’t Believe You Have the Right to Masturbate (Vanity Fair)
    See also: Porn stars hate Ted Cruz (YouTube)

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  • Not sure anyone here knows the difference between sex trafficking and sex work, and that’s disturbing. “Bitcoin is often described as an anonymous way to pay online, but a group of researchers says that data revealed through the cryptocurrency might help track down sex traffickers. In a paper presented last month at the Association for Computing Machinery’s annual conference on knowledge discovery and data mining, researchers analyzed sex-related ads placed on the controversial classified listings site Backpage. ”
    * Researchers Say Bitcoin Data Could Help Spot Sex Traffickers (Fast Company)
  • “Five nurses at Denver Health Medical Center were suspended for three weeks after they inappropriately viewed a deceased patient’s body and talked about it, a hospital spokesman confirmed to Denver7 Investigates Tuesday. A tip to Denver7 said the nurses disciplined admired the size of the deceased patient’s genitals and at one point opened a body bag to view parts of the body.”
    * Denver nurses suspended for opening body bag to admire man’s genitals (Denver Post)
  • “Mario Ambrose Antoine, a Kansas City-area man who posed as an adult producer and talent agent to dupe women into having sex and film them, was sentenced today to 10 years in federal prison without parole. Antoine admitted to federal prosecutors that he defrauded at least 10 victims in a scheme that lasted for five years up until this past October.”
    * Man Who Used ‘Porn Auditions’ to Con Women Sentenced to 10 Years (XBIZ)
  • “The unions, which have a combined membership of over 600,000, are calling for the UK to adopt full decriminalisation, similar to the approach adopted by New Zealand, which since 2003 has provided sex workers with legal protections. As it stands in the UK, it is illegal for people selling sex to share premises or organise work with others.”
    * Major unions are getting behind decriminalisation of sex work in the UK (Left Forward)

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Sex News: Netflix series outs sex worker, GOP and Red Pill, YouTube fixes LGBT censorship, all about nunsploitation

  • “Netflix’s new documentary “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On” is ostensibly a series about the intersection of sex and technology, but its main focus is the treatment and experience of women in the porn industry. Now, at least four sex workers feel the show itself has exploited them — by allegedly featuring them without their consent and, in one case, outing a performer’s real name.”
    * Netflix’s New Doc ‘Hot Girls Wanted’ Is Accused Of Outing Sex Worker (Voactiv)
  • It’s the birthplace of Milo Yiannopoulos and nurturer of mass murderer (of women) Elliot Rodger. “Last November, voters in New Hampshire’s Lakes Region re-elected to the state house of representatives a man who appears to be one of the secret architects of the internet’s misogynistic “Manosphere.””
    * The Republican Lawmaker Who Secretly Created Reddit’s Women-Hating ‘Red Pill’ (Daily Beast)
  • “It took a long time for Odiele, now 28, to come out of hiding, but in January she came out publicly in Vogue, and instantly brought into focus the sixth – and least appreciated – letter in the queer acronym, LGBTQI. “For a lot of people, the first time they hear about it is when they talk to me,” Odiele says. “Most people really have no idea.””
    * Intersex and proud: the model finally celebrating her body (Guardian)

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  • “A hacker has planted both pornographic and intimate images of homosexuality on more than 250 Isis twitter accounts. The hacker, known only as ‘WauchalaGhost’, began targeting accounts 18 months ago on the principle that he had to oppose the terrorist organisation’s hatred. He has been threatened with beheading by the group. He took the decision following the Orlando gay nightclub shooting, replacing hundreds of profiles’ pro-Isis images with Pro-LGBT messages. He frequently tweeted links to gay pornography.”
    * Hacker takes over 200 Isis accounts and fills them with gay porn (Independent/Indy 100)
  • Starts by describing what they’re wearing, unfortunately. “A lot changed for these women when, about a year ago, a law was passed making paying for sex in France illegal. Chloé points to a few younger girls on the other side of the street. “The networks are still there, so nothing changed there. But more than anything, this law has put us in danger.” ”
    * Who Do French Sex Workers Want as Their New President? (Vice)

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  • “Posting nude pictures of service members without consent is now, for all intents and purposes, a crime in the Navy and Marine Corps — a response to the nude photo-sharing scandal that surfaced when a reporter outed a private Facebook group of Marines and sailors that was used at times to swap nudes.”
    * Posting private nude photos is now a crime in the Navy and Marine Corps (Navy Times)
  • “Although nunsploitation peaked in the 1970s, it belongs to a much longer legacy of stories spawned from rumours about the mysterious life of nuns. As early as 1353, Giovanni Boccaccio’s The Decameron includes the tale of a handsome young man who pretends to be mute so he can work within the otherwise forbidden walls of a convent. The beautiful cloistered women grow increasingly bold, eventually using the protagonist to explore their carnal curiosity.”
    * When Hard Meets Soft: The Painful Pleasures of Nunsploitation Cinema (cléo)
  • “This was a very enlightened family, and this would have been a very loving gift from a husband to wife. You can see that because the level of detail is incredible, down to the folds of the skin. There’s a heart carved at the base of it, where her finger would have been, and a receptacle in which she could keep a lock of his hair.”
    * Victorian-era ivory vibrator generates excitement at Irish auction (Guardian)
  • This post is GREAT. “The word is often used in a misogynist context and for many women, it’s irredeemable. But I learned to love the word one day in the late 90s with my husband and our friend. On a whim, we decided to say it at every opportunity that day, peppering the conversation with it, deliberately shouting it, relishing the percussive force of the word. … Later, when I’d entered the realms of porn, I came to properly appreciate “cunt” as a feminist, erotic descriptor.”
    * The Impressive History of Cunt (Ms. Naughty)

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[Question] Ladies, how do you feel about giving oral after he has been inside you?

Just curious to see what women think about the idea of giving a guy oral sex after he's been in your vagina. Or about kissing him after he's gone down on you. Are you turned off by the idea of tasting your juices on him? Is it something you'll do for his pleasure, but you do not particularly enjoy? Do you actually enjoy it? What about if he has also released inside of you so he's cover with your juices and his own semen?

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A funny story I thought you’d all enjoy about communication during sex

Hello r/sex! I love this subreddit, and I thought I'd share a funny story with you lovely people about communication during sex.

My SO (M 25) and I (F 25) have been dating for a year now, and have a very active, healthy sex life. We're very open to trying new things, especially in the heat of the moment, so to speak. We're both into very light BDSM and like to take turns bossing each other around in the bedroom.

Last night, my SO and I were getting hot and heavy after a few days without sex. It's steamy–clothes flying off, a few light slaps, all good stuff. He's on top of me, and I'm getting close to climax. Now, I love to look at my partner in the eyes when I orgasm, so I normally just grab his face and make him look at me as I'm coming (he knows the drill). But last night, my hands were tied (literally), and I couldn't grab his face. Instead, I manage to whisper, "I want you to look at me in the eye!"

The next thing I know, my SO, while still giving it to me like there's no tomorrow, licks the side of my cheek all the up and INTO MY EYEBALL, thinking I had said, "I want you to lick me in the eye!"

I burst out laughing and so did he once he figured it out. Since we're both very comfortable with each other and our bodies, the misunderstanding wasn't a big deal and we continued on our merry way to Orgasm City.

Just a warning, though–always make sure you MAKE IT CLEAR WHAT YOU'RE ASKING FOR!

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Questions about my son’s pornography habits

My son is 13, and over the past year I've been watching his growing interest in pornographic materials. I look at my router logs every week, and lately I've been seeing that his interests lie exclusively in anime porn. Now, I've raised him to be sex positive. We've had discussions about sex growing up, and I would like to think that I've done a better job educating him about sex than my Dad did for me. Still, I have to admit I'm somewhat uncomfortable about this.

First, I want to make it clear that I'm not critical of people who enjoy hentai. What I'm concerned about is the impact it has on development of a young person's sexuality. It's pretty common for us to have our desires imprinted by what we're exposed to (Hell, for me it was Linda Carter in her Wonder Woman outfit. Locked my tastes into brunettes, as an example). Hentai is problematic for me because it's so unrealistic and exaggerated. It also doesn't seem healthy to view the object of your desire as not being a living human being.

Alright, perhaps I'm just being a grouchy old bastard. I have a question for those who viewed hentai porn exclusively growing up. Was it just a phase? Do you think it had an impact on the kind of partner you wound up searching for? Do you think it stunted your social development?

Also, has any parent out there had to have a talk with their children about the kind of porn their child is viewing? How did the talk go? Any tips?

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Am I (F/22) wrong for being upset about what my boyfriend (M/26) did last night?

Last night I was going down on my boyfriend, I love doing it and I think it's important to be (and I am) enthusiastic about it. He starts moaning and tensing up a little so I keep going but I can hear something so I come up from the covers and he's on his phone texting somebody. I immediately stopped and told him I didn't like that and said it feels disrespectful. It made me feel terrible, like I'm not important or he doesn't value sex like I do. I questioned him saying, do you ever see me do that to you? He apologized right away but kind of made an excuse/chuckled saying he can "multitask". Am I out of line here? I forgave him already and he was really sorry about it and made it up to me afterwards but still…?

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[Update] I confronted my wife about her increased libido since my weight loss and she confessed to having an affair…

So I originally posted about my wife's increased sex drive after I lost weight. (http://www.reddit.com/r/sex/comments/18i88u/my_weight_loss_is_causing_sex_and_relationship/)

I read all your comments but didn't talk with her about it till last week. I am uncomfortable with these things so I waited till right after one of our sexual encounters and just spilled my guts. I told her that I had noticed a big change in her libido and I liked it but I wanted to know why it changed. I told her about my weight loss theory and then went on to explain how I was insecure about my body till recently so maybe (as some of you suggested) her sex drive was just responding to that.

Then she just broke down…she cried and confessed that she had an affair for over a year. She only recently broke it off. Her increased libido wasn't a change, this was just the first time it had been directed at me. I let her explain for about 20 minutes until I just couldn't take it anymore. I stormed out of the house and I have not been back in a week. She has called me hundreds of times and has showed up at my office looking for me all this week. I don't want to talk to her yet. I am not sure what I am going to do.

I know the standard Reddit advice but none of it is applicable to me. I have already been hitting the gym. I am a lawyer (not a divorce lawyer but there are attorneys at my firm that do divorce and family law). And I don't have a Facebook account.

Since this isn't askreddit, I won't ask for your advice. Just wanted to post the update and ask for bro hugs.

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