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kink-x: Double Anal | DP from behind  If Double Penetration…


Double Anal | DP from behind

 If Double Penetration
and rough GangBangs are a bit too vanilla for your taste, you might be
teased into Double Anal Penetration, or DAP, as it is sometimes
shortened. The performers at HardcoreGangbang, all kinksters from the
heart, are literally open for such additional anal delights, adding the …
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My ass swallowed my anal vibrator..and how I removed it

I use a Durex Play vibrator which I insert into my anus while I masturbate while lying down in the bed.

Today, in a moment of passion, my anus sucked in my vibrator, while it was still vibrating. Needless to mention, vision of visiting a doctor and the accompanying embarrassment flashed in my mind.

When the initial spasms of horror had subsided, I turned to Google and in turn it led me to a thread on this Sub-redidit. I read it and solved the issue. I wanted to share what worked so that others may also benefit.

In my bathroom, I have a spare syringe. I took the syringe ( without the needle, of course ) and sucked in about 20CC of coconut oil. I then laid down on the floor of the bathroom and injected the coconut oil into my rectum. After all the oil had gone in, I pumped my anal muscles a bit to let the oil find its way all around.

I then squatted on the bathroom floor and gave it a good push. I read in the original post that the rectum muscles are designed to put things out, and this helped. Before I could even feel anything, a good blob of coconut oil together with the vibrator plopped out.

The funny thing is that the vibrator on-button hit the floor forcefully and the damn thing again started buzzing.

I will be more careful next time, but if things go wrong, I know what to do.

Thanks for the original thread.


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How i (F24) learned to love anal sex

When my fiancé first brought up the topic of anal sex i was terrified but i decided that i would try and learn to enjoy it for him.

I bought a small Tantus silicone anal probe that was about as big around as my index finger and after some trial and error figured out that if i pushed like i was having a bowel movement while maintaining steady pressure on the probe that i would "open up" and i could insert the probe without any pain. I then moved to a slim hard plastic vibrator. I found that the vibrations would quickly make my anus open up. Again the key was pushing like i was trying to have a bowel movement at the same time i was applying pressure to the vibrator. Once i was able to take the vibrator i was able to handle a small glass butt plug which i started keeping in over night and wearing around the house during the day.

I was soon comfortable enough with the plug to allow my fiancé to insert it in me and to have it in during sex.

I then bought a larger glass butt plug that was about as big around as my fiancé and allowed him to put it in me the first time. It took a little while. I pushed hard as i could straining so much i cried out but i opened up and the plugged popped in. It was such a feeling of fullness that it sent what felt like waves of shivers of electricity thru me. It felt incredible. I told my fiancé that i was going to sleep with the plug in and in the morning i wanted to let him try and put his cock in my ass. We were both so excited we couldn't sleep and finally decided to go ahead and just try it at about 2:00am.

His cock went in without any pain. I had not taken anything that long so the feeling of having something going that deep into me was new. It was great for him too. I'm on the pill but he's been wearing a condom too for extra protection but i wanted him to be able to cum in me and he was fucking my ass without a condom.

The only time it actually hurt was when i came and was having contractions from my orgasm while he was trusting all the way in and out but he quickly realized what was happening and pushed all the way in and held there. My contractions actually caused him to cum a moment later. It was absolutely wonderful. I laid there thinking OMG this is going to be so much fun doing this. It's been several weeks now and I honestly think i like anal better than vaginal sex.

Not sure why but i was a little shy with the whole ass in the air spreading my cheeks thing. It's like peeing with the door to the bathroom open in front of your spouse. It doesn't bother some women. Other's it would embarrass to the point of tears. My fiancé likes having the light on. He gets off on the visuals of watching his cock going in and out of my ass. I understand that but i still turned 50 shades of red the first few times i opened my ass to him but I think i'm pretty much past the blushing now.

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Anal question?

My boyfriend of two or so years and I have finally started experimenting with anal, and I absolutely love it. I just have a few question.. Whenever we start, even if I go to the bathroom before, I feel like I have to pee! It’s very frustrating, because I’m really enjoying myself, and I’d rather not think about my bladder. Is that normal?! I really want to keep experimenting with it, but I’m too nervous that something might go horribly wrong. I know he’d just laugh it off, and I would try to do the same, but idk. I was wondering if anyone else has had that experience with anal?

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Anal sex question

My boyfriend and I enjoy anal very much, but there’s always an issue afterwards that prevents me from wanting it as often. After, for about two days, his sperm will painfully flush its self out of my rectum. We have tried using a condom so I don’t have to deal with it, but it makes it less pleasurable for him and even harder for him to reach climax(also the whole thing with condoms breaking easily with anal sex). Also it’s more difficult and less pleasurable for him if he has to pull out and come on me instead. What are some tricks or tips for either easing my pain or making the process of it expelling from my body easier? Thanks!

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Anal Analysis: I have several questions to ass — feel free to butt in and respond!

Despite the flippant nature of my title and my occasionally quirky communication style, I’m sincere in asking these questions. I’m a straight male who’s never performed anal sex, and I would love to hear multiple human beings’ responses to the questions I have.

My background: I have an average-sized penis for a white American male. I love to put it in: 1) the mouth, 2) the vagina, 3) the space between my ladylove’s breasts. The anus seems to be a strange place to put it, so I’m curious to learn what others find appealing about the act. These questions are open to men and women who have received anal sex as well as to men who have given it (to a man or a woman). I just wanna learn!

In no particular order:

1) The anus doesn’t lubricate itself. Isn’t this just a lot more of a hassle than inserting one’s penis in a self-lubricating hole, like the vagina? Further lubrication comments appreciated.

2) My understanding is that apart from those attracted to scatological sexy-times (to whom this post isn’t really directed), I would guess that most participants want this area to be particularly clean. What’s the usual method of cleaning? Do you find it necessary every time? Bad experiences with unclean bottom-parts?

3) I don’t have a giant penis. Would this act therefore be considerably more difficult than vaginal sex?

4) Here’s my understanding of what makes this fun, in vaguely biological terms. Please elucidate! -Men giving: Your penis is in a hole. We men like to put our penises in holes. -Men receiving: It stimulates the prostate gland. That can be erotic. -Women receiving: Stimulation from vaginal sex is directed toward the clitoris and (sometimes, maybe) the g-spot. I think (have heard) that anal sex can stimulate the g-spot from behind? This is the one where I’m not as sure. Women who enjoy anal sex: please tell me why it’s awesome!

5) Please submit other random feedback that you think would help edify a man who has put his penis several places other than the anus. If you find anal sex to be particularly amazing, tell me why!


tl;dr Tell me why you like anal sex.

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Is anal sex now expected?

My ex boyfriend used to try to pressure me into anal sex often, and with increasing frequency as the relationship went on. It reminded me in high school of girls being pressured by their boyfriends to have sex after some arbitrary time of being a relationship, not because they wanted to. It seems on this board that anal sex is the norm sometimes, and that every guy at least has had it. I have done some ass play stuff to find out if I would like it but I found it uncomfortable and it made me want to defecate the whole time. I never want to have anal sex, it turns me off completely. So, what do we reckon- is it now expected in relationships, and would it be a reason to end one if one party never wanted to do it?

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Out of nowhere, a guy Ive been seeing crossed the line during sex.

Hi r/sex,

I hope that this post isn’t too boring or similar to other ones in this subreddit. I’ve read some r/sex before but not too much. Anyways, I really want to vent because this is such a weird and private issue that I’d rather not involve parents or friends or anything like that. Also, I have to use a throwaway because privacy is important when it comes to this issue.

ANYWAYS, to make a long story short, I started college during summer and have been seeing a guy for a couple months. I don’t want to go on with the cliche about how great of a guy he is and blah, but he really seemed like it. I only started sleeping with him about a month ago, and everything was great.

We’ve done it a lot considering how long we’ve been seeing each other and I was already getting a feel of what he’s like in bed, and so far it had been amazing. Nothing crazy, just really good oral, regular, and occasional anal. The only rule I really had in place was condom for any kind of penetration, vaginal or anal. He didn’t make it seem like he had a problem with that, besides, he still got his bare head. He did mention once that he’d like to take the condom off for anal because there wasn’t a pregnancy risk, but I wasn’t comfortable with it and he dropped it.

SO, Monday night I go over to his place because he has his own, and we have a couple shots then smoke weed (something we haven’t done before sex before). It actually set the mood really well and I was super into it. He was into it too, and looking back, was definitely more selfish than usual, especially with oral. Okay- so fast forward and now we’re doing anal, and things are getting intense. I knew it must be the pre-sex fun we had, and he was really giving it to me, nothing too much at this point, and I wasn’t in pain.

I asked him if he was ready to cum and he said yeah. I asked him where, like I usually do, expecting him to want to pull out and take the condom off so he can finish with my mouth, but instead he wants to cum in the condom, while doing anal. He’d only done that a couple times before, during normal sex, but I didn’t mind. Anyways, we change into this position that he wants to finish in, and he really starts giving it to me, and pulling out and thrusting back in, over and over- not sure where that came from, and it made me feel uncomfortable, I asked him to ease up a bit and try to keep it in, but he pretty much ignored me. I was getting a little impatient- but I wasn’t showing it at all, I wanted him to cum so I was still really into it, half-enjoying it and half-waiting for it to end. He finally cums, longer and more passionate than usual, and stays in places for a long time. He tells me he came in my ass. I thought he was kidding at first, and I look back at him and pull out, I see his bare dick come out, and (without getting too detailed- I know this is gross, at least to me, so I’m sorry) a bunch of you know what come out and go right over you know where.

I sort of flipped out at this point, and got pretty angry. He claimed that right when he was about to cum the condom ripped, and in the moment just took the rest of it off. There was no broken condom. I asked him how long the condom had been off and he said only for a little. I told him to go fuck himself and walked back to my dorm, which was the WORST WALK EVER, by the way.

I probably should handled the situation better, right? I guess it’s my fault for trusting a guy so much, having only known him for a little. A part of me never wants to talk to him again, but I also have to know if he has any real feelings for me. He was so nice for so long, and then he just completely used me. Maybe it really was just the heat of the moment, and I shouldn’t be as upset as I am? Then again, he’s older than me, and I have a sickening feeling that he’s played me and probably does this type of thing frequently.

Do I need to get tested? He told me he was clean, but I wonder if he’s been with more girls than I thought. Is there anything I could have contracted from what happened that I couldn’t have already got through oral? If not, I think I’m okay. Also, is it worth it to take a day after pill? I’m not on birth-control, but its been two days now, and I’m not sure how much got in, but is this even possible? I’ve had to take a day after pill once before and it messed my body up, so I hope not.

Anyways, to anyone who reads it and doesn’t judge – thank you! I didn’t want this to happen. Thanks for letting me vent, it felt good to type it out. Also – I’m bad at titles, I had no idea what to write :/

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Anal experience

Me and my wife have a great open relationship both sexually and otherwise. She used to really enjoy oral sex. I’d give her the occasional rim job, which she really seemed to enjoy. She’d hint that’s what she wanted, and I’d gladly oblige. It really turned me on to the idea of anal sex. I’d gotten finger in on occasion, but only during her climax. She never acted like this wasn’t accepted. I never tried anything more.

Forward to after the birth of our child: Her sex drive was greatly diminished, but she’s getting it back. But she has become so ticklish that she cant enjoy oral sex anymore, no matter how hard i try to relax her. She knows that I’m into trying anal sex, but that seems to be the one subject she is uncomfortable talking about. She doesn’t seem to like anal licking without cunnilingus. I know her main concern is with anal to vaginal contamination, which I’ve made clear to address.

So a few months ago, for a special occasion, she tried anal for me while on top, with no condom and NO LUBE besides vaginal secretions (which is heavy at times). She went at her own pace and basically didn’t thrust at all, just full penetration. I loved it, and let her know. She climaxed while on top, so I assume it wasn’t terrible for her either (I really don’t think it was fake, she’d have no reason to). She didn’t feel comfortable talking about it, so I didn’t push it.

Now she changes the subject when I bring it up, but doesn’t say whether she’s open to the idea or not, or how the first time went. I think it seems a little taboo for her. I’m not trying to dive into anal, using Anal 101 as a guideline to ease into it.

I obviously want it more, which she knows. I don’t want to keep bringing it up and pressure her if she’s not into it. How can I bring it up without turning her off to the idea? What about the anal to vaginal concerns? She’s also mentioned the messy aspect of it, which doesn’t bother me a bit. Anything that i can do in that department to ease her worries?

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