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How to become more comfortable playing with HIS ass.

Backstory; We (m/f in our mid 20s) have been sleeping together for a few months now, and the sex is absolutely fantastic. We have great communication on the topic, which leads me to my next question.

He really enjoys playing with asses. In all kinds of ways, it turns him on more than anything else we’ve done (so far atleast..), and I’m really enjoying it too. Problem is, he also wants me to do practically everything to his ass. I have already done stuff, but I’m not entirely comfortable with it, and I would really like to be. I’d love to look forward to getting to play with his ass in the same way he looks forward to playing with mine.

I think parts of my mental blockage is that I’m naturally submissive, and the thought of spanking/fingering a mans ass has been so far away from anything I’ve ever even come close to in the past.

So I ask you, dear reddit, how can I get more comfortable with this?

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:D [F/M]

I have been seeing my man for the past year. He is really into fucking a girl in the ass. Me, I am okay doing it once a month. Well lately I have been really wanting it in the ass, and have tried several times to get him to fuck me. Yesterday he tells me his libido has just dropped. 🙁 I try later that night, and nothing still. 🙁 He wakes up at 4 this morning due to stuffed nose/allergies. I get up with him, and visit with him while hes in the shower. He gets out, and we go cuddle. (Fist time in a few days) I notice he is hard, so I go for it. I start going down on him, and playing with his boys. He starts rubbing me, and things quickly pick up. He starts fingering my ass, and im loving every second. i hop off the bed move him to the edge, and sit on his dick. First he was gentle, and just rocking. I bend over, grab the table, and tell him to fuck me hard. . . It was AMAZING! we just laid there, him still in me, and panted. 🙂 we snuggled until he had to get up, then fucked me in the ass again. I hope libido was only low for those few weeks.

Im cheesin. 😀

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I feel compelled to touch my SOs anus during sex

Male 22 w Female similar age. Every time we have sex i find myself first grabbing her ass and then working my way to touching her anus with my fingers. I just really fucking like it. She’s fine with it for the most part, though she’ll politely move my hand if it’s irritating her. We’ve been together 4+ years and have never done any sort of ass play, but i touch her anus just about every time we have sex and the times i don’t are because i am focussing on not doing it. I don’t really know whether this is a problem or not, but i just feel like it’s an odd compulsion. Any advice/help?

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Scrubbing off the New Girls Smell: Fucking a Machine Virgin

Ass fucking – first time. Double Penetration – first time. Fuckingmachines.com – first time. Successfully fucking a amateur girls is a little like trying to find the bat cave. It can be tricky to know even if they are having a good time. They have rookie fever and always want to please even if they are not quit sure and nervous about what is going to happen. It takes time to get them to relax and really take off.
Hannah White is a mix of horny adventure and unsure virgin. She definitely is down to play and she really wants her ass fucked, but she’s still not sure how to really let go on camera. After a few good pussy pounds and a butt plug though, our little rookie opens up to The Twin Inserter and has the first ass stretching of her life time. She tries her best, has some great orgasms and let the world see her taking it in the ass. Brave girl. Thank Hannah.

Whoa… That was new!

Throw away account, as my friends know my standard account. I just had a fairly mind-blowing experience and I felt compelled to share – guys, I think we’ve really been missing out.

Let me preface this by saying: I’m married, happily for 10 years. I’m an average guy, not crazy perverted or anything like that. Anyway, here goes:

My wife is out of town, going on day four now, and I’m completely bored/horny/whathaveyou. We usually have sex three to four times a week, but whenever she’s gone I masturbate at least 2-3 times per day. Self-diddling never tides me over as long as a great fuck does.

Anyway, I pulled out the fleshlights this afternoon for a quick “round two” for the day and happen to glance at my wife’s toy bin. For some reason one of her toys flashes in my mind. She’s got this clear butt plug that, whenever we use it, drives her absolutely crazy. I mean she comes completely unhinged when she cums with either me or the plug in her ass.

I pull her bin down and dig out the butt plug. This thing looks huge, and feels huge in my hand. I’ve never had anything up my ass before and I’m thinking – this is fricking insane. But I’ve seen lots of porn, and seen many tiny girls get huge monster cocks up their asses – plus my wife is petite, and if she can take it why couldn’t I?

I figure anything is worth a shot if it feels good right? As a quick size comparison, I get myself hard and pinch off my base (simulating the about to cum state) and measure my head – surprisingly my head is a bit larger in diameter than this toy is. Again my wife takes my cock up her ass, and I’m a lot larger of a person than she is.

What the hell, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander right?

I get out the lube and grease the butt plug up with what I thought was more than the surface area could even handle. I rub a bit on my ass and think “ok – here goes”. For distraction I put on some internet porn, position myself over the butt plug (that I’m holding with my right hand), and sit on top of a wooden stool. Using the stool as a lever to push against.

I slowly start easing it in, not so bad (I even wondered at first if I was on target or not), but then about 1/2 way on I can really start to feel it (it’s tapered). At 3/4 of the way on, not quite to the largest part of the plug, it FUCKING HURTS! It felt like I’d split myself in half! I quickly pull it out and go check myself in a mirror to see if I’d torn anything. I hadn’t, so far my ass seems ok. Undeterred, I give it another shot. Same deal, I get about 3/4 of the way on and damn it feels like I’m being ripped apart. So I tried another tactic, and just try to frig myself with the end of the plug – but it’s really not doing anything for me whatsoever. At this point I decide fuck it, I’m not going to do this.

I zone into the porn for a few minutes, and then get my fleshlight lubed up and going. Feels good, but they always strike me as kind of “hollow”. Anyway, after a bit I start actually getting into it and can feel the first sensation of that “Oh… I’m going to cum” feeling. It’s at this point that I unthinkingly grab the butt plug, reapply a TON of lube, position it on the stool under me, and slowly but steadily sit on it. This time the thing hits home. No pain, no feeling of stretching my lips over my head, I even had a moment of “For real? That just happened? Is it really in?”. I feel oddly full, but not in an uncomfortable way. I turn the dial at the base of the butt plug and the thing starts whirring in my ass. Holy shit. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

My body went stiff, my legs spasmed together and I fell off of the stool and onto the bed. My entire body is convulsing uncontrollably, I’m pretty sure that I let out a number of loud moans (something I’ve never done as a solo act before). I’m still fucking the fleshlight, but that’s pretty much secondary at this point. My mind was totally blank – it was crazy, I had fully lost control of my entire body. There was nothing I could do, no way to stop it, I was going to cum right that instant. I pull out of the fleshlight and cum harder than I ever have in my life. A the same time, my body stiffens and the butt plug shoots out of my ass across the room.

For a few minutes afterward I just laid there, kind of shaking. Still trying to wrap my head around what had just happened. I had cum everywhere! All over the bed, all over myself.

That was the most amazing orgasm of my life. Guys seriously, this culturally ingrained stigma against ass play thing is ridiculous. I think we’ve seriously been duped (at least I have) for most of my life into thinking this was “wrong” or not manly, or whatever.

I’m not sure if I’m ready to let my wife know about this just yet (not sure if she’ll look favorably or not, or who knows!).

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Remy – Controlled by her Cunt

Bound on her knees, legs spread, like a good slut, the first thing we get to see is her nice round ass flogged. Add a vibrator to her cunt hole and a nice predicament is created. Matt switches between pain an pleasure. Her body twitches and leans into the vibrator as much as she can get it from him. Yanking on her neck rope, he pulls Remy down further to meet the vibrator.

“You want to cum? Then shut up.” Matt says in response to her whining from having her feet caned. He gives her a nice hard stroke then tells her to come and get the orgasm. As a reward Matt vibes her clit and slides a nice fat dick on a stick into her very tight asshole. “Do you know what this is called Dear? Anal training.” He adds more lube to the dick then goes for her ass without any coddling.

She takes it like a champ… like a real hot porn star should. Oncer her ass is filled with the nice big cock, he adds one to her pussy, double penetrating her with absolutely no space left in either hole. Her hot body takes it all. He gives her a nice hard orgasm, 3 in fact, but he is not done with her ass yet.

Matt sticks a nice cold anal hook into her ass, making her keep her ass in the air and goes after her with the vibrator again. He says “there is nothing you can do, you might as well give in” to the orgasm. She begs and cums and cums and cums. She begs for it to stop. Matt is not interested in stopping. You will have to watch for the rest of the action… and listen to their intense dialogue. Its incredibly hot!

Girlfriend wants me to finger her ass. Girls of Reddit can you explain the technique to me?

Alright, so i just got a new girlfriend who loves anal, probably more than anything else.

I eat her out, and she loves this too obviously. She wants me to finger her ass, and i have before however unlike fingering a vagina with a g spot and a clitoris to stimulate, I am lost on the ass.

Do i finger it much like a vagina? or is there something else too it? Do i be more agressive with it? more gentle? Thanks or help.

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Reddit, I just failed so hard at anal.

I was doing some anal play in preparation for my partner coming home tomorrow. We typically don’t do anal, and that’s partly because I’m uneasy about receiving. So I drew myself a warm bath and gently eased a buttplug up my ass. So far, so good. Now, we’ve got a dildo that’s about the same diameter at its tip as this buttplug is at its base. So I ease the plug out and tentatively start pushing at my asshole with this dildo. After maybe ten minutes of pushing the dildo in a little, stopping to reassure myself that everything’s fine and getting myself to relax, then pushing in again, I’ve got a nice, full feeling going, and I’m getting over my insecurities about full ass = gotta poop. I’ve got this dildo up my ass, and maybe I pushed some air up with it, so of course my ass feels full. Maybe I could just fart some of that air out and relieve a little pressure.

At this point, I still don’t feel like anything’s wrong. But I’m just not getting that much enjoyment out of wiggling a dildo around in the vicinity of my prostate, and I can’t get hard enough to jack off while being penetrated. So I decide I’ll just take this dildo out and shower off, and then I’ll high-five myself for being such an awesome, kinky, sexuality-exploring dude.

Dear reader, the dildo was covered in poop. It’s one of those girly abstract dildoes with grooved/ridged spirals going around it, and those spirals are just packed with feces. I wiggle the dildo around in toilet water to try to, I guess, shake off some poop clumps, and then rinse it off and spend some time thinking about how I’m going to make the sink sterile again. I am typing this from the toilet, still coping with the realization that farting with a colon full of dildo and poop was not a good idea.

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Electo Ass Stretching

This update, with the help of Phoenix and myself, is brought to by the letter A. As in ass. As in anal. As in ass fucking.

When Phoenix is brought in, she must have quickly gotten the idea as to what was in store. WIth her ass up in doggy style, she’s tied down to a speed rail rack and her waist was kept low.

I applied sticky pads connected to 9 volt boxes to her, to keep her attention while I stretched out her ass with an assortment of electrical acrylic toys. The toys ranged in size from big to humungous, and included every electrical acrylic butt plug in Kink’s inventory (yes, that includes Stanley.)

How does the Phoenix vs. Stanley matchup go? While Phoenix takes most of it, she can’t quite take it all. Kink’s reigning anal queen and Stanley’s home away from home is still Kelly Devine.

Today I cracked the female code.

Today I was texting an old flame of mine, and things started getting dirty. Before too long we were talking about pretty graphic stuff, and I said “You need to make some fucking room in your schedule for my dick.”

To which she replied, “You’re such a romantic!”

I was like, wtf, now you want romance? “I want both”, she says.

So kind of annoyed, I text: “What I’m hearing is: ‘slap me, tell me you love me, fuck me in the ass, spit on me, buy me flowers.’ Did I crack the girl code?”

Her response: “At least for me, yeah.”

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Huge tits, perfect ass, nipples tortured, skull brutally fucked, ass hooked, made to cum over & over

Welcome Charisma Cappelli to Hogtied. Charisma is a former All-State Softball player and 2 time State Champion, pitcher and catcher. Her amazing athletic body is perfect. Huge tits, amazing ass and tan strong legs.

Charisma is creatively bound on a chair. Her neck is bound, keeping her face hole right where we need it. Her ass is sticking out at just the right angle to get at that hot shaved pussy. Her ankles and wrists are bound with no knots in sight. Her toes are even bound to keep her ankles on the inside of the chair, making her ass stick out even more. Her huge tits are pulled through the back of the chair and her puffy nipples are clamped and pulled, keeping her in place.

We start by oiling up that perfect ass, and taking a cane to it. Nice little red cane marks look beautiful against the contrast of the tan, oiled skin. We clamp her big nipples and painfully pull them to a ring on the floor. We take a vibrator and tease our helpless athlete, then move around to the front and brutally face fuck her skull. With her neck tied down, she can do nothing but take the devastating throat fucking.

After suffering though all that, we reward our hot blond with orgasms, not one or two but many! Then we tie her hair to an ass hook and destroy her pussy, ripping orgasm after orgasm out of her screaming helpless body!