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Im 18, currently growing in a generation that seems to promote "casual sex" and other sub-genres of such

Am I the only boy who still holds sex as a special thing, on a non-religious basis, and still respects the female body, as well as my own/male body. I find it very hard to go through the interwebs, or daily life, without being confronted by sexual pictures/themes of various sorts. I’m not saying that I find them unappealing, its just I’d rather save my sexualness for the one I love. I always feel alone with thoughts like this, maybe its the “Man-guise.”

please note: even though I am expressing these thoughts, I am merely having them, not being affected majorly by them

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I am fat, and somehow desired by the sexiest guy I know. He isnt bothered by how I look, but I am and its causing issues between us. I dont know what to do.

Ok, so me: I am overweight. I have been dieting and exercising, and am losing weight, but I’m still repulsed by what I see in the mirror. I have cellulite and stretch marks. There is not one part of my body that isn’t fat – I mean, everything. ankles, hands, arms, knees, etc. Most people my size have at least some part of their body that is slender and attractive, but I’m just covered. To top it off, as I lose weight, my boobs are sagging. Him: five years younger, still a virgin (so he’s only ever seen naked women in porn, it’s not even like he’s seen other girls my size and knows what to expect). Slender, muscular, amazing facial features, he has abs, he has pecs, he has that scoop out of the side of the ass, he has the V pointing to his pelvis. He is attractive in every way possible.

He wants sex (obviously, he’s a virgin). He wants boobs. He wants naked me fooling around and being sexy with him. But I can’t get over my body issues, and I can’t stop comparing how I look to how he does. It wouldn’t bother me if he wasn’t so goddam hot, but I keep thinking that this guy, who has very little body fat, is looking at me and going ‘how the fuck did she let herself get to this stage?’. And he doesn’t understand why I’m so self-concious. He got extremely frustrated and angry over the fact that I wasn’t comfortable being topless around him, and we haven’t really spoken since.

TL;DR read title.

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NSFW Last night, for the first time, my husband made me orgasm while eating me. WOW!

This is the first time this has happened to me.

Back story:

We have been together for 4 years (recently married, living together for 3) but I have never had an orgasm orally. I do masturbate on my own & I orgasm through intercourse plenty but for some reason I just did not know how to direct my husband to give me an orgasm while eating me out.

Last night, I think we both felt that we should just ignore my advice, after so many attempts.

He started out slow but after a good 10 minutes he speeded up and started twisting my nipples and I came so hard. When I orgasm my body temperature rises, my heart starts beating, and that all builds up to an out of body experience. I feel like I am floating and my eyes roll back. It is so good.

Then we fucked. I was very wet and open to him going deeper. I came again, which was harder and longer that I have ever had.

This is the best sex I have ever had ! I love it. Being married, knowing someones’s body and mind so well, gives you more opportunity to have great sex— over and over again.

Thanks for listening and Happy Great Sex for everyone !

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Do men find single mothers attractive?

I’m a single mother. I haven’t dated since well before my son was born. He’s one now.

I used to be amazingly confident in my body and my bedroom skills. Now, my boobs aren’t quite as perky, and I have some very faint stretch marks and a tiny little pooch that wasn’t there before. I’m the same weight as before I was pregnant, but my body has (obviously) changed since childbirth.

My question is this: can men look past those imperfections? Are stretch marks and slightly saggy boobs a huge turnoff? My body used to be, well, for lack of a better term, bangin’, but now I’m not so confident. I never had a problem being naked until now. I’ve been on two dates with a new man who I really like so far, and while sex isn’t in my plan for quite some time, I’d like to be prepared for him to expect one thing (I still look ok in clothes) and then go OH GOD GROSS! when I take my shirt off.

I’ve always heard stories about how fathers think their wives are sexier after giving birth, but there’s the whole “you’re the mother of my child and that belly held my son and those breasts nourished him” sort of thing that doesn’t apply to me.


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How do you teach someone how to masturbate?

That’s about as basic as I can ask it, I’m trying to help my wife become more comfortable with her body and hopefully be more confidant when it comes to sex. The first part is just getting her to touch her own vagina without freaking out (she has no problems with a cock in her mouth interestingly enough).

I’ve tried talking it to her and explaining that it’s healthy to understand what makes your body feel good as it makes sex even better even holding her hand and going through the motions (she keeps jerking away and when she’s finally relaxed and I let go her hand moves away) but nothing seems to work, according to her the feeling of going past the vulva freaks her out.

She is so woefully ignorant (not the best word choice) about the plumbing that she doesn’t even know how to do kegels with a diagram (her obgyn gave her one). So please, someone explain to me how to get her to relax.

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DAE get too close to the edge sometimes and have a crappy half-orgasm?

Of course, a half orgasm can’t be a bad thing because any orgasm is great. But sometimes I’m going at it with myself but don’t want it to be over yet, I try to back off. Sometimes I back off too late or my body is already too committed, so that even when I stop my orgasm kinda starts without me. It ends up being this crappy, quasi-orgasm that wasn’t quite fullfiling or climactic, but if you try to continue after that it’s clear your body won’t be ready for a redo until some time has passed.

Just wondering if this is a common experience haha

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My big goal is to look good naked and I just came up with the dorkiest way to help myself achieve it–anyone else want to join?

Hey r/sex! I posted a few months ago under a throwaway about how my weight gain was hurting my sex life, and of course, the number one answer i got was: “lose the weight” it’s actually been going really well, and I’m down about 13 lbs. I still have about 20 to go, but I’ve seen so much change already! I’m so proud of myself and I would like to establish a place where I can show off my naked body, and track my progress, so I made a subreddit: r/NakedProgress I want it to be about positive body image. Who’s with me?

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Nipples pull 1 way, neck rope pulls the other. 2 options: breathe or suffer. All while cumming.

At 35 Beretta James is the hottest cougar on the planet. An amazing hard body, stunning ass, and huge nipples. On top of all that: tough, beautiful and playful. The perfect package.

Beretta is impaled on a Sybian, the world’s most powerful vibrator. Her weight keeps her in place; she has no leverage to even move off it in the slightest. She is bound suspended off the ground, stuck on the orgasm machine!

We suction cup Beretta’s huge nipples and make them even bigger. We tie them with bailing twine. The cruel string bites into her soft flesh and pulls her forward. At the same time, a neck rope keeps her head in place. So when we pull the nipples, it puts pressure on her ability to breathe. All the while, the Sybian rips orgasm after orgasm out of her helpless body. To breathe fully, she must pull painfully on her nipples: a brutal balancing act for survival…

Tiny Southern Belle hung upside down, clamped, flogged, her huge nipples tortured, made to cum hard!

Tiny Rene Phoenix is a sexy Southern Belle. A total sweetheart, with an amazing body and huge nipples. This girl was made for the Hogtied chair.

Helpless and upside down with her legs spread and arms bound behind her, our little Southern cutie soon findsher self in a bit of a trouble. Ropes pinch at her sensitive clit and make it puff up and stick out. We add clamps to her huge nipples and body, and remove them in a most uncomfortable screamy way.

The real fun starts when we add a vibrator to her sexy pussy. Being a bit light-headed from the bondage, the orgasms that we rip out of this helpless girl are devastating. Soon she is screaming, pleading, and begging for us to stop making her cum. She has no control over her body and we wreck it with orgasms that rewire her brain and damage her very soul.

Hot for Teacher

Things have been missing from Jagger Jordan’s desk in her classroom where she teaches. While staying late one evening to grade papers, she investigates and finds herself in the hands of an obsessed janitor. He ties her up and strips her down to use her body and make her cum. Jagger stays in character throughout the shoot in this kinky role play update!