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Wife is mad after recieveing anal licking.

Wife and I married 4 years, and together for 7. Last week she gave me an incredible blowjob and left it at that. The next night, feeling like a debt was owed I began to try and arouse her with some pussy rubbing. After 10 minutes of trying I could not get her wet and felt like a loser. I stopped and went to bed upset with myself and her. The next night a similar experience happens except this time she gets turned on. She was laying on her stomach and i was fingering her with one hand and playing with her butt with the other.

Here is where things got messed up. While playing with her butt I begin to spread her cheeks a bit. She has never ever ever let me even look at her butthole even once although I sneak my peeks. For some reason, that night she is letting me look at it. Being someone who likes to push his luck I started getting close with my finger. I got the usual clench that means stop but I was determined. After about 5 minutes she gets really into the fingering and I can tell she is close so I dove in. I started licking her asshole and she wasn’t stopping me. I kept going until she climaxed and then we did our cleanup and went to bed.

Now the last few days she’s been distant. She won’t have a conversation about it and she visibly upset. I feel bad for pushing her into it but I don’t feel I did anything I shouldn’t have. Has anyone else experienced a situation where you push a partner to their limit? What advice do you have going on from here? Thanks for the input.!

TL:DR licked wife’s butt. Now she’s mad.

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I dont like my butt in the air. Maybe the internet will have better ideas.

So my husband (23) and I (24) are having…uhh…difficulty with angles.

I’ve been to the gynecologist about it, because when we tried having sex in all the “normal” positions, it hurt — a lot. We thought it might be vaginismus or something.

Turns out it’s actually that my vagina goes at a super weird angle (pointing down toward my butt, basically), and, to make things even more awesome, there’s a bend in the middle. I’ve made this handy drawing in MS Paint to help you understand.

So far, the only remotely workable (read: not super painful) position is doggie style with my butt up and head on the bed. Even this option isn’t great in terms of comfort, and it’s really discouraging : Also, I just don’t like it, and would prefer something face to face, but that seems to be impossible.

Does anyone have recommendations for another position(s) we could try?

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I like DP, but it doesnt always seem to work well. Suggestions?

I like having stuff bigger than a finger in my butt during vaginal intercourse. I’ve tried with various buttplugs, but haven’t found one that’s entirely comfortable yet…seems like there’s only really room for one thing at a time. Combination of lube + pressure from the other side kinda kicks the butt toy out. Tried a toy made for DP, which was kind of okay, but not really super comfortable – I ended up getting poked hard in the coffee table a lot. Any suggestions? Toys or tips are fine.

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Butt plug advice/discuss anal toys here!

I’m looking for the perfect butt plug for me. See, I have this whole Goldy Locks situation going on right now. I have two butt plugs: one has a 3″ circumference and the other has a 5″ circumference. The 5 is just a little too bad, and the 3 is just small enough that it pops out of my booty. My larger plug has this nasty sharp slant at the end of it, and when it pops in it hurts like an absolute bitch. I’m a butt plug novice, so any advice you have to offer would be lovely. My boyfriend and I have been searching for the perfect 4″ plug for days and have still come up with zilch. I’m sort of interested in something shaped like this: http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/bootie although the plugs I’ve been using are (I guess) standard shaped, something along the lines of: http://www.edenfantasys.com/anal-toys/anal-plugs/pleasure-plug-2 only with a sharper/uncomfortable bump at the end.

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Ladies: what makes you orgasm during sex? You can include positions, particular actions, fantasies, etc…

Here’s mine..

Position: I always orgasm when I’m sitting on top of my guy while he lies down, moving in a lateral–not vertical–motion.

Fantasy: when we do roleplay, particularly where there’s a power difference (e.g. teacher-student).

Particular action: when a) my breasts are being kissed b) my butt is being grabbed, or c) my fingers are being sucked on

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My girlfriend had never had anal sex before last Friday night. This is how I got her to try.

I asked! All it took was a discussion for her to go from uncomfortable with the idea to saying we could “do it in the butt” during her period.

One night in bed, we got to talking about our sex life, and I very frankly said I wanted to try anal sex if she was comfortable with it. She had never done it before. She was skeptical and seemed wary, so I did not push the issue further that night. I let the discussion end with her knowing I wanted to try, but I was not in any rush and was very clear that it was only something that would be done if/when she wanted to try.

She tried teasing me once about it, almost in a belittling fashion- “Well you’re the one who wants to do it in the butt” (like it was a bad thing) and I responded simply by saying that I was only being honest with her and she should appreciate the fact that I was being open about my desires.

Patience. I did not bring it up again. She did. First, about a week later, she asked if I had anal sex with an ex and she was not providing me with something I was used to getting normally (No, anal was not normal, ever). She asked about how it works, and I emphasized gradual introduction- taking it slow and making it clear that she was the one in control of everything at all times. Her curiosity was satisfied after that, and I let it rest.

This past Friday, she came home with a 1.5 L bottle of Margarita mix. We started drinking and relaxing by watching some TV and during dinner she mentioned that her period had come (IE no intercourse) and added “But we could do it in the butt.” I was dumbfounded. She was serious.

We went to bed later, and I was expecting to take it slow, like maybe using my fingers. That’s where it started. I used gentle pressure and gradually, with lube, worked my finger inside of her. We made out with my finger inside of her for a few minutes before she told me to grab the lube and go for it. I went slow, but she was so relaxed I slid right in. I kept asking her how she felt and if she was okay (she was) and before I knew it we were really going at it. I used my fingers to rub her clit and it didn’t take long before we both got off.

She was all smiles afterwards- couldn’t believe we had anal and was excited to try something new! She also kept saying that she couldn’t believe she lost her anal virginity, and how good it felt.

TL;DR Suggested Anal Sex to GF. Did not pressure her, let her decide pace of learning and talking about it. Was patient. She let me ‘put it in the butt’ and she loved it.

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Tell me about the most embarrassing time youve been walked in on (either masturbating or having sex).

I was 12 and had just started using an email account. I was going through my messages until I saw one that really popped out at me. It was spam mail but it was an advertisement for a porn site. I clicked on it and was just blown away by how awesome it was. It was the first time I had ever seen porn on the internet. I had known about sex and masturbating before but at the same time I was sort of oblivious to what it really was. So I was watching a video and had started to bate. It felt amazing. I was almost there when all the sudden BAM! The door flung wide open. My dad had forgotten something at home and he ran right in. I panicked and tried to close the tab. A popup for butt plugs came up right away. It was like a car dealer ad. It said it big letters

butt plugs



I tried to close it but the computer froze up. By then it was too late anyway. My dad walked right in the room. It pretty much went like this.

“Hey, rmm45177, I just ran home to pick up my– WHAT THE HELL?!?!”

I freaked out, jumped out of the chair, pulled my pants up, and sprinted up the stairs into my room, all in one motion. I locked my door and stayed in there all weekend. I was mortified. When my mom found out, she couldn’t stop laughing and made fun of me. I didn’t want to face my parents so to make sure they didn’t get it my room, I actually pushed my bed from the opposite side of my room in front of my door. They got in finally when my dad unscrewed the hinges and took the door down.

That was 5 years ago and they still make a joke about it every once in a while.


So what about you? Tell me about the most embarrassing time you were walked in one?

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