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sexyasia: Mirei Oomori | Wedding GangBang The Bride Wears Cum….


Mirei Oomori | Wedding GangBang

The Bride Wears Cum.

Japanese AV Idol
Mirei Oomori is the beautiful bride in this (subtitled) Bukkake video
from JapanHDV. Every woman remembers her wedding very good, but Mirei
Oomori has a good reason to remember it in a way not many women can.
Once she went through her vows and officially … Continue reading

sex (not sex)

Girls, can you tell when your SO is going to orgasm because of the way it feels?

I can’t really explain it, but I always know when my SO is going to cum and not because he changes the way he’s moving or starts making noises, but because it feels different. Almost like he’s getting harder, or bigger for the 30 seconds beforehand? It feels amazing, and makes it super easy for me to cum at the same time because it’s extra sensitive.

Anyone else get this??

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Girlfriend told her friends about our sex life, theyre mocking me about it.

A while ago I finally revealed to my girlfriend that I’m seriously turned on by facials. She’s basically ignored the fact that I’ve told her this, except when she’s particularly turned on, or trying to do something special for me sexually. In those cases, she will mention that she wants me to cum on her face, perhaps a text message about how “maybe I’ll let you cum somewhere special tonight”, or even during a blowjob telling me she wants me to cum on her face.

However, every time she hasn’t actually gone through with it. At least…until a few days ago. We were showering together and she gave me a blowjob, not an unusual event I’m pleased to say. At the end she finished me off over her face. Well, obviously I was ecstatic, and she looked incredibly beautiful and sexy. But here’s the kicker. I got some in her eye, and it ended up bloodshot.

It turns out when some of her friends asked what happened, she told them EXACTLY what happened. These friends have since taken to making my life awkward as hell, basically taunting me for having this fetish.

I’ve tried talking to her about this and she seems to think it’s funny, and that I’m making a big deal out of nothing, even calling me prudish.

Is she right when she says this? Or do I have a right to feel like I’ve had my trust betrayed. I like to think of myself as a respectful person, and I certainly wouldn’t tell any of my friends about my sex life without my partners consent.

tldr; girlfriend told her friends about my ‘fetish’, they’re openly mocking me for it, am I being a prude and taking this all too seriously?

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GF cums but does not climax

I can often get my girlfriend to cum, but she says she doesn’t really have an orgasm when it happens. I gave her her first orgasm and she literally came buckets. It was amazing (I wish I could cum that much…), but I have not been able to reproduce it.

My suspicion is that it’s psychological. Can anyone recommend techniques or some articles to help out?

Info: I’m not sure if I’m down for eating her out. I’d love to, but if find the taste pretty unbearable. She pretty much only cums when I’m fingering her (after getting her warmed up, of course).

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Kegel muscles and one of the hottest things Ive ever witnessed

My gf has amazing control of her kegel muscles. I don’t know how many people can do this, but she can make herself cum without touching herself. It’s a fucking amazing thing to see.

She’s on holiday with her family rn, sharing a room with her little brother in sister in a hotel. She took her laptop with her so we could skype.

So tonight we’re talking on video (although typing cos the shit we were saying was just inappropriate for her siblings) and she starts to feel her kegels, I dunno, tingling or whatever. I told her I wanted her to cum for me with her siblings there and she agreed and, as quietly as she could, made herself cum while her brother and sister hadn’t a clue.

Seeing the control she has over her body is one of the sexiest fucking things imaginable. She’s strong and confident and knows her body really fucking well, which is impressive for a 19 y/o without much experience. Add that to the risk of being caught with her siblings being in the same room and that was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

Who else has such control?

Although control might be a loose term. Once she makes herself cum like that she cums like 3 or 4 more times completely involuntarily. Which is also really hot. God I love this woman.

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I came from a blowjob for the 1st time today. Im 47

I’m newly divorced, and dating a woman who is truly the most giving and enthusiastic lover I’ve ever had. I told her when we started dating that blowjobs just didn’t do it for me, although I liked them. I said “don’t sweat it, I just can’t cum from a blowjob.” She viewed that as a challenge.

Today, after a quicky with her using her Hitachi Magic Wand on herself while I fucked her doggy, I spun her around and asked her to go down on me. She knelt between my legs, and got to work with fervor. At some point, she switched her tongue around, and began swirling it on the underside of my cock; “Uhhhh, keep doing that,” I gasped. I grabbed her pony tail and pulled her hair lightly to guide her head, which both of us like 🙂

Within 30 seconds, I knew I was going to cum. I tried not to freak out, because this had never happened to me. I concentrated on how good I felt, and came like a firehose (it felt that way, anyway, indulge me). When I was finished, there was cum and saliva running down the sides of her mouth.

My girlfriend looked up at me with a huge smile on her face, held up her hand for a high five, nodded and said “Oh yeah, I’m the first and only, baby!” She then spent the rest of the day looking outrageously pleased with herself. Whenever she could, she whispered “first” to me, even when we were barbecuing for her kids.

I think she’s a keeper 🙂

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I thought it would never happen, but my wonderful boyfriend made me cum!

I’m so happy I had to share! I’m 24F and have always been pretty horny. I masturbated regularly throughout my teens and early twenties. I would cum at least once a day, sometimes many more, but always from masturbating in the exact same (intense) fashion.

Unfortunately, when I started having sex, I realized that I had given my poor clit such a bruising over the years that I had developed something of a ‘death grip’ problem. No matter how hard a guy tried, he would never even get close. That would make my partners frustrated, embarrassed and sometimes angry with me, which made me nervous and even less able to enjoy their attempts. Eventually, each partner would give up, which was usually a relief to me. I thought my sex life was still pretty good, and I resigned myself to never cumming from anyone else’s touch.

Fast forward to my current amazing (redditor!) boyfriend. When we started having sex, I told him my issue. Where other guys had either accused me of being ‘weird’ or decided that this revelation meant that they were off the hook for even trying to make me cum, he was supportive and giving.

Before I met this man, I hated having oral sex performed on me, mostly because I was ashamed of my body, particularly my pussy. It’s amazing what a difference enthusiasm from the giver makes. My self-doubt and loathing went out the window the first time he ate me out. I love that he loves it so much- I love hearing and feeling him moan into my pussy and watching his eyes drink me in… There is nothing like it. Not to mention he is incredibly good at it. I went from hating oral sex to asking for it in about a week.

I have experimented before with trying to make myself more sensitive to different types of sensations by not masturbating in my usual way and buying toys, but it never worked. Usually I’d only last about 2 weeks before I would break down and go back to my old tricks. With my boyfriend I tried a new technique. We started with me getting myself off while he watched, kissed/fondled me. I had only done this about 3 times before, so it was hard at first, but eventually I got accustomed to it. Then we moved him into a more active role- I’d get myself really close and then he’d slip his cock inside of me while I finished myself. Or, I’d bring myself right to the edge and let him push me into an orgasm.

In the past few weeks, I had been getting closer and closer to cumming completely from oral. I found myself tottering right on the edge for what felt like an eternity, unable to finish. It was frustrating, but exciting. Finally, this weekend, as he was eating me out, I felt myself on that same edge. Out of desperation and pure lust, I started rubbing my pussy against his mouth (which he loves, luckily). It was all I needed to send me into one of the most unique and amazing orgasms of my life. It was somehow more delicate, but longer and much more intense. Since then, he has finished me in the same fashion again, except this time I didn’t have to rub my clit against his mouth.

I know this is a long post, but I wanted to boast 🙂 To all the women out there who find themselves unable to cum from a partner, please don’t give up. It took me a long time to find a guy who not only cared enough to try, but was good and made me feel safe. You are not broken and there is hope!

TLDR: Unable to cum from any partner’s touch due to years of bashing away mercilessly at my clit while masturbating. Amazing boyfriend made me cum from oral for the first time.

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Precisely _what_ does being pegged feel like? AND How can I be really good at it?

So, my boyfriend and I tried pegging for the first time the other day. I got us a strapon that was labeled as being for beginners and intended for male penetration. I guess that just refers to which way it curves? Not sure it would be much different to hit the opposite side of a woman’s g-spot. Anyway, it was freaky to be between his legs, but cool. We went slowly, used a lot of lube, and generally followed the advice typically given to people in this situation by redditors. Despite my running interrogation of, “Are you okay? Am I hurting you? Do you want me to keep going? Do you want me to get out? How does that feel? Are you still okay? How about now?” he seemed to enjoy it. It seems like if I put the dildo all the way in it’s too much and it hurts him, but if I put it in by an inch or so and angle it toward his belly I can find his prostate. That’s what the diagrams on the internet seemed to say and he responded really well when I did it. I think his word was, “amazing”. So far we’ve only done it once and I managed to make him say “amazing” and later lose his erection. Hah! Accomplishment +1 point. Killing erection -1 point!

But what I really want to know, is precisely what does being pegged feel like and what does it feel like when it’s done well enough to bring you to orgasm? Useful answers to this question include things like:

-I feel like my abdomen is really full of things, maybe like hamsters having an orgy, or something else that moves around a lot and is excited.

-My sphincter gets really tense because I’m nervous.

-The feeling of sliding makes me tingle, but when my partner presses on my prostate just such and such a way it makes me feel like angels are flying out of my balls.

-I feel a physical sensation similar to the one right before I cum, but no bodily fluids shoot violently out of my body. I do/do not feel intense pleasure like right before I cum.

Stuff like that would be helpful.

Also, I want to know what your advice is on how to make the next time go better. Like, exactly what kind of motion should I try to see if I can get him not to lose his erection, enjoy himself and preferably cum?

Thanks so much!

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I finally [f]igured out how to make myself cum, thanks to you guys! And now I feel like a 13 year old boy.

I [20F] posted something a little while ago on r/sex saying how I can’t orgasm from masturbating. I can orgasm during sex when I’m on top/grinding, but no other position, and I had never cum while masturbating, despite my best efforts (i even had a Hitachi magic wand–but it usually just felt too strong).

I even tried watching as many porn videos of girls masturbating as I could, and copied all their different techniques. Nothing worked!

Then, when I posted here, I got advice from Maxxters and a few other people saying it sounds like I just need PRESSURE in order to orgasm, and that I should try masturbating by laying on my stomach while grinding on a vibrator under me. I had never thought to do this! I’d masturbated lots of times in doggy-style positions, but never lying flat on my stomach.

So I tried it, and…HOLY SHIT! I came within 60 seconds, three times in a row! I’m sure my face was hilarious the first time because I was so baffled- I had never made myself cum in 20 years and all I had to do was lay on my stomach and grind on something!!!

So, if there’s anyone having trouble making themselves cum in “conventional” ways (read: the ways shown in porn), try doing it while laying on your stomach! It might work for you too!

Thanks so much for your help, r/sex, I never thought I’d make myself cum, and now I’ve been doing it about 6 times a day becuase I’m so excited about it. I feel like a 13 year old boy who just figured out about masturbation! :p

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DAE burp a lot while giving head? Guys specifically

I was eating my girlfriend out tonight when I realized that it was making me burp a lot. I swallow every now and then just so I’m not dripping saliva all over my face and her vagina, so I’m thinking maybe her cum has a weird chemistry in my stomach that makes me burp? It happened continuously while I was doing it and went on for about an hour after. Does anyone else experience this? Ladies, does swallowing guys cum make you burp?

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My SO has a cum fetish and I hate cum. Help?

(f, 19) For as long as I can remember I didn’t ever want to give blowjobs, because I had been told they were wrong. As I started getting older, I tried doing it and hated it. The smell of precum made me gag, so I refused to do it again unless the person was very special to me. I finally found that person (my SO, m 18) and gave him head. I still don’t enjoy cum, and find my only motivation is usually giving him pleasure. I hate the taste, the texture, the warmth.. everything.

Now on the other side, my SO admitted to me he has always had a cum fetish for a while, where the taboo of tasting and feeling his own cum turns him on. I have tried to help him, but swapping his cum with him when he cums in my mouth or feeding it to him from my hands. But whenever he goes into explicit detail about what he likes it makes me physically ill. I still don’t understand how he can like it. I don’t want to let him down by not helping him with it, but I am at my limits of comfort and I know he wants to involve me more.

What can I do sexxit? I love him so much and no breaking up isn’t an option. Our sex life other than this is amazing. Our relationship is amazing.

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What are the "little things" in sex you really enjoy. Ill start.

When I’ve gotten on top of my girlfriend, but I haven’t entered her yet and she grabs my cock with her hand and guides me into her wet, warm pussy during that first thrust… just wow. Consent is so fucking hot and it just feels really intimate.

I also love when she tells me she wants me to cum/wants my cum etc… and when I kiss my girlfriend after making her cum. Her mouth is really cold from all the rapid breathing. Things like that are just so fucking sexy.

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Switching from condoms to pill for BC, what should I know?

Hi /r/sex, I come here to ask upon your collective wisdom and experience.

Le husband and I have always used condoms as our BC method but now we’re getting ready to make the change to condom-less sex. Also this will be the first time I’ll be on hormonal BC.

So other than making us more spontaneous and less “aah! keep your sperm infested hands and penis away from the entrance of my baby making oven” when it comes to cum, what should I know about condom-less sex? I don’t mean STD and pregnancy risk wise, I mean the actual experience.

I know guys say it feels different/better without a condom. When we’re having sex I get super turned on at the though of feeling him inside me without the latex barrier. Is the feeling also different/better for the female? I expect him to feel a lot more sensitivity, should we take it slower than usual the first times? Is he more likely to orgasm faster?

Any special anything we should try w/o condoms? Do we need extra lubrication/less/same? If he uses a male desensitizing cream will it also numb me?

Condoms and baby wipes make clean-up relatively easy but what am I supposed to do when he ejaculates inside of me? I’m not icked out by the idea of our body fluids but I don’t want to have a sticky mess and dirty sheets all the time. Does the cum come right out as fluidly as it normally is? Or does it ooze out slowly? Should I clean up as soon as we’re done? If I bask in the afterglow for a while will the cum inside be harder to clean? On occasion we’ve been known to knock out almost immediately after earth shattering sex, so if I happen to fall asleep with his cum inside me is it going to congeal into dried up Elmer’s glue or will it be white rushing rapids as soon as I wake and get up?

The doctor and pharmacist didn’t mention the BC pill having any side effects on the workings of my girly bits though a friend did mention that it thickens her cervical mucous. I’m well aware of the possible side effects of the pill (nausea, mood swings, weight gain, etc…) but does anyone find that it affects the actual sex?

Sorry for the wall of text and questions. Please let me know anything you think that I should know. Your thoughtful advice and input is appreciated. =)

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