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I was physically abused and choked as a child. Now I get off on being choked. Is this weird?

Not sure where to post this.

Growing up I was often choked, thrown, and beaten. Sometimes until I was unconscious. Now that I am exploring my sexuality I find that I like pressure on my throat, being submissive, being slapped in the face, and other mild/moderately painful things. Is this weird? Should I see a counselor about this?

It has been years since I escaped the abuse in my life and I do not like this out of self loathing or a desire to hurt/degrade myself.

EDIT: Thanks everyone for making me feel like this is normal and healthy!

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Love and Sex.

The guy who I’ve been sleeping with rather serially for a year and I have just started dating, in a rather loose sort of way, after realizing that we’re in love with eachother, as unlikely and impulsive as that sounds. We both saw other people pretty regularly during the entire year but never quite managed to shake the desire to be with eachother, and even though we’re both totally open to the concept of open relationships we really have no desire to be with anyone else.

I was just wondering about sexxit’s take on the idea of love being forged through a nearly purely physical relationship. Is it a misinterpretation of extreme lust and intimacy and an addiction to all the lovely endorphins that sex provides, or do you think it’s possible for two people to come to know eachother so wholly and completely and accidentally fall in love through a relationship so purely rooted in sex?

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Veiny Penises? Good/Bad?

Greetings to all: My question is whether a penis is more or less desirable or appealing with veins. Also, is there a difference between a dick with man little veins running up it, or one big one across the top, as far as desire? Thanks a lot!

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I have no sex drive – how do I get it back?

My husband (31) and I (32) have been married for two years and together for 8.5. We have two beautiful daughters: 23 months and 11 weeks. For as long as I can remember I have had very little desire for sex, while he is incredibly horny. This predates the conception of our oldest daughter in Jan 2008. I want to change this, but am at a loss as to where to start.

I admit that a big part of my lack of desire is feeling overwhelmed by my daily responsibilities in raising my children, cooking and cleaning. Plus I feel that my body has gone through significant hormonal and physical changes in the last 2.5 years with 2 pregnancies and 2 c-sections. For a long time I used these along with work responsibilities to justify my lack of desire. However in recent weeks I have come to realize that, while the above factors contribute, there is likely an underlaying problem. I am trying to identify what it is whether it is physical, emotional, hormonal or whatever.

When we first met, I was incredibly horny. In fact I was quite often the initiator. As time went on and we settled into our relationship, my sex drive seemed to diminish while his remained the same, if not increased. I assumed that it was just a normal part of the cycle of long term relationships that sex becomes less of a focus and have been unconcerned about my lack of desire.

Now I want to get back to the person I was when I met my husband. We have tried to make changes, and have discussed the topic over and over. The conversation always seems to be the same, we come up with solutions and it lasts for a week or two and then we fall back into the same pattern. We are generally happy in every other aspect of our lives. We are considering counselling and will likely follow through with it in the very near future.

At this point in time I am looking for suggestions or advice on how to regain my libido. My husband is an avid redditor and felt that this online community may be able to offer some new perspective on our situation.

TLDR – Married mom with 2 young kids is looking for advice on how to regain my sexual interest in my husband.

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