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[Spicing things up] Should I be a ‘man’ and buy these? I don’t know how he’ll react

throwaway as my boyfriend reads this and knows my reddit user.

For a very long time I've been trying to get my man to give me more foreplay. We've talked and talked and things usually get better for a while after we talk but then they get to usual. That is, kisses and caresses for 5 minutes than straight to PIV. All we vary are the positions but at some point I feel I want more. I want to be conquered and courted and I want candles and flowers and I want to dance with him. Don't get me wrong, we love each other very much, we've been together for over 5 years now but our sex life is just…bland. I want to spice it up.

I've been reading a lot here on reddit about how to spice things up and I think I have come up with a few things. Here is what I would like to get for our upcoming anniversary:

  • a sex card game with activities and lots of variation: Ardor

  • a sex toy: we vibe 4 plus

  • sexy accessories: blindfold, handcuffs, massage oil, sexy lingerie for me and maybe a sexy dress.

I would love to buy all of them but I'm not sure how he's going to react. He like games and we've talked a few times about spicing things up and I want to use our anniversary as an excuse to introduce some new things in our relationship.

What do you guys think? Should I go and do it?
Would you be turned off or excited if your GF would make this step? I would've preferred that he bought all these but hey, I'm willing to take things in my own hands if this is what it takes for me to be satisfied.

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How the heck do you enjoy Skype sex?

I’m a 22 year old female with a long distance boyfriend. The Skype sex is very new to us since we weren’t always long distance, and I have the hardest time enjoying it. I love watching and hearing him get turned on and everything, but I cannot get myself off. And I NEVER have issues getting myself off. My girlfriends don’t have much advice except for “invest in a vibrator,” but that’s not the solution I’m looking for. I’m just not mentally stimulated so I don’t stay wet; I don’t get anywhere near an orgasm.

I think I have some sort of mental block about masturbating in front of a camera. If that’s it, has anyone dealt with this kind of situation and can anyone give me some ideas and advice?

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After a lot of thought, Ive figured out why I like looking at porn while in a relationship. Its a lot simpler than I thought.

I like feeling aroused.

Just like how I like reading jokes or looking at reddit to laugh, or the feeling of satisfaction from learning something new… It’s just that simple.

Yes, I like seeing and talking about sex and nudity.. but its not because I have some kind of crush on a porn star, or that I’m not attracted to my wife, or that I’m not sexually satisfied.. its just that I like seeing things that arouse me.

So guys or ladies, if you’re feeling down because your SO likes porn, don’t feel bad about yourself and don’t get mad at them. It has nothing to do with your attractiveness or your relationship.

We all just like feeling alive and variety is the spice of life, of course.

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A girl is telling people about my penis being disgusting because my foreskin is too long

I’m so embarassed right now and can’t stop thinking about last night. It was the first time that I felt like shedding some real tears because of a body image issue. A girl who blew me about a month ago has apparently been telling people how nasty it was because she didn’t even see the head of my penis. I found out because my good friend is dating one of this girl’s friends. Apparently everytime my name came up around her she talked about my “nasty penis”. I’ve always known my foreskin was a bit long but I never thought of it as a huge problem. My friend told me that people were laughing and making Eww noises and faces. I seriously feel like crying right now just while writing this because it’s the most embarasing thing that has happened. I want to get circumcised right away. I live in Canada and I’m hoping that the health care will cover it but if it doesn’t then I will pay for it. I’m seriously so angry and sad. I need some words of encouragement or something I don’t know what I need I just don’t know who to talk to. I don’t want to look at my friends right now because they’ve all heard about my nasty penis. Fuck I’m so mad right now I don’t want to hook up with anybody at all until after my circumcision. I hope that girl knows how much she can hurt a guy, seriously I don’t think she knows how hurt I am.

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Guys- is asking my boyfriend with ED to wear a strap on going too far?

My boyfriend has suffered from ED throughout our relationship. He gets hard fine when I’m sucking him off but as soon as it gets near my ladygarden it gets nervous and soft. We can usually manage to get it in but it never gets hard enough to get me off. Plus, he comes in roughly a minute every time. And, he’s small.

He makes an effort to eat me out and use vibrators, but I don’t like oral very much and I’m tired of vibrators. A huge part of what I enjoy about sex is penetration and having his body all over me. I want him to use a strap on and he’s sort of agreed but I don’t sense a lot of enthusiasm for it. Can I get the penis-owner perspective on this? Is it too weird to strap on a dildo when your gear won’t do?

I’m pretty desperate but don’t want to make his penis run all the way back into his body when it sees me coming. (Or, not coming, as it were).

I should add we have gone down the route of doctors, every kind of ED drug on the market, some nofap, cockrings, etc. Nothing has helped.

TLDR After years of ED, I’m asking my boyfriend to put a dildo on it. Am I going too far?

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Dares to do over Skype?

I Skype with a guy almost every night and we love to play truth or dare. I have a ton of truth questions but when ever he says dare I can’t think of anything. He usually already has his clothes off so I can’t dare him to do that. Are there any other good dares I can make him do? Don’t be afraid to be dirty! 😉

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Am I wrong for feeling angry?

Alright. So here goes.

Me and my girl have been together for a year, and sex has always been great. Once or twice a week, sometimes more.

Until we moved in together. We’ve lived together since late June and we’ve only had sex maybe 3 times. Its been a month since the last time, and quite frankly I’m pissed.

She asked a while back why I didn’t have sex with her anymore. We work opposite schedules, so that complicates things. I told her that I always want to have sex with her. We’re off on the weekends, but it doesn’t happen. I try, she tells me to stop or something along those lines. That pisses me off too. How can you ask me a question like that and then shoot me down every time I try?!

No, I don’t think she’s cheating because she goes to school, comes home, leaves for work 30 minutes after I do, and calls me when she’s home. (Generally talks to me till I get off work).

I don’t get it. In my 24 years of life, I’ve never felt so fucking sexually frustrated. I want to ask her about it, but have no idea how to bring it up. I was thinking of just asking of I turned her on anymore and seeing where it goes from there.

I don’t know what else to do. I’m pissed. I’m frustrated. I feel like something is wrong with me. I feel like she doesn’t find me attractive anymore, but the problem with that is aside from sex everything else is great and she acts like a girl that’s proud to have her man. She’s affectionate and does everything else right, just no sex. She talks about having kids with me pretty often, but how the fuck are we supposed to do that if we don’t have sex?!

I’m a very sweet and romantic guy. I’d do anything for her and love her like no other. But this has me to the point of not even wanting to speak to her sometimes. I don’t even want to look at her because all I can think about is fucking her brains out. I don’t want to cheat on her, and couldn’t bring myself to do it.

Sorry. I know this is all over the place. I’m just ranting/raging/asking for advice.

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Men, what do yall HONESTLY think of a woman if she has sex with you and you put "little effort into the chase?"

Please share. When I want sex, I don’t play waiting games or bother with dates. I guess I just don’t see sex as being an emotional investment that I need to “save” up for someone. Unfortunately, I feel like sometimes men take advantage of that and treat me like shit…whether its a one-night stand or someone I’d like to date.

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Girls, how do you know if youve had an orgasm?

I’ve been having sex for four years, and I’ve had multiple partners. I’m pretty sure I’ve had an orgasm before, but I don’t know what separates it from something just feeling incredibly good. I was with a new partner, and he was fingering me, and I was incredibly wet, and it was feeling amazing, but I don’t know if there was any particular defining thing. I was talking to him the next day, and he said he didn’t get me off. I didn’t know what to say, because I don’t know if he really did?

TL;DR How in the hell do I know if I orgasm?

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What do you do to control temper when you dont get sex?

I’ll keep this short: I’m horny ALL the time. (20f) So when I don’t get sex I get annoyed and don’t know how to control my temper when I feel the frustration welling up inside. I never lose my temper or get outwardly annoyed because I am not actually unhappy with him.

So any tips on controlling this frustrated feeling?

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Problem with my transgender girlfriend.

I really like her, i love hanging out with her she’s funny,smart,hot i like being with her and shes really into me. I chased her not knowing she was transgendered she told me after a couple dates and i processed it and decided i was cool with it, i would just go with it and see how it goes and the sex is great but i don’t like cock i thought i could bring myself to at least touch it but it turns me off, i don’t mind seeing it i just don’t like interacting with it so every time we have sex, it’s all me she has to touch herself or masturbate in the bathroom after, so what im asking, is it selfish of me to keep being with her when she can’t have a complete sexual experience and be with someone that doesnt find every part of them beautiful?

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New housemate is DTF with us. We know its a bad idea. What to do?

So my long time buddy and I have just had a new housemate move in and she has made it pretty clear (albeit non-verbally) that she is DTF with both of us. We are both incredibly attracted to her, and my friend and I are cool with trying a MFM threesome.

But she lives with us, and most advice about housemates is DON’T SHIT WHERE YOU EAT, which I have always agreed with, and our new housemate agrees with too.

The problem is that now there is this intense sexual tension, and we need to get rid of that tension. Should we just ignore the tension and go on with life? The issue there is that something could so easily happen again, damn primal brain. She is a really cool housemate and we don’t want to kick her out or move out.

Has anybody been in a similar situation? How did it play out?

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