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[Question] Ladies, how do you feel about giving oral after he has been inside you?

Just curious to see what women think about the idea of giving a guy oral sex after he's been in your vagina. Or about kissing him after he's gone down on you. Are you turned off by the idea of tasting your juices on him? Is it something you'll do for his pleasure, but you do not particularly enjoy? Do you actually enjoy it? What about if he has also released inside of you so he's cover with your juices and his own semen?

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[Advice] The sex is so hot but I feel like I’ve lost a huge part of myself

A quick backstory: my girlfriend is detransitioning. Basically, that means you transition to another gender and then you transition back to your original gender. For example, my girlfriend was transitioning to male but now she decided to detransition back to female. I have always known her as a guy so this is new to me. And I identified as gay as well, now I'm questioning.

When we had sex before, there was less emphasis on the female parts of her body. She wore a binder and we had more anal sex than PIV sex. We still had PIV but we do it doggy style most of the time.

For the past three nights, we have had some of the hottest sex ever. I realized I really love her body and I love paying attention to the more female aspects of it like her breasts and the different parts of her vagina. Now, her orgasms are more powerful and she has multiple orgasms, and she can squirt. I'm not even joking when I tell you that it's fucking hot.

I was really hesitant to admit this, but I'm really turned on by the more feminine aspects of her personality and body now. I thought I wouldn't be and it would take a toll on our relationship, so I'm so relieved.

It's just that…I feel like I've lost a huge part of me. I thought I was gay and I just wanted to fuck guys, it was a big deal for me. It took me a long time to come to that realization, and when I did it made perfect sense. Now, I don't really know what I am and who I'm attracted to, and it's kind of sad.

It shouldn't be sad because I have a rad girlfriend but I feel really incomplete now.

Does anyone have any helpful input or advice for me?

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"haha, what are you doing?!"

Please ladies,

If the man is doing something that isn’t working or seems odd, if it doesn’t seem like we know what we’re doing, don’t make the situation worse by killing our insecurities and making us feel like crap. Our esteem plummets into the floor for the most part.

Instead please fix the situation by guiding us in a way that isn’t blatantly instructional. A simple, “it feels better for me like this.”

Please? I was horribly demoralized even though she wasn’t trying to be offensive. I didn’t even want to have sex anymore, I just wanted to go cower in the corner feel like crap.

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18 year-old girl deeply frustrated/upset. No desire for sex/cannot get "horny." Details in inside. Desperate for help.

I’m an 18-year old girl. I’m at a healthy weight, and I am in good health from what I can tell/have been told by my family doctor. However, one thing that is severely lacking is my “sexual health.” As in, I cannot get horny. And getting wet due to sexual arousal is hard. Yes, I can actually get “wet” down there, but it’s not due to sexual arousal. It literally happens every so often where I’d be “wet” down there for NO reason at all. I desire no foreplay either. I think kissing is boring, and I see no point in making out.

I have a boyfriend, and he’s amazing. I am attracted to him/charmed by him and I think he’s so sweet. But the thing is, I just cannot make out with him. I feel nothing. I get bored. I try to do it just to please him, but that’s it. There is nothing beneficial for me. And I’ve been like this for a very long time now.

When my boyfriend and I fool around, he’ll play with my breasts, suck on my nipples…I don’t really feel it. I don’t necessarily dislike it, but I don’t see the arousal or fun in it. It often just ends up with me sucking him off and me telling him I’m tired. But he’s been getting suspicious lately and has convinced himself I’m not attracted to him. I just tell him I’m really tired/stressed.

When he tries to finger me…ow. It hurts. I’ve never fingered myself before because I’ve felt no desire. The thing is, I really WANT to feel this desire. This lust, this insatiable desire..the passion. I’m an attractive, young girl that’s physically fit and pleasant to look at. I’m very nice to people, and I think I’m an overall good catch so I feel like me not having any sexual desire is just selling myself short. My boyfriend gets crazy around me, and I just WISH I could feel the same way about it or anyone.

I’ve tried to watch porn. I try to start rubbing myself (because fingering would hurt way too much). As much as I rub, I don’t really get wet at all…then I start getting just a tad bit into it for like literally 20 seconds and for 20 seconds, I can feel something…just a little bit. But after those 20 seconds, I reach a “climax” which is bs because we all know it is not a climax. It’s a very, very, VERY small release of pleasure but it really doesn’t do much for one. I’ve tried so many things, but nothing. 🙁

Please, help, Reddit. I’ve ignored this problem for long enough, and I’m just sick and tired of it. I want this passion and lust. What can I do to help this? For the sake of me and my poor boyfriend.

P.S.: I want to have kids! How the hell am I going to be able to procreate if a finger in my vagina is hell?

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My boyfriend is not circumcised and it turns me off.

I know circumcision is a heated topic. But everyone has personal preferences when it comes to sex and I prefer circumcised guys. That being said, my boyfriend, who I’ve been with for a few years and love very much, is not circumcised. I hate that it matters to me but it does. I don’t like going down on him because of it. It’s something about the extra skin. I feel like a terrible person because of it. I’ve never told him how I feel. Any advice?

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Is it weird that Im uncomfortable with receiving oral, but okay giving it?

Granted, I’ve never received oral sex, but I’m just not comfortable with it. I’m a female in her prime and I can’t stand it when he starts to go down on me. I’m not ungrateful I kinda play it off and change positions so that I can do him a favor.

I also don’t like him fingering me. I feel weird about denying my boyfriend 69’s because I feel uncomfortable with it. Is this weird? Are there other women like this?

Also, my boyfriend has been known for being good at oral. I feel like I need to just get over it and let him.

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I feel like a complete idiot

Dear Reddit

I need to confess something because I feel really really bad right now. I am a 19 year old male, with anxiety and a bit of depression, I never had a girlfriend, had sex only with hookers, I’m not very fat, violent, disgusting, I’m just shy and like the socially awkward penguin.

I thought ”fuck it” , I don’t know what I had in mind, I just went to a pon theater, where a guy started touching me, I ended up told him to stop, then I offered another guy a blowjob. He didn’t finish, I watched some porn quickly. Then I left, with all sort of shit going on in my head. I bought an antiseptic mouth washing product.

I feel really weird, don’t take me wrong, I’m not ”extremiste/homophobe/etc…” I just feel like getting touched by a guy in a theater than sucking another guy and allow him to touch me (no penetration) is a huge mistake that is going to haunt me. I’m afraid that I will wake up tomorrow and kill myself or something.

I feel really terrible about this, and I just had to get this out of my chest, I am sorry for my english it’s not my native language and I apologize if this thread is shitty, I just feel like, like I’d like to never have done this…

TL;DR : Socially liberal akward and very anxious guy sucked some unknown dude in a shitty movie theater and feel like killing himself

ALSO : I usually masturbate to some hard porn, maybe it’s not worth saying it, I feel like I just want to hug those females pornstars. Just hug.

It’s late, I did not eat anything and I am hungry, I am in a new city and I feel completely emotionally/sexually fucked up piece of shit.

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Question about female masturbation?

Okay, so im sixteen and I recently gave masturbation a try a few times. (a little late to the bandwagon I know…) I read a lot of articles on techniques, and couldn’t picture myself shoving a few fingers up there, so I figured clitoris rubbing would be more my style.

Granted. The first few times didnt work out very well, as I was tense and wary. But eventually I chilled out and gave it another try. I find it feels far better when im laying on my stomach with one to two fingers rubbing and grinding on my clit through my underwear.

Now here’s my question, every time I do it, I get to a point where i feel slick with my wetness, and i can feel my inner muscles quivering, but it also feels like i seriously need to pee. I go to the bathroom beforehand everytime to make sure i don’t, but this continues to happen. I want to have an orgasm, but I get to that point I stop in fear because I don’t want to piss myself. Is this a normal feeling, should I keep going? Also, the muscles quivering feels very odd, is that normal to?

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Unable to feel anything during sex, about to give up on it.

Hi /r/sex I have an issue not being able to feel anything during sex. I’ve been in a ldr with a girl for a year now, we both lost our virginities to each other, first time sexual encounters etc. The first time I had sex I used a condom, it fit perfectly no issues what so ever. But I couldn’t feel anything at all, nothing. I chalked that encounter up to nervousness and dismissed it. But when we saw each other again and had sex over the course of a week without condoms (she was and is still on birth control, still a dumb decision on my part!) I still couldn’t feel anything. I only felt something once when I was going in and out of her really fast and hard, but that feeling was miniscule then disappeared in seconds. I’ve came to the conclusion that it’s deathgrip syndrome (is that what people call it?). I had a bad masturbation habit and scaled it down, but after realizing what I’ve done to myself I don’t know how to fix it. I’m becoming really discouraged from sex because of this and I always end up finishing myself off which is just kicking my self esteem and confidence down in the bed. I spoke to my girlfriend about this and has been upset about not being able to get me off in anyway, vaginal and anal sex, blowjobs, handjobs etc. Is there any way I can fix this /r/sex? I’m sorry if I missed something in the sidebar! I looked through it thoroughly.

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Girlfriend doesnt want to go on birth control, but doesnt want to have sex because shes not on birth control.

Throw away account. My girlfriend and I have dated for 3+ years. We are currently in a long distance college relationship and have been ever since we first started dating. I love her to death. Great personality, incredibly sweet, we can do anything and have fun together, its all great. I have a great relationship, but there’s one topic between us that tends to cause somewhat of a problem: sex.

I’m not talking about oral sex, but specifically intercourse. Oral sex is great. We started about 6 months after the relationship and in that area alone we have a good sexual relationship. We definitely have a strong sexual attraction and like to express it. But we always have been worried about going further. After about a year and a half we lost our virginities. The first time was rough. No matter how slow I went it still hurt her bad and she felt really guilty because she was way more religious then. She was really upset, feared if she was always gonna hurt and worried about pregnancy. We were both kinda upset cause the first ttime wasn’t like what we hoped. She decided it’d be best for her to wait again cause she clearly was not ready. That was fine and I had no problem waiting.

Fast forward to 6 months ago and my girlfriend gets more comfortable to try sex again. We did it again, still hurt, then tried a week later, still hurt again. Eventually we hit summer, lived together and had sex about once every 4-5 days. It started to feel a little better but not much so we stopped again after about 3 weeks. I didn’t want to pressure her if she felt uncomfortable. Besides I feel bad if it hurts her and the only way for me to truly enjoy it is for her to be happy and enjoying it too. Sex is special and I believe its something a couple should enjoy and share mutually with the one they love. So finally about a month ago she visits the gyno and gets examined. She asks about the pain and they said she was fine (had no stis or infections). They told her she is most likely still very uncomfortable with sex and they recommended birth control if she was gonna try to keep having sex. And here’s where the problem occurs.

She says she wants to have sex eventually in the future but she still isn’t comfortable. She said there’s tons of things she’s worried about. For one she says she’s worried that a strong desire for sex once we start enjoying it will make the LDR harder. Second and most important to her is the fear of pregnancy. I told her that she can do some research and find the best option for her but she says she really doesn’t want to take birth control. She has a kidney issue where she has to take medicine daily for and since she seems to miss a pill every now and then she believes that if she got on the pill she would forget. She doesn’t want another medication to worry about. I told her I will still wear condoms so in the worse case we still have somewhat of a protection. But then she brought up the issue of side effects like mood swings and depression. She tends to get down easily every now-and-then and doesn’t want to be any more moody and possibly depressed than what she is now.

She’s torn because deep down she wants to have sex but still is very uncomfortable with the responsibilities that come with it. I understand why she feels that way and am willing to wait more but at the same time when will that be? I don’t mind being patient and in no way want to pressure her, but I feel like now it has hit a wall and a never ending cycle that prevents us from progressing. I feel bad cause I don’t wanna pressure her but at the same time I feel like if I just keep blowing it off we will never get any further unless I confront some of the difficult questions. I just feel like she will ultimately keep finding fears that will prevent herself from getting more comfortable with sex. I’ve explained all this I typed to her and she feels guilty and understands where I’m coming from but she’s still uncomfortable. She really puts a lot of pressure on herself and tries to relate problems with herself which ultimately causes more issues and I don’t want to upset her any more. I could just really use some advice. Even if it’s nothing much, atleast something that doesn’t make her feel so pressured. Thanks.

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My bf wants us to be physical with other people because weve never been with anyone else. I have my concerns, need some advice!

Relevant info:

We’re going on 6 years Neither of us has ever had a physical relationship with anyone else He feels we should experience other people sexually (just sleeping with someone else individually and/or threesomes) while we’re still young and before we get to the point in our lives where we would seriously start thinking about marriage (we’re still working on our college degrees). He insists there would be no jealousy on his part and he wouldn’t regret any of his actions. I feel like getting jealous or having regrets is a serious possibility for me. He insists he would stay emotionally commited to me, and he loves me as he always has. I feel the same. His sexual appetite is larger than mine. Do I want to experience another man? My primal instincts say yes. Would I enjoy it? Probably. Do I need it? Not sure. I think he feels he needs this, but won’t admit it.


Has anyone else been in a similar situation? Did you/your SO experiment with other people? What were the positive/negative outcomes for your relationship?

Am I being unreasonably doubtful about this? I haven’t taken this idea off the table, but I’m worried about its potential effect on our relationship.

If we choose to do this, how should we start? Is there such thing as baby steps with this?

TL;DR: Bf wants us to have sex with other people before we’re old and married, good/bad idea? What do/ how to?

EDIT: My SO has joined the convo, you can ask him w/e. Thank you all so much for your helpful input! My bf and I will be doing lots of talking.

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I was secretly born female, how do I date/deal with missing out?

Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I am feeling shitty right now and need some advice.

I am a 19 year old female-to-male transsexual who transitioned 8 years ago. I have been on hormones since 14 and had a double mastectomy at 16. I have also been living privately with my transsexualism since I was about 13. I am extremely uncomfortable having what I consider to be an unfortunate medical condition be public information. I just live as a normal guy.

As such, dating is extremely difficult for me. I have had one girlfriend, and disclosing to her was no easy task for me. I have been single for about 4 months now. Now that I know what sex is like, it’s all I can think about. Sometimes, it seems hard to focus on anything else. I am so envious of my friends, who can and do have casual sex, friends with benefits arrangements, and everything else along those lines.

How do I deal with not being able to fully experience sexuality? I feel bitterness towards my peers regarding the ease with which they are able to have sexual experiences. I feel like I’m missing out on a cliche but important part of social life in college.

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