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Eye Candy: Pretty Girl Friday

My boyfriend masturbates to Facebook pictures of a girl he’s friends with.

I found out today. I don't know the girl or if he had sex with her before me. I'm really upset. I know that masturbation is normal and would feel really differently if he was looking at porn, where he doesn't know the person but I wasn't expecting this and can't help feeling scared. Especially since she looks so different to me.

He doesn't know that I know and I don't really want to tell him, because he'll know that I looked at his history and anyway, he's not exactly doing anything wrong. Plus he might feel embarrassed.

I suppose I'm just wondering if this is common or if it means he has feelings for this other girl.

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Girlfriend blew my mind this morning – how do I pursue this

This morning, my girlfriend woke up and said she had a dream that we had a threesome with another girl. It really turned her on and we had amazing sex. She kept telling me about the dream and got me to tell her what I’d do to the other girl or make her do to the other girl.

Is this just a fantasy she got turned on from a dream or is this something I could actually pursue and turn into a reality? If it is, how do I do it!?!?

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