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Can I throw a suggestion out to r/sex? I know it seems obvious, but compliment your partners sexual abilities etc. now and then.

Sorry, I know this seems obvious and i’m not sure if I can post this (let me know if there’s a better place mods) but it probably would mean a lot to many of your partners if you said something like “wow I like the way you did xyz” it’s like someone buying a new outfit or going to the gym and getting fit…it feels nice to have that little bit of recognition (hey it might even get you more action).

Note that there is also a difference between saying the sex was good (“you look nice”) and I love the way you did this (“wow that shirt fits you really well”)…

Am I making sense?

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Well planned sexytimes; set, setting and accessories. What else should I add to the list ?

So my sexy friend will be coming over this saturday and it’s been a while since we saw each other. I want to make this perfect, so I made a list.

music and lighting will be some good electrohouse we both like including the album-long video of Interstella 5555 on the projector pointed just above the fun-dungeon

I’m doing the week long no-fap challenge and will survive on a diet of only-pineapples all week

and now the list in no particular order

bucket of ice cubes with water bottles

massage oil and hot massage oil

good tasting edible water-based lubricant

moist and dry towelettes

a few pre-rolled joints

lots of firm pillow

box of high quality, good tasting condoms

possibly a smoke machine to go with the projector playing music with awesome winamp visualization

large lightweight plastic mirror

nice soft flannel pajamas she just loves it during foreplay

her few dildos

at this point my imagination is failing me, I’ll stop by the sex shop for a few more ideas, maybe I’ll get specially shaped “decorative pillows” instead of normal firm pillows so I can leave them in plain sight and no guest will suspect, hehe

What else would you add to your list for naughty sexcapades /r/sex ?

EDIT: more added to the list

Blindfold sexy handcuffs

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Clitoral Stimulation

So my lady friend [20] falls into the category of women who only get off with clitoral stimulation. She sees this as a bad thing, despite being a semi-avid reader of /r/sex and the data saying that it’s actually not abnormal. She refers to herself as “broken” for it, which is obviously not helping her finish (pressure to orgasm, all that jazz).

She’s never been able to finish with a partner before, and she’s been sexually active considerably longer than I have (at least two years that I know of; she’s my first partner). I started out with Death Grip problems and have since gotten over them, but even when we went at it for hours she didn’t finish, despite (and this may sound conceited) my rather high speed and enthusiasm during those times.

She doesn’t want to use a vibrator during sex, as she wants things to be all natural (she’s used one to masturbate for a while, and is convinced that that’s the source of the problem), but I’d still really like to help her get there. What are some good positions so that I can stimulate her clitoris while we’re having sex without making it awkward for either or both of us? Failing that, what are some good ways to stimulate it (IE oral) when just focusing on her? I gave her a good solid half hour of oral and still didn’t get her there one night, despite my best efforts.

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Is the urethra as sensual as the clit/other things?

My boyfriend is really stupid and somehow doesn’t know the female anatomy. He thinks my urethra is my clit and acts as if it were there. At first it kind of hurt (a lot, I might add) but once he got gentler it felt kind of good. I was just wondering if that’s, like, a thing? (It could have just been the fact that he was touching me down there, but still…)

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Questions about vasectomy.

Throwaway here. I’m a 25 year old male who is fairly sexually active. I’ve been mulling around the idea of getting a vasectomy for the past few months. I’ve found some really good advice about other things on sexxit and figured I’d ask here before further consideration. I DO want kids, but just not now, and I know it would be a relief to any future partners who are concerned about getting pregnant to hear that I had the snip.


I’ve heard it’s reversible, but would it still be a good idea to store sperm for later in life?

How easy is it to reverse?

What can I expect in regards to sexual performance after the operation?

What about sex drive and attitude? Does sex drive drop?

I’d love to hear any input/advice from any other guys out there who have had a vasectomy.

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Bad comment after sex got me thinking; whats the worst thing someones said to you after sex?

Posting throwaway cus lot of friends on reddit. I (23M) slept with a (22F) friend because she was a virgin and desperately wanted to experience sex.

Anyway we had sex and I thought it was good, not my best but certainely not bad. Lasted a good half hour and she didn’t cum but seemed to be enjoying herself.

Until she said ‘Is that it then?’

I’ve had better myself so didn’t bother me too much it did get me thinking – what’s the worst thing someone’s ever said to you after sex?

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First time sex since rape

This obviously didn’t get burried. I wanted to share two of the most life changing events I think I’ll ever have happen. Long story short, I was raped at age 15 by my then boyfriend. Sex has been more unappealing than tomatoes and ice cream. I’ve been dating a guy, we’ll call him T, for about 5 months now. We’re both 18. He’s been wanting to have sex for a little while and I told him all about the rape. He has been very supportive of whatever decision I make, thought we both thought that having sex for good reasons would be a great thing for me. After a couple of failures, and a sweetly frustrated T, we finally did last night! We spread out a big towel on the beach at night. After lots of intense foreplay, we went for it! It only lasted about 8 minutes, but I am so so happy that I did. Sex is good. To any other rape victims out there, I encourage you to try sex out at some point in your life. I love T very much and that made a world of a difference.

EDIT: I’ve gotten asked how the sex actually felt. First, I was nervous and a little tense, but excited. Once we got going, it hurt in the same way first time sex usually hurts. Really, it was just satisfying. I was able to understand that sex is good and that I can appreciate it, along with everyone else, no matter what my past holds. I truly encourage all rape victims, at some point in their life, to truly try to appreciate sex. I know they’re are a ridiculous amount of different stories, but I’ve experienced such a growth. Not only did the sex feel good in the moment (because damn, that was pretty fucking great) but it also felt great to take a step out of my past

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