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Id like to know what you guys think about my situation. 18f with a craving, no one to go to… let me explain my plan.

Basically, I moved to a big city, am attending college here, and feel that the guys I am surrounded by do not connect with me on any level whatsoever. To cut to the chase, I’m thinking of hitting up a hotel bar or a club of some sort and finding a guy to nail me. I am a virgin but I am in fact a mature adult and I know that this is what I want. I am not interested in a relationship whatsoever. I have held out for the “right guy” for such a long time and it’s really frustrating. I have immensely strong sexual urges that I have been dealing with for some time (there are no emotional problems linked with them, I’m emotionally stable, I just want to get fucked) My peers seem to think I am “too mature” and I’m basically looking for a guy who I can have sex with that is not in my ‘circle of people’ so that I don’t have to deal with any of the relational niceties.

Before I ramble on too much longer, I’ll wrap it up…. Is this really an abnormal thing for someone my age…? the fact that I want to experience carnal passion once and for all? I deeply, viscerally crave a good fucking. I am always so wrapped up in school work and deal with purely intellectual activities every waking second of the day– I feel I need to let it all out in bed.

What is your take on all of this, r/sex? Should I go through with it? Just the idea of it turns me on so much…

edit- To clarify, I’m not looking for a life changing experience, I think it’s just unhealthy to go without sex for such a long time when you have these urges.

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I feel like a complete idiot

Dear Reddit

I need to confess something because I feel really really bad right now. I am a 19 year old male, with anxiety and a bit of depression, I never had a girlfriend, had sex only with hookers, I’m not very fat, violent, disgusting, I’m just shy and like the socially awkward penguin.

I thought ”fuck it” , I don’t know what I had in mind, I just went to a pon theater, where a guy started touching me, I ended up told him to stop, then I offered another guy a blowjob. He didn’t finish, I watched some porn quickly. Then I left, with all sort of shit going on in my head. I bought an antiseptic mouth washing product.

I feel really weird, don’t take me wrong, I’m not ”extremiste/homophobe/etc…” I just feel like getting touched by a guy in a theater than sucking another guy and allow him to touch me (no penetration) is a huge mistake that is going to haunt me. I’m afraid that I will wake up tomorrow and kill myself or something.

I feel really terrible about this, and I just had to get this out of my chest, I am sorry for my english it’s not my native language and I apologize if this thread is shitty, I just feel like, like I’d like to never have done this…

TL;DR : Socially liberal akward and very anxious guy sucked some unknown dude in a shitty movie theater and feel like killing himself

ALSO : I usually masturbate to some hard porn, maybe it’s not worth saying it, I feel like I just want to hug those females pornstars. Just hug.

It’s late, I did not eat anything and I am hungry, I am in a new city and I feel completely emotionally/sexually fucked up piece of shit.

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[male] I feel like sex for women seems 150x better than it is for me (immensure pleasure DURING sex, and orgasms that send them into orbit) while for males its just meh during, and the orgasm feels pretty good for like 10 seconds. Why are men the ones that are always seeking out sex all the time?

Edit: I dropped a )

Obviously i’m not saying that all guys or girls do or don’t do that, but it seems like males are the ones that are going out of their way to find women to sleep with, and it’s a huge deal when it might happen, and females are just casual about it and if it doesn’t happen it’s no big deal (just speaking from experience when girls i’ve thought would want to are just kinda passive and don’t feel like it).

I feel like this is kind of hard to explain without sounding sexist, or without sounding like im generalizing male or females, so I hope you get what i’m trying to say.

Obviously there are exceptions, but it seems that every guy I know is actively pursuing multiple girls, and then the girls that i know that are fucking gorgeous and could snag any guy they wanted just put forth no effort. It just blows my mind how I can see a girl have an orgasm that changes her life and she can just be ok with not having another one for weeks, where as an orgasm for a guy is far, far less pleasurable and it’s just like “ok, I wanna fuck her, how can I fuck her, I have to fuck her now”.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that girls know that guys will come to them, i dunno.

Females, please give me some insight.

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Women. What are the signals you attempt to send men your interested they never seem to catch on to?

I was at the gas station the other day with a friend. She said that girl over there is checking you out. I said me no way. She responds oh yeah watch. She’s gonna toss her hair back and look at you to see if you have noticed her yet. Sure enough seconds later just as predicted. I’m a very shy guy just now becoming comfortable with myself. That blew my mind to think I have been missing these non verbal communications most of my life. Perhaps it works vis versa. I can tell when a guy is after a girl but who can’t haha.

So lady’s lets have it then. In baseball terms whats your steal home sign!

Edit: Apparently there’s more bro’s on here then girls or I haven’t made it to there post yet.

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Fighting the urge for f-buddies, need advice.

Sometimes I just want to fuck my guy friends. I’m a girl and I’m 19. I haven’t had sex in about half a year and I’ve found that no matter how horny I get, I don’t want to hook up with some random hot frat guy. I just want to have sex with my guy friends. It’s weird because usually I’m not attracted to them at all and would much rather fuck the hot stranger. I don’t want a fuck buddies situation because that would complicate things. But lately I have literally been mentally fighting myself so that I don’t pounce on one of them. HELP ME

TL;DR I get the urge to pounce on my guy friends, and I’m tired of fighting myself to stop.

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Handjob advice.

It seems to be fairly common for women to be frustrated or confused by how hard it can be to get a guy off with their hands. I’ve also noticed that a lot of women are doing it wrong, or at least the hard way. I don’t have a one-size-fits-all magic solution for any guy, as it doesn’t exist any more than one exists for going down on any woman. I can, however, offer a different mindset that can make it easier on you as you get down to figuring out your partner.

The number one thing to understand is this: you do NOT need to jerk the shit out of a guy’s cock to get him off.

Yes, I know it’s how we do it. But that’s because when we’re doing it ourselves, we have particular advantages and weaknesses; specifically, we know exactly how it feels, but we also have to do the work, and we can’t surprise ourselves. The quick jerk works for most of us under these circumstances. It won’t be as effective for you.

You, on the other hand, might not know exactly what we’re feeling, but you do have the ability to surprise us, to provide us with sensations we can’t give ourselves, and we’re able to relax while you take care of us. There’s a lot you can do with that, if you go about it the right way.

The key is to think of a handjob as a cock massage, essentially. Not a wank. Use both hands. Use lube. Use different touches, movements, pressures, rhythms. Don’t neglect the balls and groin. Give him some variety, but don’t let it get random or switch up too much. Take your time. Speed is NOT an important factor at all. You can bring a guy to orgasm countless ways with very slow hands.

Now, as I said, every guy will be different, and to some extent you’ll just have to take time to explore and read your partner to figure out what works. If you’d like ideas though, go watch porn. There are a lot of handjob videos and compilations out there you can check out for inspiration. Sometimes the girl with get the guy off by flailing away at his dick; congratulations to her, I guess, but she did it the hard way. You, I’m sure, would prefer to avoid the arm cramps, especially since you’re not getting paid, right?

So look a little deeper for the slow handjob vids. There are plenty of them out there. Wifey (from Wifey’s World) has given her fair share of slow (sometimes VERY slow) handies. “Femdom” handjob vids also seem to often feature more skilled ladies with good slow technique. If you really have a hard time finding any, PM me and I can probably point you to a few.

In any event, the idea is that it’s very possible to give a fantastic handjob – or at least explore for a while – in a sustainable way that won’t exhaust you within five minutes. It’s just a matter of going about it the right way.

Happy tugging. 🙂

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About to join a couple in a MFM threesome…

So I found a couple on craigslist that was looking for a straight male for a MFM threesome. There won’t be any guy on guy contact, it will be all about her.

For those of you that have had experience with this, how was it? Is it better to do it with a random couple than a couple you know? I’m meeting the female at a public place to chat for a bit, does this seem safe?

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

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After wearing a purity ring for five years, I had sex with my boyfriend and couldnt be more thrilled!

Hey r/sex! I’m sure you’ve all read a ton of “my first time” stories, but I’m super excited about mine and I figured you guys would be the perfect people to share it with!

When I was fifteen, I bought myself a purity ring and swore off all forms of sex until marriage. That was what both my church and my very Christian mother taught me was the right thing to do. Being a virgin on your wedding night was supposed to be the greatest gift you could give your husband.

After I started college, I realized that never having any sex until marriage is a bit ridiculous and unreasonable. Maybe oral sex could be a possibility eventually (although at that point I had never done more than kiss a guy), but I still imagined saving my PIV virginity as something special for my wedding night.

Then (at 20), I met this amazing guy who made me feel great about myself and I trusted him when he said he wouldn’t pressure me into having sex. Slowly he encouraged me to explore new things. He was the first guy that got me shirtless, first guy to finger my lady bits, first guy I experienced oral sex with. He made me realize that sex doesn’t have to be actual intercourse to be meaningful.

I flew to his house to visit this weekend. After sharing so much and feeling so close to him already, I decided I wanted to experience this next big step with him, too. Friday night, we had sex for the first time. It was amazing. Everything about the timing felt perfect and I knew I was ready. We did it again that night and four more times that weekend, and every time was fantastic. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to let go of what I thought was important in the past. I don’t feel any shame or regret, and I can’t wait to see him again to have more sexy times!

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All right Reddit: Explain boobs to a gay guy.

Yes, this post is a bit tongue in cheek, but still. ..I’m curious. As a gay guy, they LITERALLY might as well be an elbow or a knee: They simply do NOTHING and have NEVER done anything for me. Not in the slightest. Not even a tiny chub has ever resulted.

I had sex for two years with a girl in highschool (she knew I was gay the whole time..long story), and that was amazing, but let’s face it: Friction is friction to a penis, and 6 million yeas of the penis and the vagina evolving together have produced a stunningly perfect partnership! Her boobs? Meh. They were there.

So, I know how much I love a good chest/shoulders etc on a guy, so I’m sure I KINDA understand, but explain boobs to me:

What do they do to you? Can you really not look away? How important are they? How long have you been attracted to them?

So yeah…anyway. Post away. Additionally, if no serious answers come to you, feel free to be as poetic or as silly as you want in your responses. Have some fun. But I am still curious…I’m trying to put myself in your shoes and I simply can’t imagine them being sexual at all. (Yes, I guess I am THAT gay!)

EDIT: I just realized Spellcheck does not catch the error in “all Right” instead of “alright” because, of course, nothing is mispelled. DOH!!!!

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A hot straight stud and his first cock!

Cole is a straight guy with a wild side. He attended a Bound In Public shoot a month ago and had such a good time that he volunteered to be the sub for this group of horny gay men. This straight stud jumps at the chance to suck cock and the onlookers jump at the chance to let him. He gets licked by nearly every guy in the room and then strung up on top of copper plates as electricity surges through his feet lifting him into the air. For his reward he gets four hard dicks in his mouth and loads of cum from the audience.

How to help my boyfriend realise that this happens to everyone?

We’ve been together for over a year and recently something has changed. He has no problem of getting an erection during foreplay but as soon as it start’s to progress into anything more he immediately loses it. I’ve told him that it’s completely normal and it’s just due to recent stress. However, being a guy, he blames himself and can’t accept that it happens to every guy. He doesn’t realise by doing this that it’s probably only making it worse.

So /r/sex, how do I show him this is normal, and how do I help him overcome it?

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I [M] did my gf with a strapon the other day.

I thought I would do this writeup for science, as I have never read any similar accounts.

Some time ago, my gf and I got into pegging. I bought a strapon for her to use, and I enjoyed it when she used it on me. It was one designed for women, and was a thong style harness.

In fact, this is the exact strapon. http://www.amazon.com/California-Exotics-Double-Ring-Harness/dp/B002JINP44/ref=sr_1_1?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1337396888&sr=1-1

The strapon itself looked pretty sexy in its own right, and over time I got to thinking of how kinky it might be if I wore it and used it on my gf. A lot of people seem to interpret pegging as something of a gender role reversal situation: a girl penetrating a guy, rather than a guy penetrating a girl. But a guy using a feminine strapon seemed to me to also be a role reversal: a guy penetrating a girl with a toy designed for a girl to use on guys or other girls, in effect, “playing the role of a lesbian”. Something within that dynamic just seemed really kinky and intriguing to me and I wanted to give it a try.

I did internet searches trying to find out if people had done this. There were people who used strapons designed for males with erectile disfunction with hollow dildos, and I found one person who used a strapon after a nasty bout of cancer. But these didn’t seem to be similar scenes as the one I’d created in my head. I’m a healthy young guy, and just because it was kinky, I simply wanted to wear my gf’s strapon and fuck her with it like she did to me. I thought it would be fun to get more of an idea of what it was like when she wore and used the strapon on me.

I told her I wanted to try it and she agreed. When it came time, I adjusted the straps, and simply put the front part over my genitals. No “tucking” or awkward folding involved. Penis and balls were held up on my front, from the crotch and front part of the strapon, just as if I were wearing briefs. The front part/base of the strapon pushed against the underside of my erect penis as I pushed in and out.

I initially thought that the pressing of the strapon and harness against my genitals could potentially be uncomfortable during fucking, but that wasn’t the case at all. Although I wasn’t having direct stimulation to the head or anything like that, it was actually pleasurable to have the strapon pressing against the underside of my erect penis and balls, and to have the pressure vary. It was kinky and arousing to think that I was wearing the strapon, fucking my gf, and it was especially sexy to see her enjoying it! I guess it was a similar sensation to just putting your palm and fingers flat against the penis and balls and pressing slowly and firmly repeatedly (but not enough to be at all painful). It’s a pleasurable feeling, but in more of a subdued and less direct way.

All in all, we did this for awhile, and eventually shifted to me taking the strapon off and us using the real thing. It was kinky, enjoyable, and arousing, but probably not something we are going to work into our regular routine. It did not tire me out at all to use it, and if there were a situation where I was finished for the night, but my gf really wanted to continue, I could see this being a fun option relative to anything else I could do to continue her pleasure.

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UPDATE: I am the guy whose GF told him he would make a great "cuckold". Here is the update.

I had a few requests and PM’s from my previous post here on Reddit about my girlfriend at the time who told me one day, quite abruptly that I would “make a good cuckold”.

Here is the original thread: http://www.reddit.com/r/sex/comments/sfzsj/omg_out_of_the_blue_my_gf_just_told_me_i_would/

So, we have talked quite a few times since then and the short version of the story is that we broke up.

She did not really seem upset and it came out (through a friend of hers) that she had been cheating on me for a while with another guy.

Call me stupid or nieve but I never saw any of this coming, and the first I heard about her not being happy was the comment that started the original thread.

I seem to think that it was the guy she was cheating with who perhaps gave her the idea of the whole thing and perhaps even introduced her to the idea.

I initially thought she was doing it simply to hurt me, but it turns out, she actually would be into doing this with me and her new boyfriend. (I am guessing they are now going out)

I told her where to go and have since not continued communication with her and blocked her on Facebook etc.

The flip side of this was that she actually owed me money.. She had refused/made excuses not to pay for ages and she left her laptop at my place.

After it all came out she had been cheating on me, I wiped her laptop and sold it to reclaim the money she owed me. (And that I knew I would of NEVER otherwise got back at that point)

Maybe a douche thing to do, but I think she deserved it..

She was not happy when she found out.. Turns out she had some work on there for some project. Well, I guess thats what happens when you lie and cheat on someone who always tried to be a good guy to you.

Anyway, thats the update, I didn’t want anyone hanging who wanted to hear what has happened so far, and thanks to a few of you who have sent really nice messages of support etc.

People of Reddit, this has taught me two things:

1) You all rock. (I knew that anyway)

2) Don’t settle for less than I deserve.. I tried for a long time to “make it work” with her.. And looking back I realized thats what I was doing. I should of just moved on.

If there are any girls who read this, i’d be interested to know how you would feel if a friend of yours did this to their BF? Her friend is actually kind of on my side about the whole thing..

EDIT: I accidentally a word.

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How to bring outfits and other kinky stuff into sex?

Ok so here is the deal.. I’m pretty new at this whole kinky stuff and I recently went out and bought some “sexy” outfits to dress up in for my boyfriend.. He knows about them but I am not really sure how i should go about showing him or when to put it on.. Also he has mentioned that he would like to use toys during sex on me but when we are in the middle of it he never brings it up (he’s a guy so he’s focused on other stuff lol) but i feel really shy bringing it up… And if you guys have any ideas on how to spice things up let me know. I am open to try anything!

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massaging his balls

IAMA F wondering if fellow redditors M & F can shed some light on the issue of massaging a mans balls. My guy absolutely loves this but had made the comment that most women that he had been with won’t do it or are somewhat weirded out at the request to do so. I very much enjoy doing this for my partner because it is something that drives him bonkers. I can’t understand why one wouldn’t want to do this for their partner if it is known that it will bring them so much pleasure? Women: Will you do this for your guy? Men: how important is this to you?

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