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Sex News: Netflix warning, Peter Thiel’s unethical herpes trial, Insecure’s sexplosion, more

  • “This year’s Netflix series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On is a look at young women who enter the adult video industry. … “We have received nearly a dozen reports of adult performers who say they were manipulated, coerced or lied to during the production of Netflix’s Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On,” Siouxsie Q. James, director of policy and industry relations for FSC, said in a statement.”
    * Porn Biz Warns Performers About Netflix’s Hot Girls Wanted (LA Weekly)
  • “… Wait, what?! Hold on. Did the show accidentally travel to 1992? Is this an outtake from that Jamie Foxx movie Booty Call? The fact that Tiffany’s interest in blow jobs is equated to whiteness is hilariously tone deaf. Blow jobs are a very basic component of having sex. The idea that black women are against them seems ripped from bad stereotypes about a previous generation. …”
    * Insecure Recap: Sexplosion (Vulture)

  • “This week, the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved a cornerstone of the law, an adult video film permit. The $ 1,671 document will allow producers to make videos for two years. It will also allow county health inspectors to visit sets and make sure condoms are being used.”
    * It Now Costs $ 1,671 for Permission to Film a Porno (LA Weekly)

    “The only real winners since the passage of Measure B have been lawyers and moralists. … Predictably, the measure’s primary effect has been to drive the industry out of the county, which might make those particularly concerned about the moral purity of L.A. County happy, but does absolutely nothing to protect adult film performers overall.”
    * Porn producers should be heard by L.A. County officials (Los Angeles Daily News)

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  • “On Sunday, The Wrap published an explosive article from [Joss Whedon ex-wife] Kai Cole, stating that Whedon cheated on her with “actresses, co-workers, fans and friends” throughout their 16-year marriage. She paints an unsettling picture of a man who allegedly exploited his feminist reputation to behave like a stereotypically creepy Hollywood producer, sleeping with young actresses while lying to his wife.”
    * Joss Whedon’s Alleged Sex Scandals May Destroy His Feminist Image (Daily Dot)
  • “The teenage daughter of a police dispatcher at the center of a Northern California sexual misconduct scandal involving two dozen officers has filed a lawsuit against one of the law enforcement agencies, her attorney announced Friday. … She alleges that she had sexual encounters with four Richmond Police officers in exchange for protection from arrest and tipoffs to prostitution operations. She also alleges a fifth officer fondled her. Several officers face criminal charges.”
    * Teen sues Northern California police over sex scandal (Washington Post)

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I went down on a girl, she stopped me and then told me she had herpes…

I met this girl recently and we had been seeing each other for a bit, anyways last night she came over and we were rolling around a bit and eventually got to the point when I started going down on her.

She stops me after a couple of minutes and didn’t really want to say what was wrong and after a bit of time finally told me that she had contracted herpes from a guy in the past, who she had asked to have an STI screen and lied about it hence giving it to her.

I realise that herpes can be caught from skin to skin contact when the virus was shedding however (I’m actually a bit of a hypochondriac) and I am stressing out a bit on what my odds are of having caught it. I realise symptoms take anywhere between 2-21 days to appear but yeah she was taking suppressants for the virus, and I guess I’m asking… am in trouble here? Herpes has always been one of the things that scared me most in terms of STI’s apart from AIDS and now I may have it.

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Small bumps on vulva.. no idea what they are?

Hi sexxit, so I’ve got a bit of a problem and I’m kind of freaking out. First off, I will see a doctor, but I was just wondering if anyone here could provide some information in the meantime to possibly calm me down a bit. I noticed these really small bumps on my vulva (kind of near the vaginal opening) a while ago and have no idea what they are. They are not overly red, are not open sores, and don’t hurt. They don’t seem to fit the symptoms of herpes due to the fact they have been around longer than herpes outbreaks supposedly last, they aren’t open sores/don’t hurt, and they have not really changed at all since I noticed them. They also don’t look anything like the usual genital warts pictures I am finding online. Any idea what this could be?? Googling herpes or genital warts comes up with pictures/info that don’t seem to fit my situation entirely, and just googling bumps on vulva mostly returns pages of women complaining of cyst-like bumps which is also not at all what I have! Halp! FYI I have had unprotected sex with one partner, he is supposedly STD free but I know words are not always fact. I could probably provide photo reference as well if it’s really necessary but they are pretty small and may not show up that well on camera.

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I may have the herp. Help me out.

Hey guys! Recently I’ve noticed a bunch of little red dots in my public region. From above the base of my penis extending all the way to my belt line. They’re slightly itchy from time to time, but not at all painful in any way.

I’ve had 3 partners total, all of which I’m quite sure did not have GENITAL herpes. But I think it may have been transmitted from oral sex from my 3rd and current partner or something, if this is in fact herpes.

What do I need to know if this is herpes? I’m kinda scared, but really it doesn’t seem like THAT big of a deal. Herpes seems like more of an annoyance than anything, no?

Basically just looking for information, questions I should ask when I go in for my test, etc.

Thanks, guys! xposted this to /r/STD too.

EDIT: Forgot to mention I am going to get tested tomorrow. Don’t worry guys, I’m not stupid.

EDIT #2: Terrible quality iPhone 3G picture showing effected area below my beltline. No penis for those who are oh so worried about that. This is like directly below my bellybutton — http://i.imgur.com/BIu92.jpg

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Can we put Herpes into perspective here?

In my experience browsing Reddit I have noticed a lot of fear and disgust when it comes to Herpes. I’m here to try to convince you guys to simmer down and think about what it is you are all freaked out about by throwing down some facts.

1.) You might already have herpes and not even know it. Yep, you read that correctly. About 80 percent of the population has oral herpes (HSV1) (which can be spread to genitals via oral sex) and roughly 1 in 6 Americans have genital herpes (HSV2). In some cases, the infection can spread without ever showing symptoms. This circumstance is propagated by the fact that when you go to your sexual health center for a routine STI check you will not be tested for herpes for a few reasons:

a.) If it’s asymptomatic it’s difficult to detect in the bloodstream

b.) It requires a specific blood test, and blood tests don’t grow on trees, y’know

c.) The medical establishment is not concerned about HSV2 the way it is about other STI’s because, for all intents and purposes, there are NO complications (other than the slim chance of meningitis type complications that can arise from the infection of any virus). Thus, if you have never had a cold sore of blister, there is no reason to assume that you are clean unless you go to your doctor and specifically ask to be tested for the disease (and even then the test may not find it in the bloodstream).

2.) You will be exposed to herpes in your lifetime. Let’s crunch some numbers. First, your average person has sex with 9 partners in their lifetime. As I’ve already mentioned, 1 in 6 Americans are estimated to be infected with HSV-2 (genital herpes). 9 is a bigger number than 6 – and I’m only referring to HSV2 here.

Your chances of being exposed HSV1 herpes is way higher. Unless you are philematophobic, the number of people you kiss in your lifetime will be higher than the number of people you fuck, and, as we’ve seen, 80 percent of the population has oral herpes. Math!

3.) The worst part of HSV2 is the social stigma. I have herpes (obviously, or else I wouldn’t care to write this little rant). And I can tell you from experience that it’s NOT a big deal. I will break out with a small blister for about a five to seven days out of every couple years. Outside of those five to seven days I notice no discernible evidence of my infection whatsoever.

Despite this, I fear and loathe the “I have herpes” conversation with any potential significant other because I know that there is a huge distortion of the disease in society. It doesn’t help to visit message boards such as /r/sex or /r/STD and see the vitriol against people with herpes spewed by randoms who are clearly misinformed about the nature of the disease.

4.) Oral herpes and genital herpes are the same thing. The only difference is that one virus likes to live at the base of the spine and infect the genital area and the other likes to live in the nervous system nearer to the brain and infect the mouth. If you get cold sores, you probably have herpes.

Also, here’s a fun fact: While it’s possible (albeit fairly unlikely) for a person infected with oral herpes to spread it to their sexual partner’s genitals via oral sex, it is only hypothetically possible for the disease to spread from genital to oral. The last time I had a conversation with a doctor about this she told me that in her career she had never seen evidence of the latter.

Those of you who get cold sores (80 percent of you have it, so I know you’re reading this!) I have question for you: Do you warn any prospective make-out partners of your condition before letting them kiss you?

I ask because I feel the moral duty to tell any potential SO of my HSV-2 infection before we get it on, and if I’m going to have to go through that every time I decide to date somebody new, I feel it’s only fair that you oral herpes kids do the same for us.

4.) That Alzheimer’s-Herpes connection is fully regarding HSV1, you guys. If you are concerned about developing Alzheimer’s and the study I linked to worries you, it will do you no good to get worked up about fucking somebody who is infected with HSV2 when the real culprit is HSV1. Please don’t stigmatize those infected with genital herpes further by claiming it can lead to Alzheimer’s.

Which in turn means: If this study is on the right track, the impetus on those with oral herpes to warn anybody they are going to kiss, share a glass, fork or chapstick with that they have the disease is actually quite serious considering they might be spreading not only the propensity for cold sores but the propensity to develop Alzheimer’s later in life.

TL;DR – Herpes is not leprosy, so can we please ease off on the negative stigma?

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I believe I have oral herpes, but the results keep coming back inconclusive…

Does anyone know how long it could potentially take for oral herpes to come back as positive after being infected with the virus? If I was infected, it would’ve been in February 2010. I started having sores in my mouth shortly after. It hurt quite a bit last fall, and now it’s just very mild, on and off. I maybe notice the sores once every month or two. I’ve been tested for everything, it’s all negative except oral herpes has come back inconclusive 3 times. The doctor doesn’t know what I have. Is it normal for the test to keep coming back as inconclusive over a year after transmission?

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Friend is talking to a girl with an infectious disease, but its more complicated than that. What do?

/r/sex, I’m in a tough spot. One of my best friends in the world is making moves toward dating a girl with herpes simplex 1 (oral herpes, hence the throw away account). I previously had an enormous crush on said female, but knowledge of her affliction destroyed that. Perhaps that makes me shallow; I’m prepared to deal with the consequences of that. My concern is that telling him would come off as petty jealousy.

But the long and short of it is that she has an incurable, transmutable disease and, if it were not for my prior interest, I would feel obligated to share this knowledge with him. My current course of action is not to tell him; I have reason to believe they’ve kissed already anyway. What would you suggest?

tl;dr – A close friend is trying to date a former crush who has mouth herpes. Should I tell him or let it be?

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Oral and STDs

Sexxit, please excuse my 90 years old ignorance and share your collective wisdom. What would happen if I eat a vagina that has herpes for example? or some of the other ones with funky names. Thank you!

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