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Where can I find erotica written in the female, second person perspective? And possibly audio-only smut?

Preferably plotless- oneshots, no names, etc. I could care less if its F on M or F on F.

I’ve figured out that I really enjoy reading smut, moreso than images or video, but I need stuff that’ll help with my fantasizing, second person and all. I’m also looking for just… y’know, sounds. Moans and stuff. I’ve gone over to gonewildaudio but it’s often too grainy for me since I’m a ridiculous audiophile. Is there any high quality stuff out there?

Sorry if this is all a bit vague.

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Shaving down there (F)

Well, I’m new to the whole, shaving your lady bits thing, but my SO suggested it (although he doesn’t really mind either way) and I kinda wanna try it. Anyway, I did, and it left such bad irritation, and I realize it was completely my fault, but after looking it up on the internet it’s highly suggested to use a shaving cream and not soap. So do you guys have any suggestions for that? I don’t really have a lot of money to spend on this, so the cheaper the better to be honest… but you know I’m willing to spend a little money on myself. Is there any tips you can offer?

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How the heck do you enjoy Skype sex?

I’m a 22 year old female with a long distance boyfriend. The Skype sex is very new to us since we weren’t always long distance, and I have the hardest time enjoying it. I love watching and hearing him get turned on and everything, but I cannot get myself off. And I NEVER have issues getting myself off. My girlfriends don’t have much advice except for “invest in a vibrator,” but that’s not the solution I’m looking for. I’m just not mentally stimulated so I don’t stay wet; I don’t get anywhere near an orgasm.

I think I have some sort of mental block about masturbating in front of a camera. If that’s it, has anyone dealt with this kind of situation and can anyone give me some ideas and advice?

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A girl laughed at my penis and now my esteem has reached an all-time low

After three months of dating and feeling pretty happy about where things were going, I was finally invited to her bed. I had allready admited that it was my first time but she seemed fine with it. She even said that it was kind of cute to have the pleasure of teaching me the ways and some other stuff like that.

We made out for a bit before she instructed me to strip. I guess she wanted to assess the equipment and evaluate me as a bed partner or something along those lines. I guess this is what most women do, right? So I undress myself until I’m standing there in just my underwear at which point she steps forward and pulls them down. I was pretty nervous but thrilled that fortune was finally coming my way. I wait for a moment to see what happens next and she sort of gasps and steps back and says that she has never seen one like mine before. I was circumcised when I was younger. I never really bothered with my genitals when I was younger. I can’t speak for the rest of the world but men don’t compare part where I live, so for years I never knew about the foreskin and all that. It never retracted, even when erect so I thought it was all in working order. When I learned about how it was meant to pull back, I tried it on myself but the pain was incredible, so I got it checked and I had an operation a couple of months later. That was when I was 17. Those who are circumcised at birth have it way easier. Waking up in the middle of the night with an erection that you got in your sleep when none of the stitches have disolved yet is not pleasant to say the least. There is a slight scar and some excess tissue left from where it turned out that my foreskin was fused with the glans since birth, but everything works fine, or so I thought.

Fast forward something like eight years and here I am standing completely nude in front of this girl who can’t stop staring. She started laughing a bit, although it was more of a nervous giggle I guess, but she asked me to put my clothes on and said that she couldn’t be sure that I was clean. I explained it was just scar tissue and that there was no way I could have caught anything as I’d never been with anyone else before, but she said she had to think about it and asked me to leave. I felt completely worthless. I do not think that I have ever felt so weak before. If this is what emasculation feels like then it is not fun. I really need some advice on how to solve this mutant of a body part I have.

Edit: Thank you all for the words of encouragement. All of you have been very kind and I can safely say that I feel ready to face the world again.

2nd Edit: Again I thank everybody who has shown some encourgement, and it has made me feel much better about my situation after others revealed they are in a similar position. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable with the constant use of the word “bitch” all of the time though. I’m upset that what happened happened, but I don’t want to be mean to her or any other lady out there. Thank you again though :).

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Good in bed?

[20]f w/ [25]m sex is awesome…but I feel likehe lied to me about how I am in bed.

We basically have sex at least once a day if not more on workdays and even more on the weekends. Sex is amazing. It’s the best sex I’ve ever had honestly. I told him as much multiple times and he usually just goes yeah. But yesterday and today I definitely said it again, cause he worries that someone else could be better, not likely. And I flat out said, “babe, the best sex I’ve ever had has been with you.” he stuttered a reply and then said he agreed, but it sounded like he was remembering someone he had better sex with. Im not sure why this bothers me, as we’ve talked about getting married and he’s said I’m the last person he wants to sleep with ever, but I feel like now I could be better in bed and I don’t know how to be. I’ve told him to be more vocal about what he likes and what feels good but he just says it all does.

Tldr: am I thinking too much about this/what can I do to be better if I’m not the best?

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My sex life went from almost nothing to totally insane really fast and Im afraid of what its doing to me

I’m worried this might be long and rambley… oh well.

So I made a post on reddit like a month ago about my first threesome. In fact it was the 3rd time having sex ever and I did it with 2 fairly close (now really close) friends. I was so nervous after but I was even more excited. I had a lot of fun and I really loved it. Background info: I’m a girl, in grade 10, and it was with 2 guys.

I was not a sexual girl at all up until then. My other 2 times with sex was with a long term boyfriend and it was nice but not very exciting. Well, since then me and the 2 guys have been together maybe 12 times. It’s like 3 times a week for a month now. One of the guys’ parents both work at night and he has no siblings so we always have a place to go and it’s regular. I have been having so much fun and been so happy lately. So far, only very close friends know and as far as I can tell, news hasn’t gotten out but I think that’s getting harder to watch.

It isn’t just the 3 of us all the time now. Last week I found out one of them had a friends with benefits thing going on with another girl who most people know is kind of slutty anyway. So they asked me if she could join us. I have never been even curious about girls before. I think girls are beautiful but I was never attracted to them. I told them she could come if we could trust her not to tell anyone and I wouldn’t do anything with her. She did join us and it was wierd at first but she was so comfortable with it. Basically it was like the guys were in 2 threesomes because me and her didn’t even touch each other. I was kind of wierded out. But by the end, one of the guys was really fucking her and seeing her face and body move and be so happy was really exciting for me. Seeing a girl get pleasured and have an orgasm was seriously the most arousing thing I ever saw. I got so excited I begged one of my friends to join us next time. I told her all about this from the start and she was a bit jealous and happy for me. She agreed and the four of us had a real foursome. We didn’t do much, just kissed a little and used our hands on each other but it was so different and so exciting.

That was just a few days ago. She’s still excited and wants to do it again. That’s cool, but getting so many people involved is making me think a lot more about how much more likely it is that it’s going to get out. I’ve really been considering how I’ll feel when that happens and everyone is pointing at me and calling me a slut and giving me this reputation I’ll never shake. I just don’t want to have to fight that and deny it and always worry about who thinks what about me. I’m seriously thinking it would be easier to just say fuck it, yes I’m a slut, and own up to it. A big part of me really wants to just embrace it and really dive into sex even more. I’ve never been so constantly happy all the time like I have been lately. But should I really do that? It’s so hard because everything I’m told says I should be ashamed of this and being called a slut is the worst thing ever.

Someone told me to come here because this is the place where someone might have a good answer for me. Is it worth it to have a reputation like that in high school and beyond just to have a great time? I don’t feel like I could go back to being sexless, conservative, old me now but I don’t want everyone to know I have secret sex all the time….

Anyone? Thank you…

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"I went to a shrink. To analyze my dreams. She says its lack of sex. Thats bringing me down" Do you think lack of sex can turn you insane? Does life feel meaningless to you when you dont have an active sex life?

The quote is from a Green Day song. I just like quoting songs as my username might show.

I haven’t had a proper (regular sex, at least once a month) sex life since 2008/2009 and I’m missing it so much that it sometimes makes me feel like my other achievements (professional, artistic…) are tasteless and meaningless. I’m a 24-year-old female. I’m getting kinda embittered and moody as I’m feeling deprived of one of the most intense part of the human experience. What do you think about it ?

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After a lot of thought, Ive figured out why I like looking at porn while in a relationship. Its a lot simpler than I thought.

I like feeling aroused.

Just like how I like reading jokes or looking at reddit to laugh, or the feeling of satisfaction from learning something new… It’s just that simple.

Yes, I like seeing and talking about sex and nudity.. but its not because I have some kind of crush on a porn star, or that I’m not attracted to my wife, or that I’m not sexually satisfied.. its just that I like seeing things that arouse me.

So guys or ladies, if you’re feeling down because your SO likes porn, don’t feel bad about yourself and don’t get mad at them. It has nothing to do with your attractiveness or your relationship.

We all just like feeling alive and variety is the spice of life, of course.

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my girlfriend wants to plunder my ass with a dildo i bought her for her birthday, anyone been through something similar?

i find it kind of hilarious, and at the same time, im confused as shit. i know all about prostate induced orgasms but there is no way i want the analogue of a dick in my ass.

i would love to hear similar stories and experiences. im open to the idea of assplay but not having a dildo rammed up there, surely im not the only one?

EDIT* im fine with the gay notion people are mentioning, i don’t see it as gay to have my girlfriend play with my ass but i don’t want a penis shaped dildo inside me.

EDIT 2* dear god you people love pirate themes. i’m glad you all enjoy the term ‘plunder’ particularly when in relation to my anal virginity.

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26 years old, still a virgin. Goddammit.

First of all, I do not consider myself a “forever alone” type, I’m just really late in the game. I am fit, tall, reasonably attractive, and independent. Unfortunately my ultra-religious upbringing really fucked me over with regards to getting laid.

I’ve been a hard-line atheist now for about 3 years, but before that I was fully subscribed to the “save yourself for marriage” bullshit. In my Christian social scene it was very positive to have never had sex unless you were married. This resulted in most of my secretly horny Christian friends getting married between the ages of 17 (!) and 21. Most of them are in unhappy marriages now, not surprisingly. Anyway, through my teen years I had hardwired myself to avoid any physical contact with girls, not to mention avoiding masturbation (I once went a full year with no jerking off, and at 15 years old, it was more awful than you can possibly imagine).

When I was about 22, I completely severed myself from my church, family, and friends by deciding that I was an atheist and “coming out”. I started going to lots of parties to meet new non-Christian people, which made me realize very quickly that I was years behind everyone else sexually. As it turns out, sex is kind of a big deal to people my age. Unfortunately I was having a lot of trouble fitting in, since my sexual experience was completely nil. I found myself in situations where I could have had sex with really attractive girls, but performance anxiety caused me to go cold and eject before things progressed. This has been going on for more than 3 years now, and I have only just recently built up enough confidence and knowledge to hook up with a girl and not have it be a disaster (hopefully).

I’m partially writing this to figure out where I’m at and what I need to do from here. I understand this may sound a bit pathetic to some people, but understand that I’m at a 16 year old’s level when it comes to sexuality. This is the kind of stuff I should have been thinking about 10 years ago… Dammit…

So, I understand the act of sex pretty well for not-having any first-hand experience. I understand the kinds of sensations I’d be dealing with, and the fact that there is a partner’s enjoyment to take into account. Even though I’m fairly confident in my stamina (fleshlight helps), I realize that I’ll probably need to spend a decent amount of time with foreplay and oral sex. I’ve talked to 2 close female friends about what needs to happen there, and I feel like I can probably take care of business pretty well. Any more tips are very welcome.

One priority now is finding ways to meet girls. My friends have mostly calmed down with regards to rowdy weekend activities, and my group has become slightly cliquish (not in an unfriendly way), so meeting girls through networking is really tough. Bars and clubs are an option, but I do have trouble just randomly approaching girls.

TL;DR – Grew up Christian where sex was icky and never discussed, ditched that nonsense, now trying to figure out WTF I am supposed to do with my weiner.

Anyway, like I said, I just needed to get this out. Only 3 people know about my situation, most of my friends just assume I just don’t make a big deal about how often I get laid. If asked, I’ve gotten pretty good at playing things off.

So if anyone has been in a similar situation, or if you have helpful tips, I’d appreciate the input!

EDIT: I really appreciate the advice, thanks guys! Plus, I should note that I’m not looking to get into a relationship right now (though that would be amazing), I just need to get this whole virginity thing out of the way.

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Update: Girlfriend Revealed Four Way

I posted this question about “coping” with my jealousy about my girlfriend’s past sexual activity. I received a lot of criticism (which I understand and accept) for my perceived closed-mindedness and verbal assault on her. I promised to provide an update (even though this is a throwaway and it wasn’t a popular post), so here it is.

We’re still together. She didn’t talk to me for about a week, because she wanted to get her head around things. She wasn’t “mad,” but was hurt that I had criticized her for hooking up with her best friend (who is a guy, but she’s bisexual) after she and I had started our romantic relationship. We were not exclusive, though, and I was out of line for being upset. She did lie about it, at first, but I understand her reluctance to trust my response.

We do have an issue that’s up in the air. We’re in a long distance relationship, and she is interested in casual sex with other men. She’s unusual in that she’s extremely blunt and open. I don’t think she sees these other guys as any more than sex toys. Predictably, I’m very reluctant to condone that, and (for now) she’s not going to cheat on me. I suppose it comes down to simple possessiveness, but I’m also concerned that something could develop, and I’d rather maintain a monogamous relationship.

Just to clear a couple of things up —

I never criticized her for having three-way and four-way encounters. I never slut-shamed her. I had poorly composed my initial post (I was drunk), and it did sound like I had criticized her for it.

I think open-mindedness has more to do with one’s willingness to change his mind and consider others’ opinions, than with simply accepting others’ values. I’m honestly not concerned with taking a defensive stand, but changing one’s mind and being nimble in that way is a virtue, in itself.

I’m not any better than she is, just because I’ve never had multiple partners at once. This isn’t about a double standard. I just had never had a relationship with someone who had had sex with two men (and three). I think most of us would have some sort of reaction, and I’m not sure the majority of them would be entirely neutral. I’m fallible.

So, I’m learning to suspend my initial reactions about other things, in the future. I do not have any issues with my girlfriend being promiscuous before me and understand that I’ve no right to judge her actions, absent any conflicting obligations.

I appreciate the responses, criticisms, and all. I came here looking for help and I think I got that.

Honestly, I just want to wake up each morning and be better than I was the day before.

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Anal question?

My boyfriend of two or so years and I have finally started experimenting with anal, and I absolutely love it. I just have a few question.. Whenever we start, even if I go to the bathroom before, I feel like I have to pee! It’s very frustrating, because I’m really enjoying myself, and I’d rather not think about my bladder. Is that normal?! I really want to keep experimenting with it, but I’m too nervous that something might go horribly wrong. I know he’d just laugh it off, and I would try to do the same, but idk. I was wondering if anyone else has had that experience with anal?

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