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Sex News: Backlash Kink Olympixxx, McDonald’s sex harassment, Yahoo’s antiporn tool


  • “U.K. obscenity lawyer Myles Jackman and feminist pornographer Pandora Blake have organized a protest called the “Backlash Kink Olympixxx,” slated for Oct. 17 outside of Parliament. Jackman and Blake, along with members from the Open Rights Group, NO2ID and Big Brother Watch, will be campaigning against the risks posed to personal privacy and sexual freedom by the Digital Economy Bill that is currently before U.K. lawmakers.”
    * ‘Backlash Kink Olympixxx’ Protest Slated for Oct. 17 in London (XBIZ)
  • Since Yahoo handled this, I’m sure everything will be fine. “Yahoo has open-sourced its deep learning network, which can be used to classify pornographic content on the Web. A picture of a woman covered from the neck down and standing in a field of flowers, for instance, earns a score of 0.001—about as inoffensive as it gets. A shirtless man walking on the beach, however, might draw a score of 0.074, while two bikini-clad female lifeguards running in the sand scores 0.116.”
    * Yahoo Open Sources Porn-Hunting Neural Network (PC Mag)
  • “It started when CBC learned about a stealth marketing campaign involving a drug company, a well-known Canadian comedian, a doctor and a public relations firm. … But nowhere did it say this “mission” was initiated and sponsored by Novo Nordisk Canada Inc., which makes a vaginal hormone pill. Nor did GCI’s release specify that [comedian Cathy] Jones was paid to give media interviews about vaginal atrophy.”
    * Ads disguised as news: A drug company’s stealth marketing campaign exposed (CBC)
  • McDonald’s ignored serious instances of sexual harassment ― including groping, propositioning and lewd comments ― endured by hourly workers in eight states, according to 15 separate complaints that restaurant cashiers and cooks filed with a federal agency over the past month.”
    * McDonald’s Workers Detail Horrifying Sexual Harassment (Huffington Post)

Thanks to our sponsor in Spain, women-run Lust Cinema.

  • “Since then, Dane does what he can to ensure that his clients are honest about their intentions. He previously used Rentboy.com, but federal regulators seized the site over a year ago, and its legal status today remains unclear. Once the most visible site for male escorts, Rentboy allowed them to check client reputations and block minors, providing a peek at what a regulated escorting marketplace might look like. Because their work is illegal, escorts face a near-total lack of access to the protections and professional services that other entrepreneurs take for granted, from marketing to legal advice to insurance and beyond. ”
    * Sex Workers Explain the Struggles of Running an Illegal Business (Vice)

Much gratitude to our thoughtful sponsor, Nubile Films.

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Kink Your Kindle: Erotic Paris, lust and espionage, sci-fi trysts, stepbrothers and bi-girls

Kink Your Kindle

To give a Kindle book as a gift:
In the Kindle Store, select the book you want to purchase as a gift.
On the product detail page, click the Give as a Gift button.
Enter the e-mail address of your gift recipient.
Enter a delivery date and an optional gift message.

Amazon has really fucked up search when it comes to finding or discovering quality erotica and sex titles. That’s why I started this series. My handpicked Kink Your Kindle selections follow strict standards. All fiction must have explicit, realistic sex within rich storylines that are framed by excellent storytelling, as well as complex and compelling characters. Sex acts can range from sweetly romantic to thoughtfully quick and dirty. All nonfiction must be accurate, nonjudgemental, and sex-positive, preferring an all-gender, all-orientation approach.

I hope that Kink Your Kindle helps to hack a path through the Kindle store’s overwhelming swamp of untalented fetish-spammers and inability to sort for quality, which dominates Amazon’s erotica and sex categories. I hope that through Kink Your Kindle you discover new authors you grow to love.


  • Coming Out Like a Porn Star: Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy ($ 9.99) edited by Jiz Lee
    “This revealing, moving, and often surprising collection lets you go deep inside the lives of generations of porn stars and explicit performers. It’s an absolute must-read for anyone interested in sex industry politics, sex-positive culture, and porn studies––and for anyone whose friend, lover, or family member has taken their pants off in front of a camera. One after the other, these memoirs add up to a powerful, if ironic, conclusion: Porn stigma is the biggest problem many adult performers face, and it is at least as likely to come from our feminist moms as from prudish conservatives. Once you’ve heard the clear, articulate voices of these porn stars, you’ll never look at a sex movie, or the people who make it happen, the same way again.” (— Carol Queen, PhD Real Live Nude Girl: Chronicles of Sex-Positive Culture)
  • Come as You Are: The Surprising New Science that Will Transform Your Sex Life ($ 11.99) by Emily Nagoski
    “Ever wondered if something’s wrong with you? What happened to your sex “drive”, or why you’re body’s arousal doesn’t match you’re brain’s, or just whether you’re normal? This book distills all the latest research about women’s sexuality into something that is immediately useful into people’s lives. As someone who struggles with changes in sexual function, I found the material life-changing. The writing is clear, friendly, accessible, and just a bit nerdy.” (Amazon review)
  • Sex Addiction: A Critical History ($ 21.80) by by Barry Reay
    “The concept of sex addiction took hold in the 1980s as a product of cultural anxiety. Yet, despite being essentially mythical, sex addiction has to be taken seriously as a phenomenon. Its success as a purported malady lay with its medicalization, both as a self-help movement in terms of self-diagnosis, and as a rapidly growing industry of therapists treating the new disease. The media played a role in its history, first with TV, the tabloids and the case histories of claimed celebrity victims all helping to popularize the concept, and then with the impact of the Internet.”
  • Dealing in Desire: Asian Ascendancy, Western Decline, and the Hidden Currencies of Global Sex Work ($ 16.17) by Kimberly Kay Hoang
    “At a time when ethnographers in sociology seem inclined to write sensationalist accounts designed for mass appeal, Hoang represents the relationship between sexual and economic relations in Vietnam with exceptional thoughtfulness, methodological self-reflection, and theoretical sophistication. The book beautifully examines the relationships among masculinity, femininity, power, sexuality, and financial transactions among Western and Vietnamese women and men, making clear the many ways that sex workers and their clients or patrons manipulate their relations to meet complex personal and economic needs. She respects her subjects enough to avoid feeding two most common tropes in common representations of Asian sex workers, the exotic doll and the helpless victim.” (Amazon review)


  • Paperback only, and so worth it: Horizontal Collaboration: The Erotic World of Paris, 1920-1946 ($ 39.95) by Mel Gordon
    “Mel Gordon, author of Voluptuous Panic, the celebrated history about the sex culture of Weimar Berlin, returns with a stunningly illustrated look at Paris, The City of Pleasure, prior to and during German occupation during World War II. The book Horizontal Collaboration encompasses the Jazz Age, Depression, World War and Occupation, and Liberation. It concludes with the shuttering of the licensed brothels in 1946, which some Parisian intellectuals thought was the final “destruction of French civilization”. Hundreds of images, most never before seen in a book, encompass this fascinating but little-known history.”
  • Even Deeper ($ 2.99) by Alison Tyler
    I’m hooked on the story of Jack, Samantha, and Alex. “This series is Ms. Tyler’s best writing to date, and the Paris trip in “Even Deeper” leaves you breathless, hot, and bothered. But this is just the start of their wicked journey in the heart of the city and later into a dizzying erotic foray into the French countryside. Stay tuned because it’s only going to get better! The only way it could be better is a print version to go with my paperback set.” (Amazon review) See also: Bent Over His Desk: Hot Office Kink($ 4.49)
  • Fierce Enchantments: Ten Erotic Tales of Myth, Magic and Desire ($ 7.99) by Janine Ashbless
    “One is struck by the sheer breadth of author Janine Ashbless’ inventiveness, her natural gift for storytelling honed to acute sharpness with rigorous intellectual focus and well-practiced craftswomanship. Covering all the archetypal bases from folk ballads, myth, legend, and fairytale to futuristic sci-fi, well-researched historical fiction, contemporary horror, paranormal thriller, and post-apocalyptic action-adventure, there’s something for everyone in this wondrously abundant, cerebrally and erotically stimulating, perpetually entertaining collection.” (Amazon review)

rough magick

  • Rough Magick ($ 3.99) by Francesca Lia Block
    “In Rough Magick, we have gathered together a collection of haunting, sometimes chilling, short stories and poems about the darker side of love and sex. Some of the stories are magical; some are more realistic and the “magic” comes through in language and lyricism. Some protagonists are teens and some are adults. There is romanticism and eroticism and even horror. What unites the stories is that the writers have boldly faced love’s shadows in unique and gripping ways.”
  • The Circlet Press Steampunk Bundle: Four Full-Length Novels & An Anthology ($ 5.99) edited by Elizabeth Schechter, Peter Tupper, Vinnie Tesla, Lionel Bramble, J. Blackmore
    “Five complete book-length works of steamy steampunk, available only until February 15th, 2016 in this bundle! A discreet brothel staffed by robots. A theatre that enacts your most secret fantasies. A mad scientist whose machines are powered by human arousal. A team of secret agents on a mission to the steam-shrouded jungles of Venus. “Elizabeth Schechter fuses diverse genres with such artful subtlety that we barely notice the genius at work before our eyes. Steampunk, erotica, fairytale romance, horror, sci-fi; Schechter does it all so deftly, blends it all so seamlessly, we are left wondering by what weird and wonderful magic such stories are created. “—Big Brain Erotica” Also: Buy direct from Circlet Press.

spy games

  • Spy Games: Thrilling Spy Erotica ($ 5.99) edited by Jillian Boyd
    “A scintillating collection of eclectic espionage-themed erotica… Ashton Peal starts things off with “The Sound of the Chime,” in which we experience how isolating spycraft can be. Stuck in her routine of spy protocols, Chime develops an illicit flirtation with Operator during their weekly phone calls. Then one night things go too far and everything changes. … In Anna Sky’s “Clean Lies,” Ciara enters a hotel suite disguised as a maid to install a high-tech device to steal information from a Scottish multimillionaire. When she’s caught in the act by the devilishly handsome rogue, she can either preserve her cover as a naughty maid and submit to a spanking — and maybe more — or she can get away while she can.” (Amazon review)
  • Step Beast: (Military Stepbrother Romance) ($ 3.99) by Selena Kitt
    “This book is so much more than I ever expected from it. Its dark yet sweet, gritty yet fun. There are enough twists to keep you reading ‘just a few more pages’ until you realize that the entire day/night is gone and you’re not at the end yet. I can’t really say more without giving major spoilers and this is the sort of book where you really want to go through the book because in each chapter it seems like you see a new facet of the one of main characters’ personalities. With books like this, Selena Kitt is rapidly becoming one of my favorite authors.” (Amazon review) See also: Peter and the Wolf (New Modern Wicked Fairy Tales; $ 0.99)

flight of the black swan

  • The Flight of the Black Swan ($ 2.99) by Jean Roberta
    “The Flight of the Swan, set in England and at sea during the time of the U.S. Civil War, more than lives up to the “bawdy” promise in its title. This is a story constantly in motion, as Emily learns about young love and lesbian sex, only to be parted from her Lucy very early on. She winds up on the Black Swan, a ship full of men who, due to their homosexuality, wouldn’t be welcome in the official English Navy ships. There is plenty of subterfuge and secrets that are slowly revealed, and Roberta slyly lets the reader in on both the jokes and the true emotion behind some of these secrets, which include cross-dressing. There is plenty of drama, love scenes and adventure as the ship’s crew fight to save themselves and battle for the cause of ending slavery, though their own thoughts on the topic are brought into relief when they encounter a former slave, Mary Ann.” (Amazon review)
  • Cathedral of Furs: Ardent Erotica Inspired by Anaïs Nin ($ 2.99) by Lana Fox
    “From taboo eroticism to ardent longing that ignites the page and makes the heart thump harder, no one writes passion like Anaïs Nin. That’s why erotic author and publisher Lana Fox created Cathedral of Furs — five ardent linked stories inspired by Anaïs Nin’s diaries. Much like Nin herself, the protagonist Arielle refuses to let her heart be bound by rules that make no sense for her. Thus she embarks on a journey of forbidden liaisons, exotic revelations, and courageous encounters that society would have her shun in spite of their heart-driven passion. “
  • Show Yourself to Me: Queer Kink Erotica ($ 6.99) by Xan West
    “Xan West introduces us to pretty boys and nervous boys, vulnerable tops and dominant sadists, good girls and fierce girls and scared little girls, mean Daddies and loving Daddies and Daddies that are terrifying in delicious ways. Submissive queers go to alleys to suck cock, get bent over the bathroom sink by a handsome stranger, choose to face their fears, have their Daddy orchestrate a gang bang in the park, and get their dream gender-play scene–tied to a sling in an accessible dungeon. Dominants find hope and take risks, fall hard and push edges, get fucked and devour the fear and tears that their sadist hearts desire. Within these 24 stories, you will meet queers who build community together, who are careful about how they play with power, who care deeply about consent.”
  • Under By Treaty (Alien Shapeshifter Romance; Qui Treaty Collection) ($ 3.99) by Kayla Stonor
    “This story manages to thread the needle … This difficult feat is accomplished through the use of the alpha submissive concept. Essentially, an alpha submissive can be described as a man who is normally dominant, but during the course of the story one special Domme figures out a way to bend him to her will — willingly, or otherwise. … The hero, General Jaden, is a hardened, bad-ass soldier, and the thought of submitting to anyone or anything is as alien to him as the mysterious and deadly invaders who’ve laid waste to large swaths of a future Earth. Kayla does a good job in setting the stage for what transpires later in the story, firmly establishing that Jaden doesn’t submit to anyone willingly. Enter Sonil, a beautiful, bewitching, and (despite her frequently indulged penchant for dishing out some serious pain), ultimately vulnerable heroine as the Domme. I loved her, and as a dominant male, that takes some doing for me to connect so strongly to a Domme in erotic fiction.” (Amazon review)


Wetware cover

  • Wetware: Cyberpunk Erotica ($ 3.89) edited by Violet Blue
    “Wetware ended far too soon. When I finished the last story, Synthetic Skin, my favorite of the seven, I was left wanting far more similar stories. I could easily read far more set in the worlds of Synthetic Skin; Bishop to King’s Pawn, Two; and Rough, Trade as well. Everything was hot, the plots underneath them all varied more than I’d imagined, and the small bits of cyberpunk culture recommendations in between worked wonderfully as transitions. This is the level of substance I want to read in more erotica collections. The lack of any stories that made me cringe or skim through only adds to it. The one time I thought a story would be gross is the time my expectations got tossed on their head. Wetware is simply fantastic.” (Amazon review)


  • ’tis the Season ($ 0.99) by Sommer Marsden
    “I sat down to read a few pages to see if it was what I wanted. Cup of coffee and a few oatmeal cookies later and I was all done, blinking and going “that’s all? But I wanted MORE…” This is a quick read, like 50 pages, but 50 steaming pages! Wow! I loved this novella … Natalie has a problem; the thermostat in her apartment is stuck open and her upstairs neighbor – her insanely hot, sexy, and unfortunately, attached, upstairs neighbor – is the local handyman. She goes up to ask him to fix it and discovers him… well, entertaining himself after a breakup… as per the usual Sommer Marsden read, hijinks ensue…” (Amazon review)
  • Holiday Kink: Dirty Christmas Quickies ($ 2.99) edited by Violet Blue
    “Sure, it took me a little while to get into it (see “Santa/Elf/Holiday themes aren’t typically my thing”), but once I was (starting with “Unwrapped” by Ayre Riley—cis m/f pegging fun that was extraordinarily well done), I was totally wrapped (ha!). Other stories totally worth the $ 2.99: “A Very Naughty Elf” by Felix D’Angelo (“I got your North Pole right here”—nice—and a fantastic tale of BDSM santa comes home to his naughty elf), “Mandatory Fun” by Alison Tyler (everything you’ve come to expect from Alison: fun, entertaining, and sexy kink at an office party), and Violet’s collected recipes and solid advice on sex and safe BDSM play. It’s like Redbook gone Hustler, I swear it. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a damn good thing.” (Amazon review)

Holiday Kink

See also, on writing and reading erotica:

Why I Write Bisexual Romance (Huffington Post)
Pornocalypse 2015 is Upon Us! (Selena Kitt)

Need more? Popular Kink Your Kindle posts:

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Could I get in trouble? (possibly NSFW?)

Has anyone ever checked out motherless.com? It’s one of my favorites: lots of amateur, user-submitted content and lots of kink. One kink that particularly interests me is young looking girls. The idea of actually looking at an under-age girl holds no appeal, but the youthful look on a 18+ girl is a big turn on.

Despite the front page of the website stating “All uploaded content is previewed by admins before being posted and anything illegal will be reported.”, I’m pretty sure I have come across some underage chatroulette flasher type stuff.

So, my question is: could I get in trouble with the law for having those pics/vids in my internet history, despite the fact that I was not actively seeking it out? If so, any active steps I can take to clear my name preemptively?

submitted by YogaPantsCreep [link] [4 comments]

Electro Anal Exploration

Romanian beauty, Lea Lexis, is know for her anal abilities. She can take a hard anal fucking but what I want to know is how much electricity can she take inside perfect pink asshole. For the second part of Lea’s Electrosluts series, I have Lorelei Lee penetrate her asshole with not just one electro-anal bullet but two stacked one after the other.

The two plugs make Lea jump and squirm. So, Lorelei pushes Lea even farther by using a mettle paddle in a way you’ve never seen. After Lea reaches her limits Lorelei give her mercy for just a moment to get her ready for an intense ass fucking with a long mettle elecrto-dildo.

A hot straight stud and his first cock!

Cole is a straight guy with a wild side. He attended a Bound In Public shoot a month ago and had such a good time that he volunteered to be the sub for this group of horny gay men. This straight stud jumps at the chance to suck cock and the onlookers jump at the chance to let him. He gets licked by nearly every guy in the room and then strung up on top of copper plates as electricity surges through his feet lifting him into the air. For his reward he gets four hard dicks in his mouth and loads of cum from the audience.

Scrubbing off the New Girls Smell: Fucking a Machine Virgin

Ass fucking – first time. Double Penetration – first time. Fuckingmachines.com – first time. Successfully fucking a amateur girls is a little like trying to find the bat cave. It can be tricky to know even if they are having a good time. They have rookie fever and always want to please even if they are not quit sure and nervous about what is going to happen. It takes time to get them to relax and really take off.
Hannah White is a mix of horny adventure and unsure virgin. She definitely is down to play and she really wants her ass fucked, but she’s still not sure how to really let go on camera. After a few good pussy pounds and a butt plug though, our little rookie opens up to The Twin Inserter and has the first ass stretching of her life time. She tries her best, has some great orgasms and let the world see her taking it in the ass. Brave girl. Thank Hannah.

The Night Staff

When Nicotine’s husband comes to visit her in the mental ward, he is distressed to hear that her condition hasn’t improved at all. In fact, it seems to have gotten much worse as she tells him of her delusions of being abused and experimented on by the night staff of the hospital. Little does he know that his wife is not delusional at all, and as soon as he leaves she will fucked and tormented with all kinds of crazy electrical toys!!!

AVN Best New Starlet, Brooklyn Lee, Tries Anal Electrosex for the Very 1st Time!

Welcome to the beginning of the Brooklyn Lee series. This is an update that I’ve been giddy with anticipation to shoot. As you know (since I know all of you are good little boys and girls who follow every move I make) 2012 is when I finally won AVN’s coveted Female Performer of the Year award. But this year also marked the beginning of Brooklyn Lee’s career, who won Best New Starlet at the same awards show.

Can you see where I’m going? AVN’s reigning Female performer of the Year and Best New Starlet are coming together on Electrosluts. Brooklyn’s not a novice when it comes to sex, but she is new to the fetish scene. This will be her first time working with electricity and only the second time she’s been tied up.

This update is all about anal play, including sticky pads on her luscious ass and a long metal cone electro butt plug in said luscious ass. But that’s all just a warmup for an intense butt fucking on the part of the Samurai.

However, this is also a SUPER sexy and sensual scene. If you only see one Electrosluts scene (but really, why would you only want to watch one?), make it this one!

Isis Love Pussy to Pussy with Kendra May Lust: Squeezing breast milk out of her tits While fucking

Mid West MILF sensation, Kendra May Lust is at the mercy of Isis Love which means she can do nothing but obey and take all the fucking that Isis doles out.
It is an epic battle of Top and Bottom as Isis gets her own pussy fucked while choking Kendra, squirts on her while riding the Sybian and makes a cum drunk mess of Kendra. The Handy Man dips back and forth in both their pussies and Kendra screams “I’m cummin’! I’m cummin’!” in her sweat Midwest drawl.

Kendra met Isis on line and begged to do a shoot with her. Careful what you wish for, Kendra. As Kendra’s tits are sucked tight into the suction cups, her milk oozes out and Isis dumps this all over her pussy for lube. It’s hot and nasty and 100 percent FuckingMachines.com.