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Sex News: Bill O’Reilly and Facebook sued, Ashely Madison trusted security award, Ryan Lochte, Backpage vs Senate

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Photo by Miguel Gutierrez Jr., via Mashable.

  • “Fox News has yet another [sexual harassment] lawsuit to deal with now that former host Andrea Tantaros is alleging that two company employees have sexually harassed her. The anchor has named former network chief Roger Ailes and host Bill O’Reilly as her harassers in the suit.”
    * Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Lawsuit Filed (International Business Times)
  • Ryan Lochte has lost all his major endorsements and sponsors after having fabricated a story about being robbed at gunpoint during this summer’s Olympic games. Fortunately, he’s got one opportunity left. Because Brian Sloan, inventor of the Autoblow 2, the world’s first “blowjob robot,” believes things don’t have to be so bad, even when they’re hard.”
    * Ryan Lochte Loses Speedo But Gains a Sex Toy Company Offer (Alternet)

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  • “It’s never a good sign when a website markets itself with a phony security award. But that’s what Ashley Madison did prior to last year’s massive data breach. On Monday, privacy officials in Canada and Australia found that the Canadian adultery website used deceptive and confusing practices to make customers think the service was secure. … One problem was the use of a medal icon on the website labeled trusted security award.”
    * Ashley Madison misled users with a fake security award (CSO Online)
  • “According to Chapter 9.28 of the Oakland municipal code, it’s a misdemeanor for women to expose their breasts “while participating in any live act, demonstration, or exhibition in any public place.” Even simulating that nipple with a pasty is questionable.”
    * Why Aren’t There Any Strip Clubs in the East Bay? (KQED)
  • “The first time I used them, I got a slight tingling, which freaked me out at first — is it time to contact my physician? But then I realized it was just the Nadkins working. That was their way of saying, “Hey, sport! These balls are clean and dry. Enjoy your day!” And I did. I enjoyed it very much.”
    * A Painfully Detailed Review of Nadkins, the Napkin for Your Sweaty Balls (Esquire)
  • “Sarah White is the pseudonym of a woman who operates an online service called “The Naked Therapist.” Via web cam, Sarah provides one-on-one interaction with men around the world, talking with them about their problems and issues. But, distinct from any other therapist or coach I know of, Sarah disrobes during the session and allows her clients to also disrobe … and even masturbate.”
    * Meet The ‘Naked Therapist’ Who Lets Men Masturbate To Their Feelings (YourTango)

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  • “The intricate mujra dancing that was such a foundation of the red light district required years of teaching and live musicians. Now girls learn easy but provocative dance moves via YouTube. “They take a USB or sometimes they don’t even need that, they have songs in their cellphones, they plug a cable and play the music,” laments Soan Ali, one of the music shop owners.”
    * How Technology Killed Pakistan’s Historic Red Light District (NDTV)
  • “The battle between the US Senate and Backpage.com heated up again this week. Backpage demanded Wednesday that a federal appeals court continue blocking the online classified ad portal from having to comply with a Senate investigation and subpoena into how Backpage conducts its business, including providing the government with documents about the ins and outs of its editorial business model. The Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations contends that the site is littered with ads that amount to offering sex services by women and children forced into prostitution …”
    * Backpage demands that appeals court block Senate sex-trafficking subpoena (Ars Technica)

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Sex News: FTC after Ashley Madison, harassment at Fox, UK porn penalties, new condom technology

emilie payet

  • “The U.K. government today published its Digital Economy Bill, which includes a section that would create an age-verification regulator and impose financial penalties for noncomplying adult entertainment sites that stream content into the nation, as well as their payment service providers and advertisers. The bill goes well past the borders of the nation and particularly targets the flood of foreign adult tube sites that don’t have age verification systems in place to guard against access to those under the age of 18. Those sites typically solely rely on advertising and not memberships to capture revenue streams. The proposal also creates a federal age-verification regulator that could divvy out fines of up to £250,000, or 5 percent of a company’s revenue, when appropriate, to offending adult sites.”
    * U.K. Seeks £250K Fines for Noncomplying Porn Sites (XBIZ)
    * See also: Get ready for mandatory porn site age checks, Brits. You read that right (The Register)

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  • “A regulatory system that’s supposed to punish doctors who sexually abuse patients often shields them from public shame, a national investigation by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution found. Secret penalties levied by state medical boards, vague language in their public orders and diversion programs through which offenders avoid punishment all make determining the scope of physician sexual misconduct impossible, the Journal-Constitution found. But the newspaper’s review of more than 100,000 medical board orders and other documents shows a broad phenomenon of doctors in every state preying on vulnerable patients.”
    * Doctors & Sex Abuse: Investigation shows how cases are concealed (kiro7.com)
  • “[Chronic Fatigue Syndrome] impacts my masturbation as well. I have my go-to fantasies, the things that never let me down, but there are days where nothing quite gels. I want to come but my body won’t do it, and that’s when it gets super frustrating. I never had that experience before CFS; it’s very much related to my health.”
    * Balancing BDSM With Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ELLE)
  • “Charles Powell, inventor of the Galactic Cap condom prototype, is among the many people whose grant applications were rejected. The inspiration for his design came from the treatment he receives due to suffering from the nerve disease multifocal motor neuropathy.”
    * I Tried the Latest in Condom Technology and It Went Shockingly Well (Vice)
  • “In case you’re interested, June Korea – a 34-year-old South Korean photographer living in New York City – is the young man in each of these scenes. As reported by RocketNews24, Korea was struck by immense loneliness after realizing everyone he knows will eventually pass away. He then became fascinated by the idea of love dolls – especially their artificiality, and thus practical immortality.”
    * Dolly Dearest: Photographer Captures Human Desire in the Artificial (Future of Sex)
  • In a way, this makes sites like this one more valuable than ever. “The viral = good formula is especially effed when you think about queer folks, or any niche community not necessarily of interest to a social network that contains your entire family and everybody you’ve ever known in your entire life. Furthermore, wealthy publishers will retain the option to pay for boosted content or work with Facebook Instant — ensuring their stories will show up in your feed. Buzzfeed is estimated to spend over ten million dollars on Facebook boosting a year.”
    * Business of Art Fix: Facebook’s News Feed “Tweaks” Could Hurt Indie Niche Publications Most Of All (Autostraddle)

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Main post image: Emilie Payet | Off The Rails Magazine #5 by Laurie Lou HQ Photo Shoot (In The Raw)

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First time Aneros: My girlfriend had too much fun; 18 hours later and Im still loopy from the orgasmS.

TL:DR: Girlfriend surprises me with an Aneros MGX (a popular prostate massager). I try it. Ridiculous sex ensues and we’ve barely tapped its potential. At least read the conclusion at the bottom!


New account for me as I’m trying to consolidate all my private reddit antics. This is my girlfriend’s favourite sub-reddit and I’m sure she’ll be posting her thoughts. To preserve privacy and narrative flow, she’s chosen the name “Madison” for this story.

On our first date, we played “hot hands” with the winner getting any question. Late in the game Madison used her turn to ask, “what’s your favourite thing about women?” I answered, “I’m jealous of your orgasms.”

This was honest truth, I’m a nervous nerd incapable of being smooth. Watching a woman writhe in pleasure defines my pleasure and with Maddy, everything is more intense than I’ve ever known. Don’t get me wrong, nothing describes the feeling of being straddled or her mouth around my cock, but damn you girls cum magnificently.

Enter the Aneros:

Madison was out of town last week so naturally, a lot of dirty online chat ensued. We’ve been exploring anal play (for her) and in my research of toys, lubes, and guides, I found out about Aneros. I think it was here I read a story of a guy using an Aneros and crying from joy afterward. So I mention to Maddy that I might get one. Little did I know she’d beat me to the order…

Fast forward to Monday where I discover a little red box with a bow and a note that read “Enjoy! XOXO -Madison” on my desk. So I start reading this beginner’s guide and realise that achieving the Super-Orgasm is going to require some learning and practice. But the Aneros can also be used as a sex enhancer even if you don’t know how to reach that hands-free chain reaction of involuntary o’s.

Last Night:

Madison’s already in bed sketching and I’m downstairs. I grab our new favourite water-based lube (Strawberry Flavoured) and the Aneros MGX and hop in the shower. I’d done my business an hour before, so this was just to relax in the heat.

I sat down in the shower, and tried to induce arousal as the guide suggests. Normally (and I imagine this is the universal male) I just go straight for my cock and go at it, but the Aneros page said no dick touching so instead I’m rubbing my ass and pinching my nipples.

For future experiences, Madison is definitely going to be involved from the start because all I felt in the shower was ridiculous. But the hype was enough for me to towel off, lay down, lube up and slowly insert the Aneros. There was no pain, just “whoa… whoa… whoa… wow.”

After about 10 minutes of not being able to get up, I find the composure to put my shorts back on and go up to ease into bed next to Maddy. I’m trying to relax, learn the contraction exercises, and keep my involuntary moans/thrusts on the down-low, but she starts to notice and I spill the beans of what I’ve done. She just smiles…

Oh My:

Madison starts kissing me, my neck, my ears and I’m on fire. When she starts moving lower, I am literally begging her to bite my nipples (she got me into this). “Mmm, why do your nipples taste like strawberries? Haha.” I can’t breathe through the gasps and make explanation so I just mumble and she continues to crawl down the bed.

At this point we’re both nude save her black lacy thong. She’s kissing my thighs and tickling my balls with her tongue (fuck I could not handle that for long, just thinking of it…) Usually she’s the one needing something to bite down on and I’m relatively quiet. This time the tables were turned; I could not stop whimpering and groaning. Of course the whole time she’s laughing with “God this is so much fun.”

She’s on my cock now (I failed to mention the Aneros rules but at this point the practice was halted and I was in overload anyway) and I pull a pillow down to put under me. Nope. “You’re going to have to put it under, Jesus, I can’t.” Her muffled laughs just make me moan more and I ask to 69.

Maddy stands up on the bed, right over my face, and slowly begins pulling off her thong. I stop her before it reaches her knees, “no leave it there” and start toying with her clit. The whole time my legs are shaking and my cock is twitching like a Drinking Bird toy every time the Aneros brushes my prostate.

I fumble for the lube, getting more of it on the floor than on my fingers as Madison turns around (but still standing over me.) Two fingers on her G-spot, thumb on her clit, the other hand’s pointer playing with her ass, and yet I’m still the loudest moaner in the room.

“Fuck my fingers!” and Madison obliges, bouncing on my hand into her first and second orgasms as my finger goes farther into her ass finally making her the louder one. (Sorry neighbours!) And then she bends over, taking my now-thunderous erection into her mouth, using her hand to apply more pressure to the Aneros. That view of her entire body is now burned into my retinas, so sexy!

Just Fuck Me:

Those were my words. Maddy climbs off my fingers and turns around to mount me. She places her hands against the wall and starts riding as my thumb lasers in on her clit again. I’m on another planet and she’s right there with me, both of us crying out with moans and dirty talk. Later she would describe attempt to describe the intensity on my face and barely manage an “INCREDIBLY hot”. My whole body was orgasming.

I’ve already come at least once (yes, that’s right, I couldn’t even count and was still hard) and muscle-waves inside say Madison’s already in permanent orgasm-mode. I throw her off me, pull her ankles in for doggy, and start thrusting harder than I’m normally even able.

Every. Single. Thrust caused the Aneros to “thrust” too. I had to stop and say “Fuck. Okay, you can do this.” before continuing. Within minutes I’m in the “woah… woah…” area and Madison’s screaming “Give it to me, come, fill me with it.” (This toy has single-handedly opened up her dominant side, can’t wait)

The orgasms froze time. I lost count of the convulsions from either of us but the force and volume of mine could have put out a bonfire. I collapsed on top of her, still thrusting involuntarily. The next ten words were all the same from both of us: “wow.”


Ladies, get this for your man. For all that is holy, do it. And gentlemen, don’t refuse. You’ll miss out on the best hard-on, the best orgasm, the best anything of your life and that’s before even figuring out how to have the “Super-Orgasm” this thing can give on its own after practice.

I am STILL reeling from the high and it’s 5PM the next day. (Multiple writing sessions on this and I preemptively apologise for the length, tense shifts, and anything else).

The Aneros (and this is just the one for beginners!) has redefined sex for me, for her (but I’ll let her come here and tell her side). This little plastic bobble is just incredible and I’m still a newbie. Can’t wait to discover its all the rest of its potential.

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