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Synchronized Orgasms.

Had my first one this morning. It was amazing, I never thought it would ever happen to me. All we did was have normal sex as usual.

Does anybody have any tips on anything we could do to help this happen again?

EDIT- I’m a chick. It doesn’t usually take me very long to orgasm, and our sex lasts usually an hour, sometimes longer. This morning, we had sex for about 20 minutes, and finished at the same time.

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A male friend of mine told me that it is every guy’s dream to wake up to a girl giving them a blowjob… Is this true???

edit1: also i’m kinda scare to do it cuz most people need to go pee in the morning… myself being one of those people… isn’t that uncomfortable for the guy???

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My best fingering story for your best fingering/handjob story [NSFW obviously]

So i just want to share with the world that is sexxit of a wonderful morning that I had this morning. My boyfriend and I were having some alone time this morning and we had sex and afterwards we started to engage in some post-play, yes there are men out there who actually do post-play as well as foreplay.

Anyway to get straight to the point we were kissing and his hand was rubbing my clit and then he found what i can only imagine to be my g-spot and massaged it as he played with my clit. and after what seemed like eternity and after I cam I was unable to move my entire body. It felt like it just wasn’t there, it wasn’t numb or anything but I could not move at all. I had an itch and I could not move my hand to scratch it, in fact my boyfriend had to itch it for me. So yeah I was wondering if anyone else has a story like this that they could tell me what happened to me or if any would just like to share a similar story.

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