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Sex News: Anti-porn law stalker, Facebook in hot water, neural lace and orgasm, RealDoll’s sex robot

  • “Conservative lawmakers in over a dozen states are pushing a bill that would force consumers to pay a ransom to access pornography … And the only thing more bizarre than the Human Trafficking Prevention Act itself might be the man behind it … Chris Sevier (aka Mark Sevier, aka Chris Severe) once famously tried to legally marry his computer to protest same-sex marriage, and was charged with stalking and harassing both country star John Rich and a 17-year-old girl … Sevier has a warrant out for his arrest in Tennessee (…)”
    * The Man Who Wants to Tax Porn Thinks His Past Assault Case Is ‘Fake News’ (Daily Beast)
  • “Over the course of a month YouPorn surveyed thousands of women to get a better sense of what makes them tick. … 1 in 4 YouPorn visitors are female. … with this survey we’re going beyond the surface and scratching much deeper to take a closer look at how women in particular interact with porn.”
    * What Women Really Want When it Comes to Porn; a YouPorn Survey (YouPorn)
  • Facebook is quick to ban people like me and anyone posting about human sexuality, but… “Facebook has been accused of refusing to take down child porn and terrorist propaganda posted on the site, despite being made aware of it. Robust allegations made by The Times following an investigation claim the world’s biggest social media site could even be prosecuted in the UK, as some material was identified as illegal by a top barrister.”
    * Facebook ‘refused to remove child porn and terrorist propaganda’ (Metro UK)
  • “The robotic head is far from complete, but when it finally goes on sale (for about $ 10,000), it could be the world’s first commercially viable gynoid. She’s not the first of her kind, but take one look at Harmony’s predecessors, and it becomes clear she that was cut from a different cloth.”
    * RealDoll’s first sex robot took me to the uncanny valley (Engadget)

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  • “Elon Musk, billionaire business magnate and tech mogul, has launched a startup called Neuralink, which aims to connect brains and computers using implantable electrodes. Musk hopes that these “neural laces”—a term borrowed from the science-fiction novels of Iain M. Banks—will allow humans to remain competitive with advanced AI. … The neural laces of Banks’s utopian Culture novels are biomechanical meshes that regulate endogenous chemicals, increase memory storage, and enhance intelligence. They also augment orgasms.”
    * What Elon Musk’s ‘Neural Lace’ Project Could Mean for the Future of Sex (Future of Sex)
  • “Pushing beyond the ripped-Californian-pizza-boy-bangs-tanned-Californian-beach-babe paradigm, [London’s first Porn Film Festival] introduced audiences to a world of queer, feminist erotica with actual relevance to our messy, marginalised sex lives.”
    * Behind the scenes at London’s first queer porn festival (Dazed)
  • “From the start, Stubblefield claimed that “D.J.,” as he’s known in court documents, consented to their affair through what’s called “facilitated communication.” That is to say, he typed out his words on a portable keyboard, with her hand supporting his and pulling back against his frequent muscle spasms. ”
    * Can a Multiple-Choice Quiz Prove a Disabled Man Consented to Sex? (Slate)

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  • “MindGeek’s PornHub once again was made available in Russia, according to reports. The Roskomnadzor, which is Russia’s communications regulator, blocked the adult tube site property in September after it issued a ruling that said the site could be harmful to users. Roskomnadzor spokesman Vadim Ampelonsky stated in media reports that access to the site was opened on April 7 “by court order,” and that the PornHub case was sent for a new review.”
    * PornHub Gets Unbanned in Russia (XBIZ)
  • “Yet somehow, in assuming that there must be a TV show, or a book, or a secret art project, I forgot the number one driving force behind nearly all Instagram trends. Why have you created a puppet? Why does your puppet have genitals made out of felt?”
    * Inside the sex, money, and scandal of Instagram’s puppet community (New Statesman)
  • “Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta of design label Eckhaus Latta recently ignited controversy with images from their new spring 2017 campaign. The designers got real people (not professional models) to actually have sex for the ads, where pixelated sections leave little to the imagination.”
    * Real People Had Real Sex In These NSFW Fashion Ads (Huffington Post, main post image via)

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[Orgasm trouble] Can I (18F) train/help myself to have vaginal orgasms, or will I always be stuck with just clitoral orgasms?

I've always been able to achieve orgasms relatively easily, but it just has to be done in a specific way. I've only ever had clitoral orgasms. If I'm masturbating, it doesn't take too long to climax, but if I'm with a partner, it can take quite a while, and I sometimes end up calling it quits. I used to feel no pleasure at all from penetration, but the last two times I had sex, the fingering was beginning to feel a little better. Still not close to climaxing, but closer than before. So I'm wondering if there is anything that I can do to change the way I orgasm. I feel like I have female death grip (if that's a thing). I've masturbated one way all my life, and that's the only way I know to climax. Should I change the way I masturbate? Maybe invest in a dildo or focus more on fingering inside my vagina rather than pure clitoral stimulation? Or is this just something that I'm stuck with?

TL;DR: Only ever orgasmed from clitoral stimulation. Can I train myself to have vaginal orgasms?

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[Question] Is it normal that my boyfriend gets mad because I normally orgasm twice and he only gets one.

Our usual sex routine has my boyfriend making me orgasm orally and then with clitoral stimulation during sex. He normally just orgasms at the end. I'm asking this question because we were talking the other day and he mentioned how he hates that I get to orgasm more than him. I was just kind of shocked that he's sitting there counting how many orgasms we each have. So I was wondering if this is justified or is he just being immature.

Edit: He also pointed out that if we really wanted to keep things fair then I should orgasm once for every 3 times he does.

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[Advice] My boyfriend’s girly orgasm is a turn off.

I like my men manly. My partner is generally fine in this category, except when it comes time to climax. He lets out high-pitched moans and delicate cries, gets very breathy, and he generally sounds like the female in a porn. It's a huge turn off for me and I want to shove him away, which isn't fair at all. But I want grunting, I want deep growls–hell, even silence would be preferable.

Can you guys help me think of an appropriate way to broach this subject? We communicate well, but he can be sensitive in the love-making arena. I don't want to ruin his orgasm by making him focus on his delivery, but at the same time, I'm worried if I don't say something then it'll manifest in an unkind or thoughtless way (I'll blurt it out, I'll actually shove him off next time, I'll scream at his penis, etc).

TL, DR: Boyfriend is a tiger in the sack but a kitten at the finish line. How do I change his purr into a roar?

EDIT: I really hit a nerve with this question! Half of you are telling me to leave him, and half of you think I don't deserve a man. I think I'll choose Secret Option #3, which is: ask someone qualified for advice next time. Maybe I'll turn on The Lion King tonight while we're banging and loudly comment on how sexy Mufasa is. Also, FWIW, nothing should be off-limits for discussion if you're in a good relationship.

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[Question] am I having an orgasm or am I broken?

So here's what I think gets me off. And it's bizarre.

I lie on my right side (always the right side for some reason). Then I sort of clench my thighs together and grind or gyrate until I experience a good feeling. It is not very intense but it's a warm sensation and only after this feeling, I get wet. Is this an orgasm? The reason why I doubt myself is because I have always been told the female orgasm is an incredibly intense experience. And weirder than that, I've been doing this since I was 6 or so, but not knowing of the sexual connotation until I was 12 or 13.

I have regular sex, however I don't come at all. Also, touching or fingering myself does nothing.

Help redditers, am I broken?!

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How often do you have wet dreams? [male or female]

I’m a female in my mid 20’s and while I have major difficulty orgasming during sexual intercourse I somehow orgasm regularly in my sleep about 3-4 times a month. It occurs randomly, always accompanied by a sex dream, and I’ve woken up mid-orgasm a few times and found myself grinding my hips against the covers. What gives!?

Do you guys orgasm in your sleep regularly? If so, how old are you? Has it ever happened to you while sleeping in a really awkward place? (I had it happen while staying in a hotel with friends, yiiiikes)

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Sex advice for [24F] and [26M] married couple. Am I unreasonable or is she selfish? (x-post from r/relationship_advice)

My wife and I are in our 3rd year of marriage but have run into a problem with our sex life.

The problem is that I have trouble reaching an orgasm. I can easily reach an orgasm through masturbation or with my wife giving me a hand-job, but intercourse is hard for me. Sometimes I can feel it fine and can reach a climax, other times I can barely feel anything and can’

Multiple Orgasms for Men, a how-to.

No, this isn’t a joke. I was reading through the “Girls, what are the best things about a having a vagina?” thread and was pissed off that no-one knows guys can have multiple orgasms in one session just the same as women can. You just need to learn how to disassociate your orgasm from your ejaculation. After that you can start learning how to chain them, one after another for as long as you like. I’ve posted this before but it really annoys me that more people don’t know this so I decided to share it here again, I consider it a biannual Public Service Announcement.

A year or so ago I found a book called the multi-orgasmic man while sifting through the torrents. A lot of it sounded like eastern religious claptrap but it also contained some very useful techniques invented by the Taoists, who used sexuality as part of their religion. This might take a few weeks before you can manage it properly by the way. Just be patient. If you can’t manage it after a month then I recommend you torrent the book for further instruction: It has plenty of helpful exercises and techniques.

Now, the first thing you need to do is get to a point where you can last a decent time while masturbating, say 10-20 minutes. Keep a clock near where you normally jerk it and try to break your record each time. If you find yourself coming too quickly, slow down, breathe slower (lowers your heart rate), think of un-arousing things and be sure to keep your muscles relaxed. Also, stopping for a minute or less when you get close will help you stretch out the time and get your dick used to taking a long time to reach orgasm. Try to notice the different stages in your own arousal, especially when you near orgasm.

You will also need to become aware of your kegel muscles and strengthen them. To do this, when you are taking a piss try to completely shut off the flow of urine for a few seconds without using your hands or glutius maximus muscles. Try to do this about 10 times over the course of emptying your bladder. Now that you know what to tense you can exercise it one the commute to work of whilst checking e-mails or whenever. This should have the added benefit of making you able to last longer during sex.

Okay, once you can last 10-20 minutes it’s time for the next part. Start stimulating your perineum while you go (the patch of skin between your balls and arse). You don’t need to jam a finger up your butt, stimulating it through the skin near your ass works just as well. You only really need to throw in a couple of minutes of this near the middle of your run. When you get near orgasm, get as close as you can without actually ejaculating then stop for a few seconds before restarting slowly. Learn exactly how far you can go before you know you will ejaculate. Do this multiple times in a session, as many times as you can before losing control. At some point in one of these runs you will notice your prostate/kegel/perineum contracting rhythmically, like it does when you ejaculate except without anything coming out of your penis. Concentrate on that feeling, lay a finger lightly on your perineum, whatever to make sure you know when it is happening. What you have just done it disassociated your orgasm from your ejaculation. The first one won’t feel like much. The second one in each session will be more intense. The third more intense still. Each successive orgasm within the same session will be more intense than the last and there is nothing stopping you – save physical exhaustion – from having as many as you like. My current record is nine in a row. You may also find that when you do finally ejaculate that your cock will stay hard allowing you to keep going should you wish, though may only happen about one time in ten.

There is also nothing stopping you from learning how to do this during sex, though it is more difficult to manage. Anyway, good luck. I never did finish reading The Multi-orgasmic Man, so there may well be other nuggets of wisdom in it. Do tell me if you find any.

Here’s the link last time I posted it, for additional context and a link to the torrent file http://www.reddit.com/r/sex/comments/oukk9/multiple_orgasms_for_men_a_howto/

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Orgasms for everybody!

I haven’t had an SO give me an orgasm since 2008. My boyfriend at the time told me it was gross. I was young and naive and put up with it. Eventually I kicked him to the curb but his words stuck with me.

Today is my current wonderful man’s birthday. He got frisky and headed south. Told me he loved me and surprise there was my missing orgasm. It was fabulous.

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Question about orgasms

Oh hai Reddit.

I have a bit of an odd question. Every guy I’ve been with has never made me orgasm until I met my current bf. I’ve seen this as a breakthrough (I even cried after the first time he made me come, I know, I’m a sap but there’s a lot more to it than just making me come). The first time was from oral, and subsequent times have been from a vibrator.

Does it still count as him giving me the orgasm if the vibe is doing all the work? He’s also using his fingers, dick, etc for assistance.

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Does starving yourself from Orgasms for a while, make the next one better?

Can’t be bothered with a throwaway (mostly a lurker anyway)

I have been with my SO for nearly a year. Prior to meeting him I had never orgasmed in my life. It was a few months before I did with him and that was after we went out and brought a vibrator. Since then I have only been able to come using that. At the start I didn’t have a problem with it. I was happy just being able to come. (I had a pretty sheltered up bringing so had no idea how to pleasure myself). However in the last few months I’ve started to feel guilty. I feel like I am broken because I can only come with my toy. My boyfriend loves going down on me and at times I feel he’s disappointed that I don’t come from that. Even when I do use the toy it can take a really long time and it can be frustrating. So I’ve decided to surrender my toy to him, in the hope that if I don’t orgasm for a while, I should be able to come easier for him.

So reddit, am I going about this the right way or have I forever broken myself from using toys

TL;DR First orgasm with toy, now can only come with them, given up in hope can come without them.

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Females: A few questions about orgasms


I’ve recently started exploring myself and masturbating with the help of a vibrator and lube. I’ve had a few boyfriends in the past, but none of them ever helped me reach orgasm (not to say they tried very hard.) Having never had one, I have just a few questions that I think will help me out as I go along with self-exploration and for my next relationship.

How long, once you get started either with sex or masturbation, does it take for you usually?

What does an orgasm feel like? (Clit vs. G-spot)

How many orgasms in a single night is realistic?

While I understand that everyone is a little different, I appreciate any responses I get 🙂

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Question for ladies: Did you orgasm the first time you had sex?

I recently read ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ for the hell of it and I was pretty surprised that the character in the book Anastasia orgasms the first time she has sex. For me, it took me about a year or so of having sex to achieve an orgasm. I have never met a woman who had an orgasm the first time, so figured I would ask you all!

Edit: Thanks everyone for your responses! Great to find out that some ladies have achieved orgasms the first time they had sex. This post question came from a debate my husband and I had about this (after our discussion about the silly 50 shades book), turns out he was right 🙂

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NSFW Last night, for the first time, my husband made me orgasm while eating me. WOW!

This is the first time this has happened to me.

Back story:

We have been together for 4 years (recently married, living together for 3) but I have never had an orgasm orally. I do masturbate on my own & I orgasm through intercourse plenty but for some reason I just did not know how to direct my husband to give me an orgasm while eating me out.

Last night, I think we both felt that we should just ignore my advice, after so many attempts.

He started out slow but after a good 10 minutes he speeded up and started twisting my nipples and I came so hard. When I orgasm my body temperature rises, my heart starts beating, and that all builds up to an out of body experience. I feel like I am floating and my eyes roll back. It is so good.

Then we fucked. I was very wet and open to him going deeper. I came again, which was harder and longer that I have ever had.

This is the best sex I have ever had ! I love it. Being married, knowing someones’s body and mind so well, gives you more opportunity to have great sex— over and over again.

Thanks for listening and Happy Great Sex for everyone !

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Orgasm after 7 years on Lexapro!

Like many adults I {female} have been taking a SSRI anti-depressant (though I took it for generalized anxiety). 75% of people taking a SSRI will have some type of sexual dysfunction. For me that was having a very hard time orgasming via masturbation and I’ve never had an orgasm with a partner. Over the last 8 weeks I’ve been slowly tapering off the lexapro and today is day 3 without it. So, this afternoon I started reading a book that was highly arousing. So, I decided to masturbate. Today was the first time since starting the lexapro that I’ve had an orgasm without a vibrator or clitoral stimulation! I used a dildo and that did the trick. The next step is to hopefully experience an orgasm with a partner!

So, for those who are taking an SSRI drug and have been having sexual side effects…there is hope afterwards! That’s all.

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