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I started gushing blood during sex.

r/sex, I have absolutely no female friends to consult with on this matter, and would like to put a disclaimer that I am seeing a doctor ASAP. I am just not sure how soon I can get an appointment and would like some peace of mind, and reddit as a community has been incredibly helpful in my experience.

I’m 21/f, and I lost my virginity ~2 weeks ago to my boyfriend and had the classic hint of watery blood I hear about from women that seems to be symbolic of the hymen breaking and a slight bit of pain, but no other issue with sex itself. The day after, I felt a soreness in my lower abs, but it subsided within 24 hours. I have had sex 6-8 times since then with no pain or complication at all.

Today, during sex, my boyfriend abruptly stopped and told me not to panic or look down, but he’d be right back with some towels. When he got up, I realized he was absolutely covered in blood. I realized there were pools of blood all over the bed, but we hadn’t noticed because I typically get extremely wet, and it wasn’t out of the ordinary. I was gushing blood everywhere, and ended up completely soaking three bath towels. I couldn’t stand up without dripping blood all over the place. It looked like a crime scene had just taken place, and we were both slightly terrified by it.

This happened around 11 am and I bled until roughly 8 pm. The bleeding has stopped entirely, but I have been dizzy and exhausted for a couple hours (badly enough to be sent home from work). I recently started feeling slight vaginal pain, as well as in my lower abs. I am calling the doctor in the morning, but am unsure of when I will be able to get an appointment. Does anyone have any insight on what could have happened? The 2 women I consulted have never heard of anything like this happening before. I am on the pill and have been for roughly a year, and he has always used protection. There is no chance of an STD, and I had my period a week ago. Menstrual blood seems to have an entirely different consistency, in my opinion, anyhow–this was pretty much like I had just had a limb amputated. 🙁 Thank you for any response in advance.

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PSA: Do not buy Trojan Ultra Thin Condoms w/ spermicide

You can not fucking imagine the pain.

I bought these bastards last night and used them last night with some slight discomfort. I removed the condom to find that my penis was all red and irritated. I was concerned, so I searched around to find that, yep, there were a fair amount of users who’d reported pain and irritation after using these condoms.

The most frequent symptom they reported was excruciatingly painful urination.

So I drank some water and stayed up for a bit to wait to go to the bathroom and see how bad it would be. I did, and while it stung a little bit, it was no where near what I would describe as excruciating.

That was until this morning. I got up to go to the bathroom and almost fell to the floor in pain. It was like trying to piss hot needles. I could only pass a few drops before the total agony shuddered my bladder closed, and any lingering urine in my urethra continued to sting.

The box does disclose that some users might be sensitive to the spermicide, nonoxynol-9… on the back, and inside of the packaging. “sensitive” is not quite the word I’d use. While it’s true, I can certainly sense this pain, it’s not like a faint, general irritation. It’s like getting stabbed in the dick. The CDC doesn’t even recommend this shit. Why would they cover a condom with it?


Now my bladder is full and I can’t fight it any longer. I am off to try and piss without crying. Wish me luck.

EDIT: not a latex allergy. I’ve used hundreds of latex condoms with no ill-effects.

GOOD NEWS EDIT: My pain has decreased substantially since this morning. I’ve just been drinking a ton of water and every trip to the bathroom gets a little easier. Hopefully I’ll be right as rain by sometime tomorrow.

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Vasectomy pain – a heads up

Hi all,

This is obviously a throwaway account, but I thought I’d post a brief message about my vasectomy.

First, some background. My wife and I are positive that we don’t want children. My wife is absolutely terrified of becoming pregnant, and as a result our sex life has suffered for the past decade and a bit. After a lot of discussion, we agreed that the best way forward was for me to have a vasectomy.

After the initial consultations with my GP and a surgeon, I decided to go ahead with it. I was advised that in a very small number of cases there can be complications such as hematomas or sperm granuloma, but that the chances of these are low.

Last Tuesday I had the operation and something went wrong on the table. At some point, the doctor lost hold of the right side vas deferens and had to dig it back out.

Post surgery, I was very bruised and quite sore. I spent most of Wednesday lying on my back with my feet elevated and used peas to ice the area (20 minutes ice, 40 minutes no ice, repeat for 8 hours) as advised. I also took 400mg ibuprofen 3 times a day to reduce swelling.

On Thursday I was feeling more swollen, so I went to see the surgeon again. He was able to fit me in and examined me and advised that the swelling was high but not out of the ordinary. He said the bruising was more than normal but would subside.

After seeing the surgeon, I returned to work (sit down job, he had cleared me to go back) and worked on Friday.

Over the weekend I developed significant pain on the right side, and on examination, found a lump. Needless to say, I did not sleep very much, instead lying awake and staring at the ceiling. While I didn’t like the stippled effect we had on the previous ceiling, the replacement flat skimmed one is actually worse because the imperfections stand out more. The stippled effect hides a lot of imperfections.

On Monday I was able to see a GP (the surgeon is not available until next Wednesday). He had a prod and advised that I have a hematoma and that it will take up to 3 weeks to improve.

The pain is incredible. I’ve broken bones and suffered road rash from crashing bicycles and motorcycles on gravel, and nothing in my life has prepared me for this pain. I can barely sleep and walking is agony. By the time I got to the office this morning, I was sweating and shivering from the pain.

If you decide to get a vasectomy, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor about the realistic chances of complications and get honest feedback. It’s also a good idea to have a followup plan and know what to look for.

Most importantly, you should try to get an escalation plan in case complications develop over a weekend and you need to seek help!

tl;dr ouchOuchOUCH

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Skinny 22yr with big nipples is severely bound, brutally skull fucked, made to cum & bound to suffer

Welcome Lyla Storm to Hogtied, this beautiful 22yr old is tall, skinny, tan, with huge nipples and a big mouth. Long sexy legs and a perfect ass. This girl was built for sex.

The past two days here at Hogtied are a good example of how different girls can be in their tolerances for pain, bondage, and desire to please. Lyla loves it. The tighter the rope, the bigger the challenge. The more brutal the face fucking, the harder she wants it driven to the back of her throat. She was born to please and she will not back down.

This is our simple meet and greet. Instantly you can tell Lyla is in for fun. We bind her severly tight. Three ropes pin her elbows strictly together, with no hope for escape. We clamp her huge nipples and add heavy weights. We make her cum, and then we brutally skull fuck her throat. It’s breath play with a cock and it is intense.

In the end she is laid on the floor in a nasty strappado with her neck tied to her bound legs. We pull up on the strappado and Lyla can do nothing but moan in pain as the bondage penetrates her defenses and the real suffering begins…

My First Time Doing Anal! And I Have No One to Talk to About it…

I’m so excited and really want to tell someone about it! But all my close friends think the topic is taboo and gross. So I decided to share with everyone here!

I was always interested in trying it but moved at a snails pace. My long term boyfriend was, well, above average and every time we gave it a go I ended up in immense pain within seconds. It made the act almost less desirable for me. I wanted to do it, but every time I ended up in pain for days.

After a few years my boyfriend and I broke up. Fast forward to now, I’ve been dating a great new guy for the past couple months. He’s average size and an awesome lover. I brought up the idea of anal and he was game (he had never tried it). So a couple nights ago, we have some wine, break out a bottle of lube, and I brace myself. It was fantastic! Very little pain! I’m so excited to do it again!

So there’s my story. I just HAD to share. Thanks for listening 🙂

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Will I ever fit?

So I have had a problem with my recent relationship. I have been seeing this one girl very seriously for 2 years now and we are very sexually active. The only problem is that I am to big for her in some positions. We both want to be able to do doggie style so bad but everytime I enter her and thrust I hit her to far up and shoot pain through her vagina.

I am curious if I will ever be able to fit, will her body adapt to my length and be able to take it with no pain? And if so what would reddit suggest be the best way to do so?

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Am I really the only woman on Reddit who really prefers a guy with a big dick?

It seems like every post about penis size is a comforting, palliative slogan about how it’s okay to be whatever size. And that’s great, but…

I feel like Reddit might be lying to itself, a little. I can only speak for myself and my friends but a guy who is larger is not only a little sexier, he feels better and the orgasms come to me easier. I’m not saying it doesn’t hurt, but be honest… that pain is “a good pain,” isn’t it?

I’m not saying that there aren’t women out there who don’t care, or who are actively turned off by the idea of a big dick, or even “small” guys who aren’t sexy, but… am I really the only girl whose heart races when she feels a bigger bulge? Can we please have one thread in r/sex where we admit that some of the “stereotypes” about what women want in bed are true??

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Fitness Sex: Make Her Sweat, Make Her Cum with Machines

Ariel X is THE fittest porn star with an exercise regiment that would make Navy Seals shake in there ninja boots. She’s ripped, dominant and pervy as hell which makes her the absolute perfect trainer for this special feature FuckingMachines.com shoot – “Fitness Sex”.

The trainee, Serena Blair, is surprisingly tough. Her own training involves commanding horses with her quads as an equestrian rider, yoga, dance and cardio. Serena knows what it takes to push her mind and body, loves a challenge and has a kinky bend for pain mixed with pleasure making her a perfect match for someone as grueling as Ariel X.

Ariel starts Serena off with stretching and wind sprints on the hot roof top of the Armory before exploiting Serena’s strength in a stress position while fucking her with The Fucksall. This is a truly epic demonstration of endurance from Serena who holds the plank pose for over FOUR minutes. Go ahead – try it – now try it with someone fucking you! It’s hard but Ariel knows to break Serena is not going to take more than a tough yoga pose and a modified drill.

The final scene has sweat dripping down Serena’s back and over her round ass while she struggles to fuck Ariel, squinting sweat and pain out of her eyes, battling her mind to hold on for just a little longer while Ariel climaxes. Quitting during a wind sprint is one thing, but failing during your trainer’s orgasm is punishable by total domination. Will Serena fail?

So, like, Im uncircumcised, I lost my virginity in a particularly rough sexing, and now my foreskin wont got back over my head and I got some freaking node like things at the shaft border.Also, ouch all the time… ouch so freaking much.

Okay. Basically the title. Here is some elaboration.

Im 19 and I just fucked one of my eternal crushes. I was eating her out and making her happy and eventually I came up with this idea that I’d stick my wiener into the vagina. It didnt really work. I try again later in the session, this time her on top of me, and it works. “You’re in.” to which I say “yesssssss” ANYWAYS, She proceeds to ride me. But Im not feeling much except pain. I cant tell if Im truly in or if Im just getting sat on. Eventually it starts to feel a little nice, but not overwhelmingly like I expected. I pull out after a bit and start playing with her body. Every time she touched my penis with her hands I wanted to recoil in pain. Intense pain.

So, inspecting it in the light afterwards , I notice the foreskin is pulled back as far as its ever been. The head is full exposed. I have no other way of describing it but it appears as though two inflamed nodes are at the edge of the head and the shaft. Kind of like a toads throat. Kind of like a blister after a burn. I feel as though it is inhibiting my foreskin from rolling back over the head. Wearing clothes is fucking impossible. Everytime my pants tighten on that area it hurts. IM TENDER HERE. I CANT WALK UPRIGHT. I WANT TO FUCK HER AGAIN BUT IM AFRAID I HAVE A FOREVER DAMAGED DICK. D:

TL:DR I believe my foreskin got pulled back to far in a rough sex session. Now and enflamed kind of thing is attached to my penis head/shaft border and it hurts like a motherfucker. Help. Fucking help me.

I can take a picture if I’d help.

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Day 5 kitten and tatersHeavy Impact and Incredible Orgasms

The day is started with rides on sybians for some orgasm control training. These two trainees are pushed further than they can imagine and their pussies are getting the best of both of them. Once they can take no more, they are allowed a release and it is a powerful release.
Next Sophie helps out with some pain management training with some OTK spanking. We push the girls hard with several implements of pain. When it seems they can take no more we rip more orgasms from them.
We finish them with endurance testing by applying zippers to their bodies and hang bowling balls from crotch ropes. The only way they get the final orgasm is through pain.

The training is coming to a close and both of them have shown vast improvement. They both have grown in their own way and it is time for us to decide which is worthy of calling herself a slave.