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Sex News: Pornhub’s Facebook play, Ron Jeremy, massage chain assaults, NYC’s sexy cab drivers

  • Pornhub is determined to be to the world of porn consumers what Facebook is to identity management. “This, though, is not a story about porn. It is about power. It’s about how quickly state and corporate interests can climb into bed together. … But it was [Alec] Muffett who summarised it best in an email to me this week. “I am […] horrified that the government – in pursuit of a laudable goal such as child protection – has simultaneously bankrupted independent producers, created a business environment which could be exploited to dubious ends, taught people bad cybersecurity practices AS WELL AS creating Ashley Madison-like databases of hackable material.””
    * UK Porn Is About to Change in a Way You’re Not Going to Like (Vice)
    See also: Do you trust Pornhub with a database of your sexual preferences? (Pandora Blake)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. “… Yet many performers Rolling Stone spoke with say that [Ron] Jeremy’s behavior is not considered standard in the adult industry at all. Some say they believe Jeremy uses his public persona as a lovable lech as a smokescreen for violating other performers’ consent, particularly in public spaces where such behavior would otherwise be considered morally reprehensible at best and criminal at worst.”
    * Inside Ron Jeremy Sexual Misconduct Allegations (Rolling Stone)
  • “When Bruce (Ryan Bones) decides to hang up his cape and cowl, it’s Barry Allen who tracks him down, breaks into the Batcave, and convinces him that his lack of superpowers isn’t reason enough for him to give up on being a hero. In favor of Cyborg—a character who’s probably a bit too CGI intensive to pull off for this sort of thing—the parody swaps in a Green Lantern (Colby Keller) who’s just come out as the world’s first gay superhero.”
    * The Justice League Gay Porn Parody Has Something the Real Movie Lacks (io9)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. “Across the US, people go to Massage Envy spas in search of a soothing, affordable escape. More than 180 people say what they got instead was sexual assault. But the billion-dollar company says that’s not its problem to solve.”
    * More Than 180 Women Have Reported Sexual Assaults at Massage Envy (BuzzFeed)

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  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. “Harvey and Bob Weinstein are being sued by a woman who claims Harvey sexually assaulted her in Cannes, France, but this case is different because it’s filed under the federal sex trafficking law.”
    * Harvey Weinstein Sued by Actress Under Sex Trafficking Law (TMZ)
  • “Japan expressed strong regret over San Francisco’s decision to give city property status to a statue commemorating Asian women who worked in military brothels for Japanese troops during World War II, with Osaka declaring it will terminate its 60-year sister-city ties. The signing of legislation making the memorial public property “destroyed trust,” Osaka Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura said. “We will scrap our sister-city relationship with San Francisco.””
    * Japan protests San Francisco’s ‘sex slave’ statue decision (SF Chronicle)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. “The Pentagon tried to block an independent assessment of child sex abuse crimes committed by Afghan soldiers and police, instead insisting on the creation of its own report offering a far less authoritative review of human rights violations perpetrated by U.S. allies, according to an aide to Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-Vt.).”
    * Pentagon tried to block independent report on child sex among Afghan forces, Senate office says (Washington Post)

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  • “The truth is that content creators in the sex industry — writers, educators, performers, producers, bloggers, podcasters, photographers, etc. — have no supportive social media platforms to turn to any longer. And the platforms we do utilize, like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Patreon, are becoming more hostile every day.”
    * How Social Media is Silencing the Sex Industry (Formidable Femme)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault and abuse. “What stunned them when they first met for dinner were two things. First, how many of them there were, and how common and continuing this problem seemed to be. Second were the similarities in their experiences: after committing their lives to supporting their husband’s ministry, each had been forced to leave after decades of emotional, financial and sexual abuse which had left them depressed, fearful and, for some, suicidal.”
    * Raped, tracked, humiliated: Clergy wives speak about domestic violence (ABC Australia)

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Sex News: Louboutin at Crazy Horse, Erotica Writer Outed, Bestiality Porn Trial, Robert Pattinson

In collaboration with Parisian cabaret Crazy Horse, Christian Louboutin, a French footwear designer, has consented to be the show’s frist “Guest Creator” and to put up what will hopefully be an exciting play. Here’s a full uncensored gallery at Vancouver Sun – read more at: Crazy Horse: Christian Louboutin Choreographs Erotic Play for Parisian Cabaret […]

Seeking suggestions for brat play (and unsure if it qualifies as BDSM or not).

I’ve noticed how much I’ve enjoyed carrying on an attitude of disobedience and brat play in the bedroom, and I’ve wanted to explore this further. I’ve decided to try this sort of role playing more often to figure out what I specifically like about brat play and what I’d like to do more of with it. What are some brat play-type activities you have tried?

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How to introduce bondage into making out?

My girlfriend and I aren’t having sex yet, but we’re interested in bondage. How can I go about accomplishing this? I have a blindfold and some rope, and I was planning on tying up her hands behind her back and blindfolding her. What are some fun/interesting games we can play to make things hotter? We’re very open. She also likes me to be commanding and to tell her what to do.

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Had my first threesome last night and wanted to share.

My SO and I have wanted a threesome for quite some time now and threesome stories seem to be popular on sexxit, so here is ours.

First, some basic details: I’m 20M, my SO is 21F, and the third woman is 21F. The third woman is a lesbian/bi-sexual friend of my SO that I have come to know since dating my SO.

The third woman, who we will call Sarah, has known for sometime that we were interested in a threesome and the ball started rolling last weekend when she drunk dialed me and said that while she was afraid of penises, she would probably let me tit-fuck her sometime because she has larger boobs than my SO. Long story short, I suggest she should come with my SO to visit me the following weekend at college and she agrees.

Things started off as they normally would in these situations, with the consumption of alcohol. After we all had some alcohol in our system, someone suggested we play a strip game. I suggested we play strip Blackjack since I had recently read about that in another threesome story on reddit and the women agreed. Once we started playing, my SO was the first one to lose her clothes followed by myself. We quickly learned that our inhibitions had not been loosened enough by the alcohol yet because there was a little sense of awkwardness floating around the room. Sarah didn’t want to remove her underwear and I surprisingly felt strange being naked for the first time around a new woman. At any rate, another round of drinks was soon consumed and things started going in a better direction. The whole time Sarah and I focus all the attention on my SO because it just seems to be what everyone is most comfortable with. Slowly everyone’s clothes end up back on the floor and Sarah and I start playing with my SO’s tits and exploring her body. Before I know it Sarah is going down on my SO and I am absolutely rock hard. While Sarah eats her out I play with all four boobs and make out with my SO. Sarah gets her to the edge by eating her out and suggests I finish the job with my cock. I quickly oblige and bring my SO and myself to our first orgasm while Sarah watches.

At this point I assumed our night was over, but I was wrong. Sarah and my SO get on my laptop and start browsing r/nsfw and r/gonewild and then they start talking about their vibrators. Everyone gets back into a flirty mood with hands exploring all parts of every body. My SO gets her vibrator out and magically all of our clothes fall back off. My SO and Sarah go back and forth touching each other with her vibrator and I watch with one of the hardest erections I’ve ever had. Then they both focus their attention on me and blow me at the same time and stroke my cock and play with my balls together. This takes me to heaven as I’ve never been with another girl sexually before. I then ask Sarah if the offer to tit fuck her still stands to which she says yes. I then take turns tit fucking both of them thinking the whole time that this is like a porno come true. The alcohol shows an effect on my performance though because it took a long time for them to get me off, but at last I reached sweet orgasm. Sarah and I then bring my SO to another orgasm. Sarah licks her clit and uses the vibrator on her while I again play with her tits and kiss her. After her second orgasm we put our clothes back on before some friends come over for more drinks.

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Told my SO to not play with herself the night before she was to come over. Thank you for the idea Sexxit!

Poor thing slept horribly that night. She later told me that she will masturbate if she can’t sleep. I felt bad so helped her out.

After our workout at the gym she comes back and jumps on me. I decide to make her wait more and start kissing her for a good ten minutes.

A soon as my hands got down her gym pants she came. They kept coming. Just clitoral stimulation. She kept count up to about 9 in the first five minutes. We then go on to have a hour long romp where she lost count another five minutes in. Double digits she said ‘high twenties, low thirties’.

She went home and called me a hour later to say her lower extremities were still tingly and good feeling. She asked if I wanted her to hold out tonight too for it next work out. Told her that was up to her but I didn’t want her to not be able to sleep.

Thank you guys and gals for giving me this idea. My SO thanks you too!

Edit: worth mentioning that I’ve also started training her to squirt. Nothing gushing yet but when she gets close I feel her tighten up and she starts making a sloshing sound. She also said she wants to try roll play (her idea). What makes her a keeper is she wants Dr. Who roll play.

Also I’m not trying to come off as some sexual genius, just a lucky guy who has a sensitive girl.

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Does anyone elses girlfriend like to play with their dick and balls when soft?

And when I say play with I don’t mean in a sexual way. My girlfriend will literally just play with them like they’re toys (toys that she treats gently :D). She makes a bed for my balls with her hand, plays with my soft dick, and on numerous occasions has sang about them while doing this. I just find it hilarious, not weird at all, but I was wondering if this was a common thing. Men and women of Sexxit, do you/your significant other do things like this?

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New bf is into rough sex….

Anal, choking, slapping, biting, control (he likes having it) rape play and blood play.

Big score for me, up until a few weeks ago all of my partners have been into ONLY “normal” sex. So, I want to knock his socks off next time but am lacking in “rough” experience.


EDIT: I’m looking feedback about what kind of stuff i can be doing to make him curl his toes and anything else i should know about rough sex.

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