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Sex News: Weinstein denies rape accusations, PornHub malware warning, intersex rights, sex toy security

  • “Film producer Harvey Weinstein has denied raping three women after allegations were made in US magazine The New Yorker. It claims Weinstein forced sex on the women, including actress Asia Argento. In addition, actresses Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette are also among those who say they were sexually harassed by the producer.”
    * Harvey Weinstein denies rape accusations (BBC)
  • “Wow! Jennifer and her team look really professional and ready to take on anything! It’s no wonder their project succeeded and they’re looking to celebrate. Maybe you could trade war stories with them about projects past, or hear some of their stories about what it took to make it this far. One thing’s for sure though, no matter how drunk you get: do not masturbate in front of them.”
    * The Rock Test: A Hack for Men Who Don’t Want To Be Accused of Sexual Harassment (Medium)
  • Pretty sure that in many sentences the author means “gender” where they have written the word “sex.” So frustrating. “I met Adams through InterACT, an advocacy organization for young people who are intersex — meaning they were born with some combination of chromosomes, hormones, gonads or genitals that defy social expectations of sex, including the expectation that sex is dichotomous. “Intersex” is a broad umbrella that is often used to encompass dozens of variations, from unusual karyotypes, such as XXY, to hormone insensitivities that can cause a person with XY chromosomes and internal testes to develop as an externally typical female.”
    * The intersex rights movement is ready for its moment (Washington Post)

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  • “Equality Utah has settled the first-of-its-kind lawsuit brought against the state of Utah a over sex-education law that banned positive discussions of homosexuality in public schools. So-called “no promo homo” law is out and state school board informs schools of anti-discrimination policy for all students.”
    * Equality Utah, state schools settle lawsuit over anti-gay sex-ed policies (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • “The piece — “Domestikator” by the collective Atelier Van Lieshout, whose outline depicts copulation — was to go on view on Oct. 19 in the Louvre’s Tuileries Gardens as part of Hors les Murs, a public art program organized by the Fiac contemporary art fair. “This is something that should not happen,” Joep van Lieshout, the collective’s founder, said in a telephone interview [referring to the decision to remove the piece].”
    * Louvre Pulls Sculpture, Saying It Was Sexually Explicit (NYT)
  • SiliconWives.com has announced the expansion of its product line to include a sex robot named “Emma.” According to the company, Emma is the first mass-market intelligent sex robot offering an impressive range of features, including speech recognition, artificial intelligence, touch sensing technology, and body temperature control.”
    * Silicon Wives Debuts Intelligent Sex Robot ‘Emma’ (XBIZ)
  • “If I don’t feel I’m suitable for the client, I’ll let her know in the most polite way possible. There’ll be a million tale-tale signs but it all boils down to your gut instinct. The way they communicate with you, the questions they ask, trying to haggle about the rates and prove how big my d*ck is, which is a clear indicator that they’re not the type of client I’m looking for. Imagine calling up a female escort and asking her off the bat how tight her vagina is.”
    * A Male Escort Answers 21 Questions About Getting Paid to Sleep with Successful Women (redbook)

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  • “Today’s post is in the nature of a policy notice, reminding everyone that Tumblr (under the thumb of Yahoo as sold down the river to Verizon) switched sides in that culture war when they took the explicit porn blogs dark, making them invisible to the open web when they barred them to search robots and made them invisible to everyone but logged-in Tumblr users with non-default settings.”
    * Policy Notice: Treating Adult Tumblr Links As Broken (ErosBlog: The Sex Blog)
  • “(…) as Alex Lomas of Pentest Partners found recently, some of these vulnerable devices are of a very personal nature. Lomas discovered that he could relatively easily search for and hijack BLE-enabled sex toys—a pursuit he named “screwdriving” (after the Wi-Fi network finding practice of “wardriving”).”
    * “NSFW” doesn’t begin to describe Bluetooth security in sex toys (Ars Technica)

Main post image via: Porn-optical illusion: Suggestive collages of sex and architecture (Dangerous Minds)

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My GF gets off on being scared and has made some disturbing requests.

My GF (23) and I (25) have a VERY active, open-minded sexual relationship. Yes, she’s into rape fantasies, which is normal from what I have heard from other women, but I feel that sometimes she goes a bit overboard. First of all, she cannot get “in the mood” or “wet” unless there is force used against her. All of our sex must begin rough, which is the way she likes it. If I want sensual lovemaking, it has to be after the rough beginning, once she’s “warmed up.” I consider myself a freak, and I absolutely love her wanting to be my “dirty little whore” and “fuck slut,” but lately she’s been making requests that I haven’t been able to bring myself to do. Yes, I tie her up. Yes, I man handle her, choke her (hard), slap her (VERY hard, often with paddles and belts), but now she wants me to incorporate knife play. She gets extremely aroused with the threat of violence. She’s always playing with herself during horror movies and rape scenes. But I don’t know if I can use knives around her. To me, it just seems too risky. She doesn’t want to be cut because she passed out at the site of her own blood. She just wants to be GENUINELY SCARED… frightened for her life. And an even stranger request, is that she wants me to date rape her. Like legitimately drug her so she passes out, then have sex with her, use and degrade her lifeless body, and even take pictures to show her when she wakes up. Sometimes I talk about what I’d plan to do, and it gets her SUPER horny. But I don’t know if I could actually be aroused by that. I like my women to be INTO it, nothing makes me get off on making and witnessing a woman get off. And even if I wanted to date rape her, I wouldn’t know where to get roofies or how it would even seem to ask someone. She just wants me to do it unexpectedly when we drink one night, and to just make sure she doesn’t have anything important to do the next day. Anyways, I guess what I’m worried about is if this is healthy, and if there is a fetish for things like this. It’s obvious she’s a masochist, and I’m all about it, but this just seems like too much.

TL;DR: My GF wants me to use knives during rough sex and also date rape her. o_O

Is this a normal fetish? Anyone have experience? I really want to do it for her, but I don’t think I can…

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Are rape fantasies harmful?

Hello there, this is technically my first post here, I posted in on AskReddit and someone directed me here so I am re-posting it. Here goes..for a long time I have had rape fantasies mostly consisting of male figures of authority (teachers, cops, a friends dad, an attorney etc, etc) taking control of me. These fantasies usually consist of these men blackmailing/guilting/begging/bribing me into having sex with them or sometimes it will be of a more forced nature (sometimes downright violent scenarios.) I get pretty turned on and after a few years of having these thoughts I finally looked up porn videos of this substance and was very aroused. Now of course I naturally feel very weird and dirty for thinking such things especially since I have had friends who were victims of rape and I feel terrible for them (thinking of them being rape does not turn me on at all.) Anyway, I suppose my question is: Should I try to tone down on the fantasies? I have read many posts about strange sexual desires and people who worry they are not normal, I realize many people have the same fantasies as I, but I mostly fantasize about this every night before bed. In continuing to do so, am I damaging myself in any way? I am worried about it, but somehow it feels really good and comforting somehow to slip into these fantasies. Also I feel I should add that I have never masturbated to these fantasies. Honestly, I just get very very aroused at the thought and think about it for an hour or so until I fall asleep. I think I feel to guilty or weird about it to try and get off to it. Also I am able and do frequently masturbate to normal vanilla and some other kinky sexual fantasies.

One more thing (sorry I feel there is so much to say on this subject!) I have had sexually fantasies about almost all of my male teachers from middle school up through college, about 60% rape fantasy and the other 40% just regular fucking my teacher fantasy. Thank you for reading and advice and questions are welcomed and encouraged!!

A side note:The first time I posted this, most people thought I was asking if I was a freak or abnormal for having these thoughts; this is not the case. I am well aware that many women have rape fantasies and that it is a normal taboo thing to get turned on by. I am wondering if maybe I think about it too much and that it is/can affect my emotional or mental well being. Thank you!

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