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Where can I find erotica written in the female, second person perspective? And possibly audio-only smut?

Preferably plotless- oneshots, no names, etc. I could care less if its F on M or F on F.

I’ve figured out that I really enjoy reading smut, moreso than images or video, but I need stuff that’ll help with my fantasizing, second person and all. I’m also looking for just… y’know, sounds. Moans and stuff. I’ve gone over to gonewildaudio but it’s often too grainy for me since I’m a ridiculous audiophile. Is there any high quality stuff out there?

Sorry if this is all a bit vague.

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(NSFW) Whats something youre proud of?

Well i’ll go first. Something i’m proud of doing with my significant other is giving her 14 different orgasms in the span of 30 minutes. Our first session that day she had the first 13 each being very powerfull. However she asked for a break so i gave her 5 minutes. then when we began to have our second session i tried a lil kama sutra position and made it tantric if you will. And long story short she orgasmd very strongly squirting all over. Which i find amazing when a female ejactualates and squirts all i can say is me gusta! but it was so amazing she was so sensitive and begged me to stop because she said it felt too good and almost passed out in pleasure. So i pulled out and finished on her drenching her heavily. And i consider that my proudest moment with my wife and understanding her body, emotions, and needs!

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"haha, what are you doing?!"

Please ladies,

If the man is doing something that isn’t working or seems odd, if it doesn’t seem like we know what we’re doing, don’t make the situation worse by killing our insecurities and making us feel like crap. Our esteem plummets into the floor for the most part.

Instead please fix the situation by guiding us in a way that isn’t blatantly instructional. A simple, “it feels better for me like this.”

Please? I was horribly demoralized even though she wasn’t trying to be offensive. I didn’t even want to have sex anymore, I just wanted to go cower in the corner feel like crap.

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I would just like to take the time to thank Sexxit, I have been browsing you for about 3 months now and it has made me a better lover.

I(24/m) had amazing sex last night and it hit me; I was actively referencing and planning out what I was doing from stuff I read here. I gave her multiple, rolling orgasms.

The top three three things I have learned from sexxit;

*Slow it the fuck down. I used to get all excited and go balls deep.

*Talking/communication is another form of foreplay, especially when whispered in the ear.

*I’ve read multiple posts/articles on oral and changed up my game.

I’ve also grown more accustomed to condom use through advice threads, which is wildly important.

I would just like to say thank you, keep up the good work, and I’m going to be contributing back to the community as much as I can.

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Tired of seeing "worst sex I ever had threads"…

I made this comment in one of the newer threads that was stating how this person was absolutely terrible. Stop with these threads. It’s almost like a way of you “sticking it to the man” or “making fun of a man because of his sexual ability” and it’s pretty sad to read. Have you ever considered that people have different styles of fucking, like and enjoy different things, and by focusing on what the person is or is not doing to you is rather, pathetic. Why don’t you stop, take control and do what YOU like with his dick instead of being passive about it.

For all the talk on here about how sex is not a performance, or act put on by the man, it sure seems contradictory to be posting about how some man couldn’t perform the way you like.

There are also two sides to every story. For example, with an ex girlfriend, I would cum really fast the first month we were dating. She would only do one position. Wouldn’t mix it up. Wouldn’t so much as make a noise. I was very frustrated with this. She was frustrated that I would cum fast. I would ask for round two, she would say no or say that she wasn’t in the mood. Well, we ended up talking about it and working on it, together, and eventually we started having some really good sex and I gave her the first orgasm she had with PIV sex, and could also make her squirt… And I started to last longer because we started having sex more, and a second or third time if I came too fast.

tl;dr – There are two sides to bad sex, stop acting like you tried everything possible to improve it. My exgf was frustrated with how quick I came, I was frustrated/bored with her being a star-fish for the first month of our relationship. I offered for a second round and she would always be frustrated and say no. That changed after we talked about it and worked on it. Tired of reading this shit. Had to vent.

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Females please answer: My new wife isnt feeling pleasure during both our first times having sex

We are recently married and each others firsts. We have had sex numerous times, but she doesn’t get any pleasure out of it. I have an average sized package. She is getting very frustrated and thinks there is something wrong with her. I know there isn’t because I have given her plenty of orgasms in other ways. Any advice?

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Girl here with a question about blowjobs.

Specifically, enthusiasm while giving them.

I’m a female, 24 and my boyfriend is a male, 27. We have sex regularly (2-6 times a week, depending how often we can hang out) and it usually starts with one of us giving the other oral sex. I truly enjoy giving it, I love making him feel good, I love how he grabs at the wall behind him and I love the feeling of controlling his pleasure.

My question is, how can I be sure I am being enthusiastic enough? I want to be sure that he knows that I am having a great time while I’m going down on him. Is purely enjoying it while doing it enough? We are in a long term relationship so I just want to keep things exciting and fun!

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SO wont deliver unless Im shaven….

I guess I need to vent a little. Im 18 and in college, and my boyfriend and I haven been dating for almost 2 years. I have really really sensitive skin and I can barely shave down there… I’ve tried all kinds of things-nair, good razor, bikizone shave gel, bikizone aftercare, deodorant, soap, no soap, shaving cream- pretty much everything except waxing which I cannot do because I am broke. He refuses to give me oral sex unless its shaved… I’ve tried damn near everything. It is physically painful, frustrating, and embarrassing to to have this problem and at this point I just don’t think its fair that he asks me to do it. We just had a fight about it so I’m pretty upset…. help?… Is it really that bad to go down on a trimmed, and not shaved vagina? Any super good tips for shaving EXTREMELY sensitive skin? I just want to feel like my boyfriend enjoys my whole body…

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My husbands sleeps with other women with my approval AMA

I am what is called a cuckquean. I enjoy and encourage my husband (M 38) to seek out and sleep with other women. He’s always had a huge sex drive I couldn’t keep up with, I doubt any woman could. We’ve played a lot of Ds games the grew deeper and more emotional until he slept with a woman as part of one and I was never so turned on in my life.

Since then he’s sought out and met several women and told me all about it. The women know the situation and enjoy being with my husband. He fits into this role well- he’s very attractive, charismatic and great in bed. I love seeing or hearing about other women’s reaction to him. AMA

Edit; This has gotten more attention that I expected. I’ll try to answer all the questions (or as many as possible). If I disappear I’ll be back on later. Also, please don’t fight or pick apart other people’s questions or comments. As long as they are genuine I don’t mind the curiosity or criticism. I know there are a lot of people that protect their interpretation of Ds and I’ve always believed people should just do what is good for them and their partner.

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[f]irst time strip teasing

hey sexxit,

i want to surprise my boyfriend with some new lingrie and nice message. I’ve always wanted to strip for him but i am very shy, insecure, and awkward. i just had baby so i do have some stretch marks and bit of a weight gain. this makes me even more shy then i am. how can i make myself comfortable enough to strip infront of him without looking dumb and awkward? also any tricks to stripping?

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Shaving down there (F)

Well, I’m new to the whole, shaving your lady bits thing, but my SO suggested it (although he doesn’t really mind either way) and I kinda wanna try it. Anyway, I did, and it left such bad irritation, and I realize it was completely my fault, but after looking it up on the internet it’s highly suggested to use a shaving cream and not soap. So do you guys have any suggestions for that? I don’t really have a lot of money to spend on this, so the cheaper the better to be honest… but you know I’m willing to spend a little money on myself. Is there any tips you can offer?

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