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Sex News: Porn production halted, Republican porn scare, UK sex for rent scandal

  • “The US porn industry’s leading trade body has called for adult film production to be halted amid fears that an actor has HIV. The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) issued the warning to prevent the potential spread of the virus, after a performer on a database used to protect the health of actors underwent an HIV test. … It added that the performer had not worked on a set during the window of transmission and “had not participated in any fluid exchange shoots since their last negative test.””
    * Porn production in the US shut down over HIV fears (Independent UK)
  • Hey look yet another article with no actual news about this (potential?) issue. “The Trump administration has yet to take any concrete action against the adult industry—and probably won’t anytime soon because it has a lot of other things going on.”
    * Republicans Are Coming for Your Porn (Vice)

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  • “Joseph John Schmidt III, a Navy chief special warfare officer who has spent 23 years in the military, has made more than 30 porn films since 2010 under the name “Jay Voom,” most of them with his wife, porn star Jewels Jade, she told The Huffington Post …”
    * Navy SEAL Under Fire For Moonlighting As Porn Actor (Huffington Post)
  • “New research from Brigham Young University (I know right?) examines the role of pornography use, self-perceived “addiction” to pornography, and religion on relationship anxiety. Results were surprising, and confirmed a building school of research which indicates that the effects of pornography vary based on moral and religious beliefs, and that seeing oneself as addicted to porn is actually far more damaging than actually using pornography.”
    * Religious Conflict Makes Porn Bad for Relationships (Psychology Today)
  • “Vulnerable young people are resorting to paying for accommodation through sexual services advertised on classified ads posted online, it is claimed. An investigation by BBC South East Today uncovered numerous adverts offering free rent in exchange for “services” on websites such as Craigslist. ”
    * Sex-for-rent adverts are ‘exploiting’ young homeless people (Independent UK)

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