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GF wants to go straight from kissing to sex….

Whenever we have sex it seems to start with kissing and cuddling each other. And then she'll just turn and say get naked like I need to put it inside her because this might be the last time because the world is going to end. She'll literally rip my clothes and say she's ready and get on top and put me inside her. Now I want to lick her out but I never seem to get the opportunity because after a few mins of kissing she wants me inside her. Am I just lucky or what? I want to have some foreplay beforehand because sometimes it can take a good half hour 40 mins before she cums!

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Tired of seeing "worst sex I ever had threads"…

I made this comment in one of the newer threads that was stating how this person was absolutely terrible. Stop with these threads. It’s almost like a way of you “sticking it to the man” or “making fun of a man because of his sexual ability” and it’s pretty sad to read. Have you ever considered that people have different styles of fucking, like and enjoy different things, and by focusing on what the person is or is not doing to you is rather, pathetic. Why don’t you stop, take control and do what YOU like with his dick instead of being passive about it.

For all the talk on here about how sex is not a performance, or act put on by the man, it sure seems contradictory to be posting about how some man couldn’t perform the way you like.

There are also two sides to every story. For example, with an ex girlfriend, I would cum really fast the first month we were dating. She would only do one position. Wouldn’t mix it up. Wouldn’t so much as make a noise. I was very frustrated with this. She was frustrated that I would cum fast. I would ask for round two, she would say no or say that she wasn’t in the mood. Well, we ended up talking about it and working on it, together, and eventually we started having some really good sex and I gave her the first orgasm she had with PIV sex, and could also make her squirt… And I started to last longer because we started having sex more, and a second or third time if I came too fast.

tl;dr – There are two sides to bad sex, stop acting like you tried everything possible to improve it. My exgf was frustrated with how quick I came, I was frustrated/bored with her being a star-fish for the first month of our relationship. I offered for a second round and she would always be frustrated and say no. That changed after we talked about it and worked on it. Tired of reading this shit. Had to vent.

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Girl here with a question about blowjobs.

Specifically, enthusiasm while giving them.

I’m a female, 24 and my boyfriend is a male, 27. We have sex regularly (2-6 times a week, depending how often we can hang out) and it usually starts with one of us giving the other oral sex. I truly enjoy giving it, I love making him feel good, I love how he grabs at the wall behind him and I love the feeling of controlling his pleasure.

My question is, how can I be sure I am being enthusiastic enough? I want to be sure that he knows that I am having a great time while I’m going down on him. Is purely enjoying it while doing it enough? We are in a long term relationship so I just want to keep things exciting and fun!

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I just had the worst sex of my life. Anyone else able to top this?

I’m kind of in awe at how bad the whole thing was. I probably could have tried to do a little more, but at the time I was just kind of shocked. Now I just have to vent because this was quite honestly terrible.

I met a guy from OkCupid at a coffee shop. He seemed fine so I brought him back to my place. After some mediocre kissing (I should have stopped there), we moved to the bedroom. As we were kissing and undressing, I mentioned that he could be a little rougher. That was his cue to start yanking my head around by my hair, throwing me on the bed and practically smothering me, etc. Okay, I thought, he’s probably not that used to being rough. Not that big a deal.

I started to go down on him, and he pulled me around to 69. Red flag number two: I’m not sure what he was doing, but it literally felt like nothing. Just once, he moved in such a way that made me inhale a bit, and I stopped sucking on him in order to focus on the feeling. He promptly stopped, and guided my head back towards his dick. Definitely a turn off. I asked him to go down on me in the more typical manner, but nothing improved. Then I asked him to finger me while going down on me, and he simply started finger banging me instead, without using his mouth.

Then he asked if he could fuck me, and I figured mayyyybe things would get better. So I grabbed a condom and handed it to him. He told (not asked) me to suck his dick to get him hard again, and while normally I love doing that for my partner, I was a little less than enthusiastic this time. He also kept shoving my head and wouldn’t let me use my hand.

When we finally started having sex, it was equally lackluster. He wasn’t small but I wasn’t feeling much, for some reason. His technique was all over the place and I couldn’t move very well. We switched positions a few times, but nothing really helped. I’ve always wondered how anyone could be bored during sex, but that’s what was happening.

Finally, we switched back to doggy because it seemed a little better, but I was literally too dry for him to even put himself in. I told him to grab some lube (which normally I only need for marathon sessions, this whole thing was less than ten minutes), and he slathered some on himself and tried to stuff himself back in. It hurt and it seriously wasn’t working, and finally I realized that I couldn’t keep going.

I sat up and said, “Sorry, but this isn’t working for me.” He said okay and asked for a towel. I handed him a paper towel and then watched in shock as he threw the condom on my bed, pulled his clothes on, and stormed out of the house. I then burst out laughing at how utterly ridiculous the whole thing was.

That was, without question, the worst sex I’ve ever had. I definitely shouldn’t have gone through with it, but oh well. I’d love to hear your stories, I’m sure they’ll make me feel better.

TL;DR The sex was bad, and he should feel bad.

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My wife organized a blow job/possible three way. Looking for advice.

So, a little background.

My wife and I are happily married. She definitely satisfies me and I her, but for whatever reason she doesn’t enjoy giving blow jobs. This doesn’t bother me at all and I haven’t been looking for anything else, but she decided she wanted someone to give me a blow job. She would fantasize about it while we have sex and it really turns her on. Well, she’s back home (we live 3 states away) and hanging out with a friend and has a conversation about sex that leads to her friend offering to give me a blow job and/or sex. The opportunity kind of fell in her lap, but we’re planning to make this happen when we’re back in the area for thanksgiving. Starting with a blow job and maybe sex another time if everything’s ok.

So, needless to say I’m pretty excited. I can’t think of any more details I could provide that would help, but I’m mainly looking for advice that would make this a positive experience. I’ve never done this before so I have no idea.

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Laughter and Sex.

So my gf and I were having dinner with some friends of ours when sex came up. We both said we like to laugh in bed. Every single couple (there were 3 other couples) looked at us as if we said that each night we stab each other with knives. Is it that odd to mix humor and sex. I mean we giggle when we have sex out right laugh and I wouldn’t trade our sex life for anything in the world.

So my question is this. Is sex and laughter really that weird.

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Wife is vanilla and prude, but I love her with all that I am…

Throwaway, and this is a bit of a long tale, bear with me.

I have been married to my wife for 2.5 years, and, other than the sex, everything is awesome. I don’t regret the marriage one bit, and I love her more every day.

Now, we are one another’s firsts and only’s, and we waited until marriage for sex. When we were dating, though, there was a good deal of fooling around. Handjobs in the car, at movies, under the blankets at a friend’s, etc. We had dry-sex (or whatever it’s called when I have my underwear on, she’s naked, and we hump/rub). I went down on her, but she said she didn’t/couldn’t return the favor. I never pushed it.

However, our sex life is beginning to put a strain on our relationship. She was raised very conservatively/sex-is-taboo type of parenting. Our sex life consists of only two positions (missionary and cowgirl), only at bedtime, only in the bedroom. Only once. Happens every ten days or so.

Fast forward to now.

I no longer am allowed to go down on here, she says she doesn’t get into it and doesn’t like the smell (I find it pleasant, and not particularly strong).

She generally shies away from much foreplay, and then rushes right into it. Almost like she feels it’s a chore that she just wants to get done. When she rushes like this, it is painful in the beginning for her (we always use lube). The few times she allows extended foreplay (which I enjoy), it is much better for her.

She is reluctant to try new positions, and it generally goes poorly if we do. She won’t be into it at all, because she thinks its some task she must conquer, and then does not enjoy herself, or there is pain. We tried doggy-style for the first time a couple weeks ago, and she started crying from the pain. Some of this pain is due to her having titanium rods in most of her spine from a corrective surgical procedure. So of course, some positions are impossible etc. Some of it though, I believe, is because she has difficulty relaxing her inhibitions and just having fun. Everything is planned and thought out and diagrammed in her mind.

Even when we really get into it, she’s never really that into it. It’s like she’s second-guessing all her reactions. Also, I think she has a stigma that the whole thing is kinda gross–i.e. I have to put the lube on, I have to insert into her, I have to set the pace, I choose positions, and I have to initiate almost all of the time.

I, on the other hand, am almost opposite. My upbringing was fairly loose and I am very independent. I have battled off/on with a porn addiction most of my adolescent life (so I’m sure my expectations are a bit high). I masturbate regularly. My wife told me that she has never masturbated, and I believe that’s probably true.

I guess I don’t really know exactly what I’m looking for here, but I suppose hearing from people who have been through similar situations with overcoming extreme sexual inhibition would be helpful.

As this is a throwaway, I am more than willing to answer/discuss anything that anyone may deem helpful.

Thanks Sexxit!

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Good in bed?

[20]f w/ [25]m sex is awesome…but I feel likehe lied to me about how I am in bed.

We basically have sex at least once a day if not more on workdays and even more on the weekends. Sex is amazing. It’s the best sex I’ve ever had honestly. I told him as much multiple times and he usually just goes yeah. But yesterday and today I definitely said it again, cause he worries that someone else could be better, not likely. And I flat out said, “babe, the best sex I’ve ever had has been with you.” he stuttered a reply and then said he agreed, but it sounded like he was remembering someone he had better sex with. Im not sure why this bothers me, as we’ve talked about getting married and he’s said I’m the last person he wants to sleep with ever, but I feel like now I could be better in bed and I don’t know how to be. I’ve told him to be more vocal about what he likes and what feels good but he just says it all does.

Tldr: am I thinking too much about this/what can I do to be better if I’m not the best?

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F(22) Im overweight, and my guy (23) has a slightly smaller than average-sized penis. Any tips or tricks for good positions?

Hi, sexxit, I figured you guys would be able to help me. I’ve been seeing this really great guy, and we had sex for the first time this week. The sex was pretty good, but I feel like you guys might be able to help me make it even better. See, I’m pretty overweight (in my thighs and stomach), and that’s never really been a big problem when it comes to sex, except that my new guy’s only got a little belly to him, and is a little on the small side, probably around 4in. Him on top was good, and so was me on top, but we tried doggy and it absolutely wasn’t working. I looked at that Norwegian website that lets you put in different criteria for positions, but it didn’t really give me much.

This looks like it’s going to turn into something long-term, so I’d really love it if any of you have any tips for positions we can try out, so we don’t get absolutely bored by missionary. Thanks!

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"I went to a shrink. To analyze my dreams. She says its lack of sex. Thats bringing me down" Do you think lack of sex can turn you insane? Does life feel meaningless to you when you dont have an active sex life?

The quote is from a Green Day song. I just like quoting songs as my username might show.

I haven’t had a proper (regular sex, at least once a month) sex life since 2008/2009 and I’m missing it so much that it sometimes makes me feel like my other achievements (professional, artistic…) are tasteless and meaningless. I’m a 24-year-old female. I’m getting kinda embittered and moody as I’m feeling deprived of one of the most intense part of the human experience. What do you think about it ?

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26 years old, still a virgin. Goddammit.

First of all, I do not consider myself a “forever alone” type, I’m just really late in the game. I am fit, tall, reasonably attractive, and independent. Unfortunately my ultra-religious upbringing really fucked me over with regards to getting laid.

I’ve been a hard-line atheist now for about 3 years, but before that I was fully subscribed to the “save yourself for marriage” bullshit. In my Christian social scene it was very positive to have never had sex unless you were married. This resulted in most of my secretly horny Christian friends getting married between the ages of 17 (!) and 21. Most of them are in unhappy marriages now, not surprisingly. Anyway, through my teen years I had hardwired myself to avoid any physical contact with girls, not to mention avoiding masturbation (I once went a full year with no jerking off, and at 15 years old, it was more awful than you can possibly imagine).

When I was about 22, I completely severed myself from my church, family, and friends by deciding that I was an atheist and “coming out”. I started going to lots of parties to meet new non-Christian people, which made me realize very quickly that I was years behind everyone else sexually. As it turns out, sex is kind of a big deal to people my age. Unfortunately I was having a lot of trouble fitting in, since my sexual experience was completely nil. I found myself in situations where I could have had sex with really attractive girls, but performance anxiety caused me to go cold and eject before things progressed. This has been going on for more than 3 years now, and I have only just recently built up enough confidence and knowledge to hook up with a girl and not have it be a disaster (hopefully).

I’m partially writing this to figure out where I’m at and what I need to do from here. I understand this may sound a bit pathetic to some people, but understand that I’m at a 16 year old’s level when it comes to sexuality. This is the kind of stuff I should have been thinking about 10 years ago… Dammit…

So, I understand the act of sex pretty well for not-having any first-hand experience. I understand the kinds of sensations I’d be dealing with, and the fact that there is a partner’s enjoyment to take into account. Even though I’m fairly confident in my stamina (fleshlight helps), I realize that I’ll probably need to spend a decent amount of time with foreplay and oral sex. I’ve talked to 2 close female friends about what needs to happen there, and I feel like I can probably take care of business pretty well. Any more tips are very welcome.

One priority now is finding ways to meet girls. My friends have mostly calmed down with regards to rowdy weekend activities, and my group has become slightly cliquish (not in an unfriendly way), so meeting girls through networking is really tough. Bars and clubs are an option, but I do have trouble just randomly approaching girls.

TL;DR – Grew up Christian where sex was icky and never discussed, ditched that nonsense, now trying to figure out WTF I am supposed to do with my weiner.

Anyway, like I said, I just needed to get this out. Only 3 people know about my situation, most of my friends just assume I just don’t make a big deal about how often I get laid. If asked, I’ve gotten pretty good at playing things off.

So if anyone has been in a similar situation, or if you have helpful tips, I’d appreciate the input!

EDIT: I really appreciate the advice, thanks guys! Plus, I should note that I’m not looking to get into a relationship right now (though that would be amazing), I just need to get this whole virginity thing out of the way.

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my boyfriend says its strange that i laugh, talk, or squirm around during sex – opinions?

I know it’ isnt’ really how ‘porn star’ women act during sex but…idk. I guess I squirm around a bit during sex but that’s just my reaction to something feeling good. During oral sex I tend to arch my back or move my pelvis and try to spread my legs wider or something – its just an involuntary reaponce to pleasure,no? Also I didnt know that sex is a silent act. :/

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