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Sex News: Twitter’s porn stance, Ron Jeremy and Kevin Spacey, sex toy heist, Rick Perry on preventing sexual assault

  • Buzzfeed started a censorship panic Friday about Twitter’s adult content guidelines by mistaking Twitter’s ad policy for its general policy. “Several outlets are reporting on this update as if it’s a sweeping “ban” on porn (Buzzfeed updated its article on the guidelines but didn’t remove the incorrect tweet). But Twitter isn’t banning porn — rather, it says it’s making its policies more robust around revenge porn and sending images of non-consensual nudity (dick pics in your DMs), with specific examples of what is and isn’t considered “sensitive” material.”
    * Porn Is Still Allowed On Twitter (Motherboard)
  • “Free Speech Coalition, the national trade association for the adult entertainment industry, is officially rescinding an award granted by the organization to Ron Jeremy in 2009. … “We have now heard multiple accounts, both publicly and in confidence, from upset, angry performers about encounters with Ron Jeremy that ranged from groping to assault,” said Eric Paul Leue. “In an interview following the allegations, Jeremy dismissed the accounts or made excuses. We can not honor someone who refuses to take his colleagues’ right to consent seriously.””
    * FSC Rescinds 2009 Award Granted to Ron Jeremy (Free Speech Coalition)
  • “Since 2011, a replica of [porn star Asa] Akira’s labia and vaginal canal has been available from Fleshlight, but now an exact replica of her entire body can be purchased from Abyss Creations. Though the company has lofty plans for dolls that speak and learn — dolls the company’s CEO says will cost around $ 15,000 — their Wicked RealDolls are currently their most expensive product. All the Wicked RealDolls are based on porn performers, and Akira’s doll gets top billing on the site.”
    * This Company Makes Perfect Porn Star Replicas into Pricey Sex Dolls (Inverse)
  • “When deployed among strangers, the teabag is obnoxious at best and sexual harassment at worst. In those moments, the teabag feels like a sexual humiliation ritual. The fact that it’s forced upon corpses adds a new level of grisliness. Teabagging among pro players could be seen as a teabag among friends, but the audience’s presence adds pressure to be cool with a form of taunting that’s actually pretty weird.”
    * The Ups And Downs Of Teabagging In Pro Gaming (Kotaku)

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  • “The recent attempt by Conservative MPs to label porn a public health crisis in Canada is part of a web of attacks against gender and sexual minorities — and a diversion from necessary policy debates on ending sexual violence. Luckily, the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health didn’t go for it.”
    * Porn not to blame for public health issues (The Conversation)

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  • “Regular marijuana users have about 20 percent more sex than abstainers, according to a new study from researchers at Stanford University. The study analyzed data on 28,000 female and 23,000 male participants in the National Survey of Family Growth, a nationally representative CDC survey of Americans age 15 to 49. It found that women who smoked marijuana daily had sex with a male partner an average of 7.1 times per month, compared to 6 times per month for nonsmoking women.”
    * Marijuana users have more sex, researchers find (Washington Post)
  • “Energy Secretary Rick Perry suggested on Thursday that increasing fossil fuel use to spread electricity across Africa would help prevent sexual assaults there. … “When the lights are on, when you have light that shines — the righteousness, if you will — on those types of acts,” he told an Axios event.”
    * Perry: Fossil fuels help prevent sexual assault in Africa (Politico)

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[Sexual Health]My first STD check was easier than expected, you should get one too.

Sorry long read but I think it's worth it. I'm a 23 YO male, I just got my first STD check done and got my results in, it took me too long to do because I was scared. I though I would share my experience, answer questions, and encourage people to get one done themselves. I live in Austin TX, I can only speak for my area but the RBJ Public Health Center does checks for $ 20 and is great.

I hadn't gotten tested before because I was afraid it would be too public, too expensive, and I was scared of what a positive diagnosis for an STD would mean.

About my fears and why they shouldn't have stopped me;

  1. I thought they would mail my results to me and my roommates/parents would see if I didn't get the mail, or it would get out somehow. In reality they gave me my HIV result before I left and I got a phone number and security code to access my full results once they were in. No letter, no embarrassing jokes/talks, nobody beside me and the doctors know anything about my health.

  2. Cost, when I looked it up online there were a bunch of "clinics" offering discreet STD checks but they came with $ 100-$ 400 price tags. I did actual research when I decided I had to get it done and found that the public clinic you should actually go to costs $ 20, the rest is taxpayer funded. I could have, and should have, done this a long time ago.

  3. I was afraid if I did have an STD my sexual life would be over. While looking up information I found out that the vast majority of STD's are curable/treatable and you shouldn't be scared of having one, you should be scared of having an undiagnosed one. Besides HIV the most common STD's can be cured with antibiotics and you can resume activities in a few months, and HIV requires treatment you can only get once diagnosed.

Getting tested was easy, cost me very little, and didn't take as long as I thought it would, I was done within 2 hours. I'll be here to answer questions for a few hours, if you have concerns ask, but don't keep going unchecked, get it done, it's not as hard as it seems.

BTW I'm clean, no STD's, Yay!

Edit 1: I forgot to say, I didn't need to get nude to be checked either, it's done with a small blood draw and urine test now, so no doctors starring at and prodding your junk. So don't let your shyness keep you from getting checked either.

Edit 2: The Test's themselves; They drew two small vials of blood and had me do a urine test. The blood test was me walking into a room, sitting down, them inserting a small needle into my left arm and drawing blood from there. The urine test was me walking into a private bathroom, peeing in a small cup they gave me, putting it's cap on and then placing it on a designated shelf inside the bathroom. They didn't use a cotton swab on my penis but apparently they still do that sometimes.

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Did childhood sexual abuse mess me up, sexually? (NSFW)

I'm a 24 year old male and a former victim of child abuse. Almost all the abuse experienced was along the lines of being choked, thrown, whipped with bamboo sticks, hit in the head with telephones, etc., but the worst example, and the one that still troubles me to this day, is when I was about 7-8.

I was sound asleep in my bed, only to be awoken by my stepfather (at 3:00am, when he got home from work) throwing the blanket off of me and yanking my pants and underwear down. He then grabbed me by the penis and lifted me up off of the bed, my penis solely supporting the full weight of my body. I was lifted well over a few feet up and then dropped onto the concrete floor below (my bedroom was in the unfinished basement. Obviously I wasn't liked by someone). As soon as I hit the ground, I was told to get back into bed and sleep, as I had school in the morning. Too afraid to get out of bed and check on my damaged manhood, I cried softly to myself until I fell asleep.

When I woke up, naturally the first thing a male needs is to urinate, so I went upstairs to the bathroom and when I tried to pull my briefs down to urinate, i was met with the pain of dried blood having glued my penis to the fabric. Ripping it off as you would a Band-Aid, I then saw the full extent of the damage: my shaft, just under the glans, was torn open. I remember urinating blood, but I can't recall for how long. I also remember being too scared and embarrassed to tell anyone about it.

I eventually showed up to Elementary School one-too-many days, with one-too-many bruises and not enough excuses to cover up the truth, so the school sent a case worker from the state Department of Family Services and a police officer to my house one day, after school. They examined my body, noting the long black and blue horizontal lines across my legs from a bamboo stick. My stepfather was never charged with anything, as far as I'm aware, but I was taken out of that home and put into a foster home for a summer. Over a dozen kids from bad homes, crammed into a double-wide, owned by a crazy Catholic family. I remember eating PBJs everyday, getting beat up by my foster parents' son, only being allowed to listen to music that was on CMT and watching Chitty Chitty Bang Bang too many goddamn times.

After that, I lived with the grandparents for a year and then spending the rest of my youth in a somewhat normal situation, with my father. I had a couple girlfriends in high school and beyond. I've made out with a handful of women, fingered a couple, I got a shitty blowjob once my junior year that is notable because I got soft in her mouth and she gave up. But no actual sex. I enjoy masturbation and have contemplated trying to massage my prostate for the first time, though I haven't followed through with it. My penis hasn't suffered any permanent damage, to my knowledge. Actually, I'm quite pleased with the length and girth, not that that means anything– I just thought I should liven the mood after that sob story by telling you that I have a big penis…

I'm pretty certain I'm attracted to women. A round, firm butt and large breasts are always appreciated. I'm finally starting to become attracted to the vagina, itself, after spending much of these formative years thinking it's kinda… gross? Puffy labia majora is way sexy, as opposed to those vaginas that a lot of thin women have, that look like they're holding their breath. I've never put the idea of being sexual with a man completely out to pasture, though I've never once been turned on by a man or seen a penis that I'd like in my mouth. According to a Kinsey Scale "test" I took recently, I'm nonsexual. When I do watch porn, it's lesbians, solo women, or POV/JOI stuff. I just can't get into it with a guy in the mix. When masturbating to porn, I question if I'm really into it, or just turned on because I'm playing with my penis.

Am I just thinking too hard into this crap? Are these problems just in my head? Should I maybe talk to a therapist or some head shrinker? Do I just need to get laid? Have any other males here, on /r/sex been sexually abused as a child?

Thanks for reading my post that's probably waaaayyy longer than it should have been.

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Extremely disturbed by a sexual (?) act my [21F] boyfriend [23M] mentioned.

I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question, but here goes.

WARNING : Involves golden shower, infant.

My SO and I are very, very kinky people. We're also very dedicated and committed to each other. Which means two things : a) We are not averse to the idea of golden showers. b) We've planned having children together someday.

He's the most caring and loving person I know, so this is why I'm even having doubts about my course of action regarding this. The thing is, he & I were talking dirty last night on call and he asked me how I liked the idea of us giving our hypothetical future newborn a golden shower. Both of us. I freaked the fuck out and we haven't spoken since.

I am extremely shocked and appalled even after approximately 24 hours. The only reason I haven't noped out of this relationship is because he is actually a very thoughtful, caring man whom I have known for around half a decade. Also because when in the past things have gotten extreme, sexually, he has mentioned that when he is hot and bothered, he finds things arousing, things that would normally repel him. Before this, though, he has never said anything which would make me even slightly uncomfortable. I have no idea what to do.

TL;DR Boyfriend mentioned peeing on future baby as a turn-on. He's never mentioned anything like this before. What do I do?

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New Sub Reddit! NSFW IAMA!

Hello! I started a sub reddit called r/NSFWIAMA. And based on the name you can probably guess what it is about. Our goal is to create a collection of NSFW and Sexual AMA’s. This is a place to post anything sexual. From being a sex addict to simply having sex last night. Since this is a startup subreddit I am looking for readers and subscribers. If you could join it it would be greatly appreciated. The link is reddit.com/r/NSFWIAMA

P.S. I am looking for one or two additional mods. Details within a few days.

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Married/partnered redditors: how common are thoughts of infidelity?

It seems that so many people are openly against infidelity in group discussions, but surely they must secretly think about it at some point?

Have you cheated or been otherwise unfaithful to a loved one? (In this case, not in an open relationship) or have you considered it?

Do you believe there should be no repercussions when having sex with someone outside of your otherwise committed relationship?

Do you believe having a single sexual partner is unnatural?

Finally, are you male or female?

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Do Girls enjoy grinding?

Whenever I am at a party or a club girls always seem eager to get on some guy and start grinding. I understand that this may cause some mental satisfaction of bringing someone else pleasure, or even just feeling sexy, but I am wondering if there is any sexual stimulation/satisfaction involved?

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Strange physical response to thinking about sex (but only with one woman)

So this is partly funny, but also being posted because i’m very curious about it. My SO and I noticed last summer that I would sneeze once right before we started anything sexual. What I began to realize is… every time I even think about sex with her at all, or i’m about to initiate anything sexual with her, I sneeze once. Of course this completely gets rid of any surprise factor I can incorporate, because now she ALWAYS KNOWS. Strangest part is, i’m 27, and this is the first girl this has ever happened with, and it ONLY happens with her. Even when thinking about something sexual with her, I sneeze once. Any ideas as to why? Not really worried about it, just really curious.

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So I think my boyfriend wants to try being a girl…

Warning: wall of text follows…

A couple nights ago my boyfriend (26) of 5 years revealed a pretty shocking and personal fantasy to me (24f) after a few drinks. Apparently he has, since around 15 years old, possessed an intensely powerful fetish for cross-dressing and ‘forced feminization.’ He says he has only ever actually dressed up in women’s clothing a handful of times, and told me that its mostly lingerie that excites him. Beyond this, he has had a lot of masturbation fantasies with this theme – he says that basically the idea of being feminized, embarrassed, and controlled by a dominant woman has always been the most powerful sexual idea for him.

This was of course shocking, and I feel really confused and a bit unsure of how to react. He wasn’t at all comfortable telling it to me. It was clear this holds a lot of guilt for him. And I guess I’m the only person to ever know about it outside of a former therapist of his (he has been in therapy intermittently over the past few years) – he has never tried to pursue this behavior with a partner. My boyfriend is literally a one-in-a-million kind of guy: he’s brilliant, kind, hilarious, and successful, but over the years I’ve come to know him as a worrier and very much a ‘weight-of-the-world’ kind of introspective person – he can be very anxious and let things get to him. Its very clear that he has really struggled to come to terms with this fantasy, and he said that at different points in his life his reaction to it has been everything from suicidal to considering embracing it, but it is very obvious it still gives him a lot of heartache and confusion.

I’m really glad he opened up to me about this, but I don’t really know how to take it. He was very frank and candid about it, and said that he has at no point ever felt sexual attraction to men nor does he have any desire to actually become a woman outside of the realm of sexual fantasy (i.e. no gender dysphoria), but just fantasizes about lesbian scenes in which he is one of the women. It seems to me to be more of a control/BDSM thing with a big humiliation component to it.

There was kind of a weird exchange when I brought up maybe trying to incorporate some of this stuff in bed. I think he’s very worried now about how my feelings towards him might change, as he just told me he wouldn’t want to make me uncomfortable. To be honest, I don’t really know how I would feel about it/if I would enjoy it. I want my SO to be happy, but I like him as a guy, and I don’t know how I would feel having sex while he wears a bra and panties.

I guess I’m just looking to bounce this off of people on here. Does anybody, especially ladies with male partners, have any experience with their SO revealing this? He assured me that he is 100% straight, but does this represent some kind of subconscious homosexual desires? Likewise, he mentioned that the idea of transitioning to a woman is preposterous to him, and that he comfortably identifies as 100% male, but is this fantasy an indication that he might be transgender? I love my boyfriend, and I trust him, so I don’t want to ask these questions, its just very confusing form my perspective.

In terms of possibly finding a healthy outlet for this stuff, is this something I should explore in bed with him? He mentioned for a long time this fantasy/behavior was something he tried to ‘cure’ himself of, but was ultimately pointless – it seems to be a pretty big part of his sexual being. With that being said, should I encourage that he try to ‘cure’ himself, or ‘work things out’ with a therapist like in the past?

Very confused, and would love to hear others weigh in.

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Hey sexxit. Did any of your ideas/kinks/fetishes/sexual preferences you had as a virgin change after having sex?

After reading this here post: in which a virgin girl talks about turning down relationships due to having kinks and preferences that she didn’t think the guys would understand, I was made curious about the whole idea of sexual preferences changing before and after sex.

-If you have a strong kink or sexual preference, can you even remember when it came about?

-And most importantly: Did anything that you thought you wanted as a virgin change after you had sex?

I’m really just curious about how big a role sex plays in the development of sexual preferences. I didn’t have any strong kinks of my own before sex (other than gender preference which I believe is just natural) but after having sex I now know that there are certain things I do like a lot (such as knee-high socks/tights, among other things).

So yeah, talk, reminisce, discuss your fetishes and their history, comment on the link, whatever. (sorry if the post is kind of muddled, I’m a little out of it at the moment)

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Approaching my (f)irst MFF threesome. Tips?

Let me give a little background by saying that my (male) SO and I have talked about our various kinks and desires frequently and openly. I’m pansexual, and we’ve discovered that mythical creature, a “Unicorn” (unattached bisexual female willing to join a couple) with which to pursue our perversions. In the best sense possible, of course. We already sat down for a conversation where the three of us discussed what sexual activities we wanted to try, from toys to various types of penetration and other basics like oral, etc. On the logical end of things, we’ve got it covered.

Essentially, my concern lies in the emotional reactions I might have during or after. So far I must say that in the year-long relationship with my SO we have both had sexual partners outside of the relationship and neither one of us has ever had a single issue with jealousy or regret. However, I understand that I never know how exactly I am going to react until I try something, so I humbly ask my r/sex fellows for their experiences, advice, and notes on threesomes. Thanks in advance!

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I need some advice.. I dont feel sex.

So, I have been seeing this guy for about four months now, and have purposely put off any sexual interaction as long as possible to avoid this issue. I feel nothing during intercourse. I am a female, 19, on a low-dose birth control and lexapro (weaned down to 5mg). I am an avid cross country runner, in good shape, regular periods, etc. I don’t understand how I can even slightly better the situation. I have been in three previous sexual relationships (two very brief), and it was the same with all of them. I tried to get in a more relaxed state of mind, I have tried different types of condoms, lubes, etc. Even fingering does nothing for me. I haven’t even had an orgasm before. Is this normal? I am not a super sexual person, but even enjoying sex would be nice. I am ridiculously nervous about trying anything with my current boyfriend without some indication of what’s going on. Anyone have any ideas? Please help! Thanks!

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