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Juicy Fruits | Sexy Chinese Peaches Mr. Yao, a Chinese Fruit…

Juicy Fruits | Sexy Chinese Peaches

Mr. Yao, a Chinese Fruit vendor from Nanjing, put the resemblance of peaches with a cute bum a step further by dressing the peaches, fittingly named “When the peach is ripe” (same with an erotic Hong Kong movie shot in 1997), in sexy lace and lingerie.  The juicy fruits are sold in anticipation of the romantic Qixi festival. A box of nine sexy chinese peaches costs 498 yuan, or $ 80 USD.

My employees dress up each peach by hand,” Mr.Yao added.

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sex (not sex)

For my 3yo cake day– suggest lingerie for a 40yo woman?

Wasn’t going to ask, but noticed it’s my cake day– that’s a sign, right??

So, my wife and I have an awesome marriage and an awesome sex life. We’ve know each other for 20 years now. She suggested to me that I buy her something new and sexy.

I have bought sexy stuff in the past, but I kind of got the feeling she wanted to feel sexy for me. She’s pretty damn good looking, but let’s be realistic, we’re both just over 40, we don’t have the same bodies we used to have.

She’s short (size M, bra 36B), brunette, and still has a really great hourglass figure, but after three kids, carries a bit of extra weight/lack of toning in her belly. I’d really like something frilly and cute sexy, not try for hot sexy. It’s my personal preference, and I think it would compliment her figure. That seems like something baby dollish or frilly boy shorts? What do you think?

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talk to me about lingerie…

I just got a new lingerie set and I’m dying to show it to my partner. I always try to wear cute or sexy panties and have done some pretty sexy bra/panty sets, but this is a longer lace bra top with matching panties, so slightly more difficult to wear under clothes. I could pull it off under a loose sundress, but it isn’t the most comfy thing in the world. I’m thinking about snapping a picture that shows a part of it, like maybe just my back to right above my ass or something and texting it. We have never even discussed texting sexy pictures, so it would be completely out of the blue.

So tell me, what do you prefer your partner to do when she wears new (or any) lingerie? Wear it under her clothes and let you discover it when you undress her? Change into it in the bathroom/bedroom and walk out in just lingerie? Do you like a heads up that there is new lingerie that she will be wearing soon? Or maybe a sneak preview pic a few days before? Something I’m not thinking of?

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Do Girls enjoy grinding?

Whenever I am at a party or a club girls always seem eager to get on some guy and start grinding. I understand that this may cause some mental satisfaction of bringing someone else pleasure, or even just feeling sexy, but I am wondering if there is any sexual stimulation/satisfaction involved?

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