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meinmyplace: “Oh man… My wardrobe has changed so much since…


Oh man… My wardrobe has changed so much since I’ve moved.  The majority of my New York “daytime sweaters” have now become winter coats out in LA.  Probably anything that I wore before September, 2011 is my least favorite thing I own.”

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[Update] I confronted my wife about her increased libido since my weight loss and she confessed to having an affair…

So I originally posted about my wife's increased sex drive after I lost weight. (http://www.reddit.com/r/sex/comments/18i88u/my_weight_loss_is_causing_sex_and_relationship/)

I read all your comments but didn't talk with her about it till last week. I am uncomfortable with these things so I waited till right after one of our sexual encounters and just spilled my guts. I told her that I had noticed a big change in her libido and I liked it but I wanted to know why it changed. I told her about my weight loss theory and then went on to explain how I was insecure about my body till recently so maybe (as some of you suggested) her sex drive was just responding to that.

Then she just broke down…she cried and confessed that she had an affair for over a year. She only recently broke it off. Her increased libido wasn't a change, this was just the first time it had been directed at me. I let her explain for about 20 minutes until I just couldn't take it anymore. I stormed out of the house and I have not been back in a week. She has called me hundreds of times and has showed up at my office looking for me all this week. I don't want to talk to her yet. I am not sure what I am going to do.

I know the standard Reddit advice but none of it is applicable to me. I have already been hitting the gym. I am a lawyer (not a divorce lawyer but there are attorneys at my firm that do divorce and family law). And I don't have a Facebook account.

Since this isn't askreddit, I won't ask for your advice. Just wanted to post the update and ask for bro hugs.

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