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If ask your drunk boyfriend to spank you, hes going to have a bad time.

I just had to share what happened to us last night.

My bf and I have been together about 2 years. Last night, we were up way later than usual and pretty drunk to boot. We’ve been playing around with spanking and belting a lot lately. I’ve also been really into cowgirl lately. This was a terrible combination.

Everything was all hot and heavy as I was on top fucking him when I asked him to spank me with the belt. On his first go, he aimed a little too low and ending up spanking both me and his left testicle. I could feel the poor man shrink inside me as the pain escalated over the next 30 seconds.

We both started laughing. In fact, we laughed (mixed with his intermittent half-sobs) for about half an hour as we tried to go to sleep. In the morning, we had sex and then laughed about it afterward.

From now on, he will only use a belt when he can see the target.

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