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[Sexual Health]My first STD check was easier than expected, you should get one too.

Sorry long read but I think it's worth it. I'm a 23 YO male, I just got my first STD check done and got my results in, it took me too long to do because I was scared. I though I would share my experience, answer questions, and encourage people to get one done themselves. I live in Austin TX, I can only speak for my area but the RBJ Public Health Center does checks for $ 20 and is great.

I hadn't gotten tested before because I was afraid it would be too public, too expensive, and I was scared of what a positive diagnosis for an STD would mean.

About my fears and why they shouldn't have stopped me;

  1. I thought they would mail my results to me and my roommates/parents would see if I didn't get the mail, or it would get out somehow. In reality they gave me my HIV result before I left and I got a phone number and security code to access my full results once they were in. No letter, no embarrassing jokes/talks, nobody beside me and the doctors know anything about my health.

  2. Cost, when I looked it up online there were a bunch of "clinics" offering discreet STD checks but they came with $ 100-$ 400 price tags. I did actual research when I decided I had to get it done and found that the public clinic you should actually go to costs $ 20, the rest is taxpayer funded. I could have, and should have, done this a long time ago.

  3. I was afraid if I did have an STD my sexual life would be over. While looking up information I found out that the vast majority of STD's are curable/treatable and you shouldn't be scared of having one, you should be scared of having an undiagnosed one. Besides HIV the most common STD's can be cured with antibiotics and you can resume activities in a few months, and HIV requires treatment you can only get once diagnosed.

Getting tested was easy, cost me very little, and didn't take as long as I thought it would, I was done within 2 hours. I'll be here to answer questions for a few hours, if you have concerns ask, but don't keep going unchecked, get it done, it's not as hard as it seems.

BTW I'm clean, no STD's, Yay!

Edit 1: I forgot to say, I didn't need to get nude to be checked either, it's done with a small blood draw and urine test now, so no doctors starring at and prodding your junk. So don't let your shyness keep you from getting checked either.

Edit 2: The Test's themselves; They drew two small vials of blood and had me do a urine test. The blood test was me walking into a room, sitting down, them inserting a small needle into my left arm and drawing blood from there. The urine test was me walking into a private bathroom, peeing in a small cup they gave me, putting it's cap on and then placing it on a designated shelf inside the bathroom. They didn't use a cotton swab on my penis but apparently they still do that sometimes.

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Come on /r/sex, we are better than this.

I just popped in to the current the top post (My boyfriend's friend turns me on to no end, I think about him every time I masturbate, is this an issue?) and found that OP has been heavily downvoted at every turn.

What part of reddiquette does this post break? I don't 100% agree with the content, but she's answering the question and having a mature conversation – exactly what we want here.

This does not create the environment we want to create in this sub-reddit. Someone has come to us asking a personal and potentially sensitive question and the best we have to offer them is condescension, judgement and downvotes. If we can't maturely talk about something as benign as fantasizing about a non-SO, how are we going to talk about something remotely serious?

Edit: forgot a word.

Edit 2: The most common response I'm seeing is that OP isn't acting in the spirit of the subreddit either: she's not listening to advice and she's promoting inaccurate stereotypes of men (among other things). I disagree downvoting is a productive response to either behavior.

We tell people not to listen to advice all the time. The top reply to this question is someone telling that OP to ignore other people in the thread. People don't have to take the advice they get, and it makes no sense to punish them for not taking it. It's worth pointing out that the the the the post linked above indicates that the OP accepted the gist of the subreddit's advice.

Second, one of the main things our community does is dispel inaccurate stereotypes. It makes no sense to have a the dialog with someone who promotes stereotypes we want to dispel at the very bottom of a huge thread. There are good replies to OP's comment above, but they are buried where no one who comes later will see them. We should strive to highlight conversations that directly address stereotypical views.

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