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Sex News: Seth MacFarlane, James Bonds sex life, butt chugging, jizz etymology

Dr Brooke Magnanti (formerly known as Belle de Jour) writes an excellent op-ed calling out the faked ‘research’ behind anti-porn hysteria, as the UK awaits the results of deliberations on mandating country-wide ISP-level censorship to “protect the children.” Online porn: ban this sick filth? (Telegraph) A woman identified as Cameron Knight has apparently been masturbating […]

Sex News: neuroscience and female desire, sex spyware, the sex psychic, After Pornified

UK ISPs have come out against default internet filtering of adult content, telling a government consultation that proposals to block content are neither necessary nor effective. UK ISPs dismiss calls for default porn blocks (PC Pro) A respected feminist pornographer reviews the new book After Pornified: How Women Are Transforming Pornography and Why It Matters […]

Sex News: No rape kits at Burning Man, novelist Sasha Grey, Folsom 2012, sex doll rescue

My dear friend Jack Shamama brings us the above iPhone pic – a classic Folsom Street Fair moment in time (San Francisco, Sunday September 23). Best Folsom 2012 moment … (Jack Shamama | Twitter) Turkish rescue workers retrieved an inflatable sex doll from the Black Sea after police were notified by panicked residents who mistook […]

Wolf Hudson is Bad

The title of this post wanted to be “Wolf Hudson is Hot” but I got a little shy at the last minute. This sexy photo of porn stars Jiz Lee and Wolf Hudson that Jiz just Tweeted made me have to share Wolf Hudson is Bad with you, Wolf’s insanely hot -free- website where you […]

A Steampunks Guide to Sex

Adorable, and must be featured here for all Victoriana fetishists: A Steampunk’s Guide to Sex is a project in the making by Combustion Books that is currently looking for Kickstarter support. For some, the halcyon days of steampunk may be long gone, but this idea has enough whimsey and potential usefulness that I think I […]

The A to Z of porn by Bish Training

Bish Training is a widely respected, indie porn UK-based education website that fouces on helping people of all ages (particularly young adults) understand the entertaining artifice of pornsex – as well as know how to make enjoyable choices surrounding one’s own porn observation and consumption. Bish just published The ‘A’ (Amateur – Anal) start to […]