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Question about my squirting girlfriend. HELP!

So, i love going down on her. I actually ask to go down. And she doesn’t mind it one bit. However, we started getting to the point where she squirts. I love the idea because it makes it better feeling for her.

First set of Questions, is what the fuck is it? why is it sometimes it’s nastier tasting than other times? Sometimes i wanna puke my guts out, sometimes i just wanna let it keep coming. I am assuming it’s pee to girl cum, but how the hell do i get her to tell the difference?

Second, we use that KY stimulation for her gel, tastes minty, hopefully it’s meant for oral pleasure? or am i having ky lube baby growing in my man stomach?

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Dear Reddit, I want more boners

I’m 26, I’m in a good relationship. I don’t take any medication or have any real health issues (at least none that’d be related to this). Since we started dating, it seems like my boners have been… not as frequent. My refractory period has never been that great, essentially once a day, maybe two. But it seems like if we try to have sex every day now, it’s almost hard for me to get erect. I find her very attractive, so… I just dunno what the issue is. What can I do to help this out? I wanna get down, Reddit. I wanna get down often. My heart and mind say yes, my semi-erection says “she might be disappointed.”

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Tips & Tricks…

People of sexxit, I need your help! I need all tips and tricks you have for deep throating a penis. I love giving my boyfriend blowjobs but I wanna go deeper! Any advice will be very much appreciated. Thanks 🙂

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