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Sex News: Racist Dillon out at Gamelink, sex robot ethics report, Senate wants to change Communications Decency Act

  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault. “The repeal of a Jordanian law that allowed a rapist to escape prison by marrying his victim was bittersweet news for a Jordanian woman whose daughter was assaulted when she was just 13 years old.”
    * Jordan activists celebrate repeal of ‘marry the rapist’ law (Washington Post)

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  • If this happens it will usher in an unprecedented era of censorship. “A bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced legislation Tuesday that aims to make it easier to sue and criminally prosecute operators of online classified sites like Backpage.com that have been used to advertise sex workers. The proposed bill would amend the Communications Decency Act to eliminate a provision that shields operators of websites from being liable for content posted by third-party users.”
    * Senators: Alter Internet laws to hold Backpage liable for sex trafficking (USA Today)
  • An unfortunately anti-sexwork article with interesting information about the takedown of a Yelp for sex work. “While the men came from different, mostly white-collar backgrounds, prosecutors said a disproportionate number were tech workers from the Eastside, men comfortable using their browsers to shop for what they wanted, men who could afford the $ 300-an-hour rate for sex. One customer, a software-development director for Amazon, even helped construct and maintain prostitution-related websites.”
    * Busted: How police brought down a tech-savvy prostitution network in Bellevue (Seattle Times)
  • BBC is patting itself on the back over this one. “An MP is calling for landlords who offer accommodation in exchange for sex to be prosecuted after the justice secretary told him such arrangements were already a criminal offence.”
    * ‘Sex-for-rent’ deals are illegal says justice secretary (BBC)

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  • ” For a moment in 2014, the movement to end the censorship of women’s bodies seemed to play a significant role in public discourse. And then, as many conversations on social media do, it just faded away.”
    * The nipple still isn’t free (The Outline)
  • Warning for survivors of sexual assault. “A millionaire property developer has been cleared of raping a teenager after claiming he accidently tripped and fell on her. … His semen and DNA was found inside the young woman, but he said it was possible he had semen on his hands from having sex with the 24-year-old earlier. … The jury acquitted him in just 30 minutes of deliberations.”
    * Saudi millionaire who ‘accidentally tripped and penetrated teen’ cleared of rape (Independent)
  • “Women and girls aged 15-24 account for a fifth of all new HIV infections globally. Nearly 1,000 are infected every day in sub-Saharan Africa. Infused with microbicides, the ring, which sits on the cervix, has been shown to cut infections by 56%.”
    * HIV-prevention ring trial a success among US teens (BBC)

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My girlfriend won’t tell me what she wants in sex/her fantasies. Says I should “just do it” and “figure it out” myself(?!). What the hell do I do? I ain’t no mind reader!

First of all, we have great sex. But…

We've had this same conversation a few times before and today we had it again. She said she was dreaming of "naughty things". Things she wants me to do her during sex (maybe other fantasies too, not really sure). When I ask her what these things are, so that I can learn and put them to use some time, she says "I shouldn't have to tell you. You should just do it. Figure it out yourself". WHAT?! Do not understand this logic!

Reason she won't tell me? It will "ruin it and it will feel scripted". Sigh…

That makes me wonder whether she's got some porno-esque script written out in her mind…

The only hint she would give me was "be more manly [in bed/during sex]". But it definitely seemed like there was more to it than just that. Plus she has asked me before to be more manly/rough so why would she refuse to tell me the same thing again?

I just don't understand it since we're normally a really communicative couple in the rest of our lives. I happily tell her my sexual fantasies.

How do I coax the information out of her? I can't just go through every single thing in the book until I find the things she wants.

Man, I really want to know what these secret desires of hers are! Like, really, really!

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GF wants to go straight from kissing to sex….

Whenever we have sex it seems to start with kissing and cuddling each other. And then she'll just turn and say get naked like I need to put it inside her because this might be the last time because the world is going to end. She'll literally rip my clothes and say she's ready and get on top and put me inside her. Now I want to lick her out but I never seem to get the opportunity because after a few mins of kissing she wants me inside her. Am I just lucky or what? I want to have some foreplay beforehand because sometimes it can take a good half hour 40 mins before she cums!

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