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sexyasia: Mirei Oomori | Wedding GangBang The Bride Wears Cum….


Mirei Oomori | Wedding GangBang

The Bride Wears Cum.

Japanese AV Idol
Mirei Oomori is the beautiful bride in this (subtitled) Bukkake video
from JapanHDV. Every woman remembers her wedding very good, but Mirei
Oomori has a good reason to remember it in a way not many women can.
Once she went through her vows and officially … Continue reading

sex (not sex)

Is Sex Really the Problem Here?

we’ve been married for over a year, me 22, he 24. we dated for 3 years before getting married. our sex life was pretty good, several times a day in the first few months, and it slowly dwindled. i thought our sex life couldnt be any better! we had the usual bumps and sex would go down to a 1-2 times a week, then back to almost daily/ 7-9x weekly id say.

wedding planning was difficult and we had a lot of trouble, a LOT of stress on our relationship, and i ended up very disappointed. he didnt follow thru with a lot of promises. i didnt feel special or happy or.. excited on our wedding day (mainly because he complained that it shouldnt be “all about her,” so i made a point to say, “ok, it IS about both of us! here you go.” i got a cheap, unflattering dress, no friends or bridesmaids, no guests, sigh.. disappointing). i dont know what happened. he reflects on it saying i pressured him into getting married, that he didnt want to yet. i really dont remember this. i thought we agreed lol. he says he didnt do much because he didnt want to get married quite yet. i didnt want the wedding (i wanted to hold out for a nice wedding, but he wanted to rush it) we agreed to, either, so we both seem a little lost with this.

anyway, our relationship suddenly crashed i almost feel like, on the wedding day. :/ he got upset with me on the wedding night, after i spent a whole day scrambling with no help from him, and although we worked through a lot of the problems and had an ok honeymoon, things just piled on. -Note, we planned to have the “big” wedding/ celebration at some point later on, so we kind of short-changed ourselves :(. there was a lot of religious pressure to be married. we are no longer religious.- As SOON as we got home after the honeymoon, he was unusually pushy about sex. i went along with it at first, but after a few weeks i began to feel less and less ok with it, so i mentioned it, and the real problem began. communication came to a halt.

over the next 6 months i went thru a personal hell, with a new husband, job, house, with him refusing to discuss anything related to sex/ how he was acting and treating me regarding it. flat out ignored me, clammed up, i didnt exist whenever i mentioned his behavior made me uncomfortable. i tried discussing this from every angle. sex was infrequent, and always to get him off my back. i lost all interest and a lot of respect, but felt like it was a phrase, a rough patch, everyone says the first year is the worst. we’d been together for 3 years, right? things got worse, and 6 months after getting married i moved out, after a lot of crying and no fighting, when he suddenly told me to leave. he took it back just the next day, but it was horrible, and i couldnt just come back. i was humiliated. he made me feel shitty for my wedding day, made me feel like an object as a wife, and was dismissed suddenly after convincing himself it was purely me that was the problem, that he needn’t change.

here i am, 8 months later, still recovering. we were separated for 2 months, worked together and saw a counselor, then i moved back in, giving it a very hesitant 2nd chance. things have gotten better, we’ve grown closer, he has progressed A TON with communication, etc, and i am somewhat happier with him (honestly. i tell myself it takes more time.) my sex drive is no where where it was pre-marriage, and we are both very discouraged. he is just as horny as ever, and i am also pretty horny, but when it comes to doing the deed, with him… i just cant put the effort into it. i just still cant put myself out on that limb with him. i know im still hurt with what has happened between us recently. i feel like i need that grand gesture, those grand gestures i never got, the way he never made me feel, like i was exceptional or special, really… special to him. hes agrees to the “big” ceremony makeup sometime, but i dont think it will actually make up for anything. :/

is sex the real problem here?

tl;dr – im still recovering from issues that exploded months ago. i emotionally cant let myself connect with him. im constantly self-conscious and very sensitive, for the first time in our relationship. i never used to shy away from intimacy like this. will my trust come back with time? Thoughts?

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