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Women who are turned on by humiliation/degradation: Can you explain why?

I'm quite turned on by the act of humiliating/degrading, but I can't really understand from your perspective. I know explaining why something turns you on can be challenging, but any attempt would be appreciated in the quest to understand the opposite viewpoint. Thank you!

Edit: A lot of responses about being dominated; really hoping for some clarity specific to degradation/humiliation. Thanks all!

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My husbands sleeps with other women with my approval AMA

I am what is called a cuckquean. I enjoy and encourage my husband (M 38) to seek out and sleep with other women. He’s always had a huge sex drive I couldn’t keep up with, I doubt any woman could. We’ve played a lot of Ds games the grew deeper and more emotional until he slept with a woman as part of one and I was never so turned on in my life.

Since then he’s sought out and met several women and told me all about it. The women know the situation and enjoy being with my husband. He fits into this role well- he’s very attractive, charismatic and great in bed. I love seeing or hearing about other women’s reaction to him. AMA

Edit; This has gotten more attention that I expected. I’ll try to answer all the questions (or as many as possible). If I disappear I’ll be back on later. Also, please don’t fight or pick apart other people’s questions or comments. As long as they are genuine I don’t mind the curiosity or criticism. I know there are a lot of people that protect their interpretation of Ds and I’ve always believed people should just do what is good for them and their partner.

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What is clean/good pussy supposed to smell and taste like? No metaphors please, I need a real world analogue.

So I’m curious as to what the hell pussy is supposed to taste like when someone is giving oral.

The only girl I’ve ever had sex with blew me and fucked me on two separate occasions, and that was it.

I’ve been in the VIP section of many strip clubs and have gotten half hour, or up to two hour VIP sessions from at least ten different women. BUT the two of the ones that stick out are the ones who put their crotch close to my face during some ridiculous move, and I got a whiff of them. The best description I could give the smell would be canned fish food. Like the can of flakes that you shake on top of the water and the fishes come swimming up immediately because they can smell it in the water. It was pungent.

Please tell me that these were just some exceptions to the rule, and not the way most women smell down there.

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Advise for sex with a larger woman

So, in about a week I’m going to have sex with a woman a lot larger than me. I’m 5’9 and about 150 lbs, she is 5’7 and about 230 lbs. I’v always been attracted to larger women and this will be my first time with one. Does anyone have any advise or insight for having sex with someone that significantly outweighs you(positions, foreplay…everything)? She’s really into oral, is it true that larger women taste bad? If so, what can I do to alleviate it? Thanks in advance.

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Does This Doom Me?

I have read this sub/reddit over the past few years, but have never really seen this topic come up. So here goes. I’m a straight guy who for some reason in my past been programmed to really only be attracted to women with…I’ll just say it…big clits. I might have been porn, or perhaps it’s just he way I am. I have dated and slept with several women who I was attracted to, but inevitably when we get to the panties off phase (while I never show it) I am disappointed and the passion ebbs. Of course I still go through with the sex and all, but I have a hard time committing and really investing myself to a woman with….a small clitoris. I know all this sounds like I’m a lunatic, but there has somehow been this wiring of my brain and cock to really only click into this big clit thing. FYI I am not into steroid women. So my question is: Does this doom me to a solitary life? From my dating experience, and even from watching porn, large clit are a very very very rare thing. If this is the case what the hell can I do?

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Hey women of reddit, lets talk pornography.

Alright, I’m aware this has probably already been posted, but I’d really like to know what women think about pornography. I’m an early 20’s male, and have a healthy sex life. I have always wondered though, what do women think of porn?

First off – how often do you watch (if ever)? Do you actively masturbate to it? What kind of porn do you watch? What kind of porn DON’T you watch?

What are you biggest turn-ons in porn? (positions, situations, etc) What is the ‘kinkiest’ porn you’ll watch?

I guess I’m just really curious about what women really think about porn and how they view it. There are obviously some types of porn that are really derogatory, and (despite what many women may think) these disgust men more often than you think. So that’s why I’m asking. What say you women of reddit?

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"What is it thats so hot about squirting?"

My girlfriend said this a little later in the night after she had been on top and squirted all over my chest. Long story short, Long-distance relationship and we were in a hotel. She has squirted before during phone sex usually with help of marijuana, but this was the first time she squirted during our sex, let alone on me.

Of course, I found this INCREDIBLY hot. She had already been very loud (echoing) and I could tell I had done a good job. But later, she asked me why it was so hot for me to see that. She understood why it felt good to her, but why was it so hot for me?

My best explanation was relating it to when I cum. Paraphrasing:

“It’s like when you make me cum really hard, and me coming on you. You’re pleasure is amazingly attractive to me and I could tell I had done something right. And it’s more than just coming a lot because it, at least seems, a lot more rare for women… That and you spread it all over my chest, licked it, and kissed me.”

But I’m not sure if this was entirely accurate. So I figured I’d ask Sexxit why women squirting is so attractive to the one causing the squirt.

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massaging his balls

IAMA F wondering if fellow redditors M & F can shed some light on the issue of massaging a mans balls. My guy absolutely loves this but had made the comment that most women that he had been with won’t do it or are somewhat weirded out at the request to do so. I very much enjoy doing this for my partner because it is something that drives him bonkers. I can’t understand why one wouldn’t want to do this for their partner if it is known that it will bring them so much pleasure? Women: Will you do this for your guy? Men: how important is this to you?

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