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Girls, when you’re riding a guy, is it better for him to be completely unobtrusive? Do you usually find that a guy trying to do work when you’re on top fucks up your rhythm?

When a girl is on top, I usually alternate between simply lying there letting her do all the work, and actually thrusting along with her.

But I read a Reddit comment claiming that thrusting when a girl rides you always fucks up her rhythm, and that it's better not to get involved. Is there any basis to this?

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Cool way to improve blowjobs (for men and women)!

So everyone has seen the FAQ on improving blowjobs, seen countless posts on different issues surrounding the issues involved, etc etc.

Well here’s a trick I’ve been using for many years and it seems to work wonders:

When a ladyfriend is kind enough to go down on me I make a point to take her non-dominate hand (the dominant hand should be occupied) and I put some of her fingers into my mouth. As she’s going to work, I simulate what I want her to do with her fingers, such as tongue techniques, amount of pressure, speed, etc.

This works wonders for many reasons:

It provides non-verbal constructive criticism for coaching a ladyfriend how you like to be rocked.

It also gives you a way to provide some feedback on how well she’s doing (she can tell based on how you’re going to work on her fingers)

It’s also just hot to suck on fingers / get fingers sucked so it definitely heightens the mood for everyone.

I invite couples or singles to give this technique a shot. I think everyone involved will be happy with the results.

Happy suckin!

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The thing I think about most in a day is sex. Its very distracting as I work, when I come home, and when Im with my boyfriend.

I should first point out that I am a 20 year old gay dude, so as not to create confusion as you read. So here’s the deal:

Anytime I spot any of the attractive guys at my work I can’t not think of banging them and how awesome it would be and then I start to get a boner which, obviously being at work is very awkward. Same goes with anybody outside of work.

If there is nobody around, I start to think of any random porno I have previously watched and often go deep in thought, even if in the presence of my boyfriend of 3.5 years.

I masturbate everyday, except on the weekends when I get to see my boyfriend, we have sex maybe once or twice but it’s never enough for me so when he brings me home, shortly after I watch some porno and beat it.

I feel so dumb because I’m barely ever thinking of anything thought provoking, or worthwhile, just who I would love to bang and how it would go down and then I feel a little let down, because I know it won’t happen.

I feel it’s as if because I’m young and my hormones are probably at their peak, and I am severely limited sexually. I don’t know what to do, I would very much enjoy to explore my sexuality with various partners, not limit myself to one person for the rest of my days but how am I supposed to tell my partner this? Do I even tell him? We planned on having a threesome but after a while nothing came to fruition so he never brought it up again. I think about it everyday and how bad I still want to do this, though I’m in fear to bring it up in fear of being shot down.

I’m going mad here /r/sex, I don’t know how much longer I can contain myself. I can’t suppress these sexual thoughts and desires forever or my big head will explode. Not only that but I feel like I can’t function like a normal human being because all I can think about is sex. Am I alone? Is this common among men my age? How does everybody else cope?

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I woke up this morning at 2 AM to my boyfriend going down on me. What is the most surprising sex youve ever had?

My boyfriend and I have opposite sleeping schedules. He wakes up super early to go to work, and I’m usually on my way to work when he gets home; by the time I get home, he’s totally passed out. This morning I woke up at 2 to find him going down on me. My first thought was “Why aren’t you sleeping!? You have to be up in 4 hours!” But he was completely committed to making me come. It was amazing and the fact that it was so spur of the moment and random made it that much hotter.

Does anyone else have any great “surprise sex” stories?

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Im sexually weird, and my husband is afraid of a slippery slope

TL;DR I struggle to get conventionally turned on. My husband thinks weird kink stuff should only exist alongside an already established, healthy, “normal” sexual relationship.

I always thought I was just an all around horn dog, practically a nymph, but it turns out, I practically have a fetish for seducing guys. So yeah, luring boyfriends to bed in all sorts of fun ways really worked. Now that I’m married, though… there’s no seduction. No uncertainty.

I have other major turn ons, that could work out well in a marriage, like, I love roleplay. Having sex “in character” is awesome. I can seduce him again 😀 Among other things… so many options with roleplay. We’ve done it before, and it always makes me maddeningly aroused. Or physically violent sex works for me, too. We’ve done both a number of times, and they were all awesome.

I’ve talked to him about it, and like I said in the TL;DR, he’s afraid of such being our only sex life. He thinks we have to have a successful, normal sex life, and only do that sort of stuff occasionally.

Well, the problem is, our sex life is really struggling. I never want just sex. Literally never. I haven’t gotten randomly horny since I was a teenager. I’ll do stuff to please him, of course, but it’s… it’s all him, you know? I’m not getting anything out of it. Sometimes, I think, if I could just remember to give him lots of sex, he’ll think everything’s dandy, and we could do the crazy stuff, but it’s hard to remember… especially since we have a young child. So sometimes weeks go by with nothing.

So… I dunno. Is he right? Is this a slippery slope? Am I being greedy for wanting to have sex with him while he’s pretending to be someone else?

Part of the problem is he has to get into it all the way for it to work. He can’t halfheartedly pin me to the bed.

Any thoughts on how to make this work? I don’t want to be unfair to him, either, and I don’t want to foster an unhealthy relationship :/

Thanks for any help on this 🙂 It’s a throwaway account, btw, just in case he finds this.

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Photos by Carlos Nunez

SoCal based photographer Carlos Nunez has a gorgeous body of work online, all of which is highly recommended for an afternoon of ogling nude beauties. His work is much more than tits, of course, and its moods and timespaces for some reason make me feel sentimental for warm afternoons I’ve never had somewhere lazy and […]

Got a Tenga Flip from the wife…

…and wow is that thing amazing. I laid back and she did all of the work. Really odd and different sensations. At first I didn’t think it would work, then she started using the suction buttons in rhythm and I about jumped off the bed.

So other than the obvious, how else can we work this into the sex life?

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I went to a school that taught abstinence education, and here is what it lead to. What were you taught regarding the matter?

My school had someone come in, who was clearly a virgin NOT by choice (she told us she was, but made a point many many times to tell us about the tons of opportunities she’d had to have sex)

Anyways, here’s what I was told:

Condoms almost never work. They only test .01% (1/1,000) and if it’s messed up they just ignore it

condoms need to be kept at a certain temperature to work, but every company ships them in non-climate controlled trucks, so even if they were working before, they were defective by the time they get to you

any boy wo truly loves you would never even consider having sex with you before marriage

Birth control can hide signs of pregnancy and doesn’t work as well as they say, so you can be pregnant for several months and not know

They did this presentation, with tape. First, they had 3 boys and 3 girls line up. They had 2 pieces of packaging tape, one for the boys and one for the girls. They put the tape on the first people (one boy, one girl) in line, and it represented sex. The. Tey moved the tape to the second, then third person, representing break ups and sex with a new person. Then they had the tape, who were soul mates, meet and fall in love. When the tape got married they had sex, but we’re easiert to pull apart because they didn’t have the same solid foundation (or, because most of the fucking adhesion was already removed). Then she took 2 newbie self tape, and stuck them together, and showed how they were much stronger because they waited until they were married to have sex. I. Raised my hand and asked why that was different if the tape had sex with each other before they were married, because they would be just as stuck. She just said “it doesn’t work that way” and refused to call on me the rest of the week.

What I was taught at an overly conservative bible camp

if a man wants to have sex with you, he’s planning on leaving you no man who really loves you would ever want to have premarital sex if you agree to have sex with a man, he will use you until he’s ready to get married. Then he’ll leave you for being impure, so he can marry a virgin. If you lost your virginity to him, he’ll still leave you but now no man will ever want to be with you Sex before marriage is wrong. It’s not ok to have dirty sex even in marriage. Dirty sex is anything other than missionary, and you should only have sex if you are open to the idea of and actively wanting children.

My fiancé and I were together for 11 months before having sex, but this was never a problem and it’s something I am really appreciative of, because I feel like we really got to enjoy each others company, and even before these classes I had always wanted to take things slow. The problem, is that we rarely used condoms, and I would often forget the pill because “they don’t really work anyways, so why bother”. We felt guilty, all the time. Every new step we would take sexually I would feel more and more guilty about. I knew I loved him, even early on, and he never pressuredme pastmy comfort zone, but at home at night and at church on Sundays I would feel dirty. We finally got over it, and went on to really enjoy our sex life guilt free.

The thing is, my mom always had the talk with me. She was never a fan of me going to church camp, but I would beg and plead and accuse her of hating god for not letting me go, so she would let me go. She tried explaining the truth about condoms and birth control to me but I told her she was wrong, because I believed that the school would make sure we got correct information, and that she was obviously misinformed. She tried telling me sex was not dirty or anything to be ashamed of, so long as I was an adult and ready for it. None of this stuck, because I got this talk after my first abstinence Ed class and first trip to camp (8th grade/summer before 9th grade) and she had the talk with me a few weeks before I started high school.

I’ve come a long way, and I actually work as an independent consultant for a company thats mission is to enhance the sexual relationships of couples everywhere, and to inform women about sex the right way.

Sorry for my rant, but every time I hear about schools cutting sex Ed programs or focusing on abstinence Ed programs, it really drives me up the wall.

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I recently started dating a guy in a wheelchair. I have no idea what to do in the bedroom. Help?

As the title says, I recently started dating a great guy. He’s pretty normal looking from the waist up, but he was born with Spina Bifida, and his legs are very very small and he can not walk.

We were fooling around the other day in bed and I gave him a handjob. We both wanted to have sex but I was scared I would hurt him even though he assured me that wouldn’t happen.

I don’t mind being on top and doing all of the work since he cant really do anything, but how do I get past the initial shock every time I see his legs? Any tips on how to become more comfortable with him? Positions that would work?

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Screwed up my back, cant have sex and getting anxious.

I fucked my back up pretty bad at work earlier this week. I can hardly do anything, much less have sex. I have tried hand jobs, but the part of my back that is the worst is through my shoulders & shoulder blades, so that doesn’t work. I’ve tried blow jobs in various positions, but anything I try starts to hurt after only a few minutes. Sex is just out of the question at all. I get really stiff and sore so easily.

My doctor is expecting this to take probably a month or more to heal. I have a high sex drive, and so does my husband. He understands that I can’t have sex, but he keeps making remarks about me doing sexual things. These remarks make me super anxious because I’m afraid of him feeling neglected sexually. I don’t know how to express to him the way I feel about him saying these things when he knows there’s not much I can do.

So, Sexxit, any ideas on things I could do for him that would be less irritating to my back? And anything I could possibly say to him to get him to lay off those comments?

Also: I am 20F and he is 28M. We’ve been together for just over two years, married for 8 months.

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Sex with my bf is INCREDIBLE, but he always does all the work

we are each other’s firsts. We’ve only been porking for a few months and he already seems to have it down to a science. I get off multiple times every time we do it. But, he always does all the work. He wears himself out focusing only on what he knows is good for me, and i know its a lot of work. What can i do to make it easier on him and better for him? we’ve tried me on top doing the work but its not very good for either of us. i feel like i owe him big time for being so generous and wonderful. P.S- don’t suggest bj’s, he’s already getting them, i just dont think its enough.

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